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Amazing 66 -- new in Chinatown

For the New Year I like to eat like a King, because it’s the New Year and maybe, just maybe I will no longer be a CheapAss! But we all know that isn’t going to happen, so every year in the beginning of January I eat like Henry the Eighth. Amazing 66 is famous for their seafood and definitely recognized for Cantonese cuisine all over Manhattan, a suitable place for a King.

For appetizers we started with crispy home-style pan fried lotus cake ($9.95), came in 7-9 pieces, all crunchy on the outside with chunks of Chinese sausage inside. Next on banquet menu deep fried oyster with ginger scallion ($12.95), I thought the batter was on the thick side but the flavor was wonderful, light and tasting of the sea. Sautéed Taiwanese “A” vegetable ($7.95), and beef with snow peas ($10.95) arrived at the same time, the beef and snow peas where were not heavily sauced, I could actually taste the beef unlike most Chinese eatery. Sautéed Taiwanese “A” vegetable was good but a little heavy on the cornstarch, otherwise great for vegetarians. Our finale of the evening was a grand steamed dungeons crab with flat noodles and fresh garlic sauce ($24.95-$30.00 seasonal); the cab was slightly sweet and perfectly cooked which made the meat tender. The genius part of the whole dish - are the noodles on the bottom of the plate it soaked up all the rich oils of the crab, garlic and other goodies.

I loved it here I Definitely ate like a king or least like a CheapAssKing!

Jan 02, 2008
youngjung in Manhattan

Fun Brunch Place ???

where is located Bonelick Park ???

Oct 14, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Koreatown help

E-Mo translated in Korean literally mean aunt, this little quaint shop located at 2W 32nd Street, NY, is a great little spot for those on the run. E-MO only makes assortment of Kimbap meaning seaweed rice, which are Korean versions of sushi. A typical Kimbap will have pickled turnip, carrots, parboiled spinach and fishcakes cooked in soy sauce. However at E-MO one can find special variety like, jalapeno, beef, spicy tuna, tuna, kim chee (Korean fermented cabbage), cheese, vegetable, mushroom or squid and is only $4.50 or $5 per 12-13 piece roll.

One roll is enough for a satisfying meal that is unlikely to result in any stomach discomfort, perfect for those on a diet. Two rolls might be pushing it unless you’re Hungry MAN.
2 W 32nd Street, New York, NY (btw 5&6 Ave)

Gahm Mi Oak Restaurant
43 W 32nd St (between 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10001
I know this joint is well know for its sul-lung-tang ($8.99) which is a broth cooked with beef bone served with rice, thin slices of beef, and rice noodles, but for the true foodies out there try the traditional Korean wrap, or “ssäm.” Gahm Mi Oak has many different variations on ssäm, for example Kenneth and I got the thinly sliced pork and raw oysters ($18) but the menu offers boiled squid, raw beef tartar and Dogani Moochim Gelatin of cow knee cooked and served with Korean-style vegetables and served with Gam Mee special sauce. All are accompanied with lightly pickled napa cabbage, spicy seasoned shredded radish, and three different types of dipping sauce.

It’s a must if your want to experience the true Korean way of eatin, not too hard even for a first timer, just grab a medium to large piece of cabbage and place a slice of pork on it, then pickled radish and your choice of sauce, roll it up and place into mouth. It’s a party in you’re the flavor of the tender pork mingling with the pickled radish all wrapped in the soothing crisp texture of cabbage is amazing! The one dish was large enough for 2 people which would of helped us when ordering but the sul-lung-tang was a nice addition with our ssäm dish, usually most warps are over powering with intense garlicky/chili flake taste one needs to compensate with some rice or ice cold beer.
for more info check out

Sep 19, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

MY Favorite Vendy Awards Hopeful


Sep 14, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

MY Favorite Vendy Awards Hopeful

sorry guys I was so excited I forgot the location
Front St & Pine St, New York, NY 10005

Sep 14, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

MY Favorite Vendy Awards Hopeful

I can’t believe that nobody reviewed Veronica’s Kitchen from Yelp, Chow, or New Times. I hope that my humble little review does her justice. I found about Veronica’s Kitchen from, they are an organization that “… works to correct the social and economic injustice faced by these hardworking entrepreneurs. Reaching out to vendors on the street, we hold clinics to educate vendors about their legal rights.” An awesome – awesome NGO, go check it out!
But I digress back to Veronica’s Kitchen, which has been nominated
as one of the top 5 vendor for the 2007 Vendy Awards. I was very curious about Veronica’s and since it is walking distance from my apartment I gave it try.
Once I arrived at my destination it was very quiet not so much hustle or bustle just a lot of prep before the lunch crowd, so I was in luck. The street cart seemed like a family affair with her son cooking away and Veronica prepping fresh veggies by his side. The menu is as simple as can be on one side you see the main choices of meats, which are stew chicken, curry chicken, jerk chicken, bbq chicken, fried fish, oxtail, and curry goat. The sides consist of white rice, mac & cheese, peas & rice, mixed veggies, toss salad, green beans, candied yams, potato salad, collard greens, and fry plantains.

