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NEED ADVICE ASAP about meat left out

Recently, I had walked to the grocery store (purchased the usuals plus a chicken breast) but got sidetracked on the way home...a little shopping...a glass of wine...4 hours later realizing the chicken was out the whole time! Well, I cooked and ate and am still alive :)

Apr 18, 2010
jewels_vancouver in Home Cooking

Beet greens? How to prepare?

Any tips on preparing beet greens? I have not done it before and would love to be able to not discard the leafy tops! Please and thank you!

Jan 17, 2010
jewels_vancouver in Home Cooking

Restaurants along the Canada Line...

The family is taking the Canada line from Downtown Vancouver to Richmond to the casino...any good eats along the way or nearby for dinner?

Good caterer in Vancouver?

Culinary Capers is great choice, use them myself whenever I can. Another option is Pan o Pan. I haven't used them, but have heard good things.

Best Hotel Bar?

What is the best hotel bar right now? Something that is beautiful on the inside and trendy with a 30+ scene?

Sep 17, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

Good caterer in Vancouver?

What type of venue and how many people?

Go Fish! (YVR)

Not this day. I arrived at 6:45, the sun was out, the patio was packed, they were still cooking AND there were still 2 people in line-but they put up the "closed" sign behind the last person and said "we close at 6:30".

Go Fish! (YVR)

I love this place, but they should be ashamed that they close at 6:30pm in the summer!

In need of dinner rec downtown Van

I thought the Keg was a pretty good reccommendation, also the new Cactus Club may be opening soon on Dunsmuir/Burrard Street (looks like any day now) which is a close walk.

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

NEXT to the Italian Kitchen in the office building next door is ITALIAN KITCHEN TO GO...the Best sandwiches, everything for lunch.

Italian Kitchen
1037 Alberni Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
(604) 687-2858

Vancouver, Close to Coal Harbor

It is pretty casual, true.
There is also THE LIFT.

Lift Bar Grill View - (604) 689-5438

That being said, the food at PARKSIDE is superior. The atmosphere would be suitable for a dinner where you want to focus on the person you are dining with and discuss the business at hand.

Vancouver, Close to Coal Harbor

THE MILL is very close walking distance from where you will be. It is also casual, with decent bar style food-not formal. Good location on the Seawall with a superb view for people watching.

A Question about BRINE and timing...

A Question about BRINE and timing...

If I have two chicken breasts and brine them for the recommended two hours can I rinse them and cook tomorrow or does it have to be done on the same day?

Apr 20, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Home Cooking

Babbo This Thursday - Anything on Current Menu That's Must Have?

For dessert: the maple and mascarpone cheesecake was AMAZING! We ordered the beignets as well and they pale din comparison.

Apr 16, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

The Greedy Pig (Vancouver, Wine/Sandwich Bar, Pictures)

I had the Roast Beef Sandwich too when I went. The description was amazing and I could not wait to sink my teeth into it. However, it was just "pretty good" to me. Actually even "really good", but because I love the ingredients so much (trufflle fois gras....hellooo?) I expected to be totally blown out of the water by final product.

Also, when I went there ( about a month or two ago) there were absolutely no people there except for me and my dining companion which made it a little awkward (perhaps it is better known now and thus more busy?)

Sunday morning Breakfast with a picky Aunt - Vancouver

There is also the Dutch Wooden Shoe on Cambie/12th area. Very much like the Pannekoek House and open early too. Nothing fancy, but something better than Whitespot/Denny's.

Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe
3292 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W4
(604) 874-0922

Have you been to HONEY?

Any reviews on Honey in the Meatpacking District? Enquiring minds want to know...

Apr 02, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan


Hmmm, interesting...and since I am Italian that is probably why I have been pronouncing it shar-shoe-ter-ee. Now I know, thank you!

Burritos in Vancouver

I haven't been to Tequila Kitchen (yet!) but I have been to Cobre and really enjoyed it. It is a bit more upscale though and would go here on a weekend evening with friends. The Victoria Drive restaurants are the real deal and where you would go for a quickie fix with no frills and to catch up on the weekly telenovelas.

I believe you are right about El Caracol being El Salvedorean, but they do have the traditional offerings and the best green sauce!

Burritos in Vancouver

Since my last post, i am happy to report there are two pretty good mexican restaurants that have not been mentioned!

1. Dona Cata
5076 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Tel: 604-236-2232


2. El Caracol

5190 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 325-3461
Cash only


is it pronounced shar-shoo-terie or shar-koo-terier or shar-chew-terie?

Best Bar dining in Vancouver

Your Gastown Crawl list is a good one :)

Bombay Talkie...what are your thoughts?

A friend has suggested this spot for "the best" Indian food...any reviews or alternatives?

Mar 29, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

Anything near 342 west 14th street, new york city?

How come Florent is closing?

Where I am from, our Japanese is PRETTY good with a ton of Izayakas, so would probably stay away from Japanese for fear of being disappointed...but maybe I am wrong?

Def. want to try one of the big money places for sure the next night, thank you!

Mar 23, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

Anything near 342 west 14th street, new york city?

Well, I DO order truffle mac n cheese every time I see it, thank you for the rec!

Mar 23, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

Looking for Vancouver/Victoria recommendations

Any of the Izakayas will do ya!
There are plenty, but one of my favorites is the chefs tasting menu at SHIRU BAY, it is about $40 for ten little plates...don't worry you will be full.

Also, KINGYO on Denman (no website, but Google it)

Anything near 342 west 14th street, new york city?

Going to get my hair done at 7pm on a Saturday night at that address (Blow Salon) - should I stay in that area for dinner or go somewhere else? Suggestions? I am worried we might be tired as it is a travelling day for us, so we would save our "experience $$$$" meal for another night. But still would like something lively,a little trendy,with good food and interesting people watching.

Mar 23, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

So.cial at Le Magasin's Deli and Custom Butcher (pictures)

They never give me chips either! I didn't even know that they were supposed to come with until the guy slipped up one day and offered...

Best sandwich value here I always get a full and take the other half home for later.

Restaurants near the Hudson Hotel?

Any reccomendations that could be within walking distance from this hotel? We also do not mind taking a short cab ride either.

We are there for three dinners, the first one being after a long travelling day which we may or may not be recovered from, but it is a Saturday night so still would want to have a reservation somewhere. I was thinking for one meal Babbo (lots of mention on this board) or Gordon Ramsey at the London. Thank you for any tips!

Mar 21, 2008
jewels_vancouver in Manhattan

HELP - I need chocolate in Vancouver