Is your mouth water yet, b/c mine is just reliving what is now my new addiction. One can order small meal ($5) or large meal ($7) both come with 2 sides. I asked what was the most popular and the son suggested the jerk chicken w/side of mac &cheese and fried plantains. All went into a nice container with gravy on top, which I think came from the oxtail stew.
The combination of the sweet supple plantains mixed with the hot and spicy jerk chicken was beyond my expectations. The chicken was tender, seemed like it was cooked with a dry rub and yet it was moist almost stew like, the mac and cheese was great – even better with the gravy smothering it.

It was one of the best meals of 2007 so far but really I don’t think any where else will compare now, I know I say a lot of places are great but since I have been reviewing for this is by far the best meal this is including meals I have consumed that are not in the cheapass range. With that said check this place out it is well worth your dough and it’s been long over due for Veronica’s Kitchen from what she tells me, she has been around for 3 years and counting.

Sep 14, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan


Symposium Greek Restaurant
LOVE it!

Sep 13, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Good, authentic Mexican in Manhattan?

Port Authority bus terminal really I have to check it out!
thanks for the tip

Sep 07, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Good, authentic Mexican in Manhattan?

some pictures from
Tehuitzingo Mexican Deli

695 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (btw 47 & 48 st)

Sep 06, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Good, authentic Mexican in Manhattan?

We finally find THE TACO PLACE in Manhattan, Thanks to Mr. Darin Bresnitz. ( You have no idea how long it takes and how many places we have try in the city and every time results in disappointment. How come all the self-proclaimed “Authentic Mexican” places have Jerk Chicken on the menu? That’s not even Mexican, that’s Jamaican dumb ass. The closest we got is El Maguey Y La Tuna on Houston but that’s not cheap ass. And that’s why I am in total ecstasy when I discover Tehuitzingo.

This Mexican Deli Taco joint is named after Tehuitzingo, a municipality located in the Puebla province in Mexico. Since most of the Mexicans in New York came from Puebla that has its own cuisine and culture, Tehuitzingo offers a comfy, friendly and great traditional food for the homesick Mexican workers. When we are there, there is a lonely hombre drinking 12 packs of Corona by himself, relaxing and keep feeding the jukebox full of Mexican Norteño music.

We are not talking about Tex-Mex here, we are talking about tacos that are as authentico as you can get on the street in Mexico. Trust me, Young drives cross-countries from San Francisco to Mexico to El Salvador for months. Here’s the list of tacos we keep chowing down until I feel like I am impregnated:

CARNITAS ($2)- deep-fried pork seasoned with garlic, thyme and oregano and cooked in lard, crunchy texture with juicy meat, Excellente!

ENCHILADA (AL PASTOR) ($2)- marinated with a blend of different spices and gravy, then slowly cooked with pineapple and onion on top, I dunno why they call it Enchilada but its obviously Al pastor, anyhow I am not Mexican but this is absolutely Muy Delicioso!

BARBACOA ($2.50)- not only where the term barbecue originated from but also means slow cooking a whole sheep on open fire. In this version, marinades are not used and sauces are not applied until the meat is fully cooked, resulting in a Goat taco with great flavor and a bit dry in texture. Muy Bueno!

LENGUA ($2.50)- beef tongue slow cooked with spices (usually boiled), in their version they pan seared a bit to give it a charred crunchy surface, Mi Favorito!

CHICHARRON en SALSA VERDE ($2)- fried pigskin in green sauce makes with Tomatillos, chilles Serrano, garlic, onion and cilantro. Its all fat and skin, too heavy unless you are preparing to get wasted. Bueno Para Conseguir Bebido!

CABEZA ($2.50)- head taco, head of a cow steamed over night, the bones and gristle removed and the meat shredded and stirred with its broth. The meat is well-cooked without much grease because its all steamed away. Hacerme El Drool!

BISTECK ($2)- Great beef taco that I cannot remember how it taste anymore and all I remember is I drank 3 Modelo and ate 4 tacos already. All I can recall is Uno Más Uno Más Por Favor Mamacita!

They also serve Menudo (beef tripe soup that fixes your hung over) on Saturday. This place is a real BYOB, basically you Buy Your Own Beer there at the deli and drink it there, we pay $2 per can for Modelo. And last, you don’t have to but please be sure to tip the Mamacitas in the kitchen well, they are more hardworking than you.

For the earlier review by Mr. Darin Bresnitz here’s the link:

Sep 06, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Best Cheap Eats IN Manhattan?

thanks guys I have yet to try those places !

Sep 03, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Best Cheap Eats IN Manhattan?

Looking for New Cheap Eats in Manhattan - anything hidden, mom and pop but no chains please. We like the locals and want to keep it that way.
Many Thanks

Sep 02, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Romantic, memorable and inexpensive

Ivo & Lulu
Ivo and lulu located on 558 Broome st. at Varick st, is a sweet little café style eatery. French Caribbean food is not usually associated with the word cheap, however this neighborhoodie is very relaxed and causal. The owners encourage you to bring your own beer/ wine, a couple next to us didn’t BYBO and the wait staff told them where the nearest liquor store was, so don’t be shy.

When I arrived there I felt like I was in the street of Paris, granted I’ve never been to Paris but a girl can dream. Everything from the dimly lighted room, to the candles and the foggy mirror had just the right touch. I ordered the free range rabbit & ginger Sausage($12) and Kenneth ordered roast duck leg confit ($14) in mango marinade with couscous and for starters venison pate in truffle oil ($10).

Once I dug into it the baked pate you can see that it was rustic, the first thought that came to mind was am I eating chorizo? Not sure what venison pate is supposed to taste like but the flavor was like a sweet chorizo with out the spice, the camembert baked on top of the pate balanced out the robust flavor of liver. The free-range rabbit & ginger sausage was surprisingly a hefty portion unlike a stereotypical French portion, three sausages are drench in sun dried tomato and cream sauce with side of couscous. The Duck confit is goooood! The meat falls apart in your mouth, and as it lands on your tongue it feel like velvet wrapped in butter. Also comes with couscous w/raisins.

After a great meal I wanted to finish off with a bang, usually I never order desserts cuz most of the time the dessert cost as much as the entries, but I was so drunk with fatty duck and bunnies, went a little wild and ordered the coconut flan ($6.00). I had forgotten how good the dessert could be. Flan is good (drool).

Altogether our bill came to $47 with no cork fee. Not bad for appetizer, two entries and a desert. I highly recommend this place the owners and wait staff are constantly bring you free bread and rosemary olive oil and they seem eager to please.

Aug 31, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Where Should I go for a Delicious, Cheap Lunch Today?

hay Diva
Klatch - 9 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038 (between Broadway & Cortlandt St)- great coffee if your near F dist.

Lamarca Café and Take Out for fattening pasta,161 E 22St (corner 3rd Ave) New York, NY, 10010

and one of my favs, Paris Sandwich Corp. for a little shopping in C-town

Aug 31, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Seeking Malaysian Sensation

sorry here are the pics for skyway

Aug 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Seeking Malaysian Sensation

I agree w/ other try Skyway on Allen St.
For appetizer we got the Roti Canai ($1.95) and Spicy Crispy Squid In Chef’s Special Sauce ($6.95). The Roti Canai is as great as usual. The Crispy Squid on the other hand tastes exactly like those prepackaged Japanese snacks that zing overpower your tastebuds with intense sweetness. Not a big fan.

We also got the Mee Siam (5.25), a stir-fried noodle dish with fried tofu, egg, shrimp and bean sprout in spicy Thai Chili sauce with grounded peanut. Taste kinda like Pad-Thai except the noodle is thin rice vermicelli. The taste is GREAT!

We will definitely go back and try the other stuff.

If you can read the Chinese phrase here “六瓶啤酒為十二美元” you got it. If no, bring a Chinese friend there and you will know this biggest untold secret I don’t wanna exploit. I guarantee you will be very happy after you found out what it is!

for more info and pic.
click on link

Aug 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Lunch near Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall/Courts

Pakistan Tea House, 176 Church Street, b/t Duane and Reade
I just went there and it was great!!!!!!! and cheap
for more ideas check out

Aug 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Cake in Chinatown

King Wah Bakery Inc.

25 E Broadway NY, 10002

If you’re new to New York City it may be very overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to pick a bakery in Chinatown. All may be good but over the years, I have fine-tuned my love for Chinese pastries. The result of my 2-year research leads me to King Wah Bakery Inc.
This is an old school traditional Hong Kong Style bakery, the shop offers egg custard, warm steam bum, pork buns, hotdog buns to mini Swiss cakes. The sweets are customary, and great I have yet to try the cakes, but I do think this is the best by far.
check it out. (link for pictures)

Aug 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Eternal Fried Chicken Quest

BIRDIES, Grandma’s Chicken for the people
149 1st Ave., New York 10003 (btw 9th & 10th st)

if your in East Village go to Birdies, get the fried chicken, but do not NOT get the baked it SUCKS!

Aug 08, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

Cold Summetime Ramen

Hong Kong Noodle station has the coldest AC ever!
and it s very cheap

Jul 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan

a quiet place with good wine in the east village

good world bar & grill
3 orchard street
new york ny 10003

I love this place very mellow, not really east village more like Chinatown

Jul 30, 2007
youngjung in Manhattan