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Best Mexican in San Gabriel Valley?

Need recommendations for an inexpensive authentic place!

Any good food between Fullerton and Alhambra?

We’re a party of 8, open to any type of cuisine that’s moderately-priced at the most.

Italian Buttercream Frosting Cakes near Pasadena?

I LOVED Bees Knees Bakery too, so I feel your pain and had to hunt for a new bakery! Heirloom Bakery in South Pasadena makes good cakes too, I've ordered a dark chocolate birthday cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting -- it was FABULOUS, everyone loved it! The cake was rich and moist but the cake and frosting weren't too sweet, which is hard to find! I don't know if you would consider theirs to be Italian buttercream, but give it a try.

Favorite chocolate chip cookies from an LA area bakery?

My all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies are not at a bakery but at Artisan House restaurant in downtown -- theirs are crisp on the outside and chewy inside with rich dark chocolate. And overall not overly sweet which is hard to find; just the perfect amount of sugar!

What is your favorite donut in LA right now and where ?

Monterey Donuts in Highland Park are my favorite donuts ever -- light, fluffy, soft and not greasy at all, it's like biting into a sweet, sweet cloud!

Healthy boba?

Just found out that boba is carcinogenic. Does anyone make healthy boba in the San Gabriel Valley?

800 Degrees Pizza coming to Pasadena

Yeah, I remember the crust at 800 to be soggy too -- yuck.

Alaskan wild caught salmon

I don't think I care whether it's fresh or frozen, I just want good tasting salmon that's healthy, meaning not from the Atlantic.

Alaskan wild caught salmon

Any good restaurants that serve Alaskan wild caught salmon in the San Gabriel Valley?

800 Degrees Pizza coming to Pasadena

Yes, 800 Degrees is part of the Umami enterprise. I’ve only tried it once but I recall the crust to be bland, which I don’t think pizza crusts should be; it needs to have a subtle flavor. I thought the overall taste of their pizza was so-so. Blaze Pizza’s crust is quite good actually – it’s got flavor and it’s thin and crisp – definitely one of the better pizzas around. And it’s pretty amazing that you get unlimited toppings for their price. But I do appreciate 800 Degrees coming up with the idea first.

Hip, modern cakes

Are there any other bakeries/cakeries that specialize in hip, modern cakes along the lines of Miette?

Are there any hip modern restaurants in Santa Ana?

Might be going there tomorrow, need recommendations.

Are there any hip contemporary restaurants in Long Beach?

Might be going to the Aquarium tomorrow, will need recommendations for lunch and dinner.

Looking for a restaurant to have 50-person party

Yes, we’ve considered President Thai too, but the food’s not great either unfortunately.

Looking for a restaurant to have 50-person party

Need suggestions for a place somewhere between Pasadena and Walnut, not too casual and not expensive, somewhere along the lines of Saladang Song’s patio and price range, but hopefully with better food!

Best Japanese in San Gabriel Valley?

Oh, they're in Eagle Rock, you had mentioned Pasadena earlier. Thanks!

Best Japanese in San Gabriel Valley?

Hmm, could you give me their address?

Best Japanese in San Gabriel Valley?

The one on Colorado? I think it closed.

Best Japanese in San Gabriel Valley?

Looking for good non-sushi type of Japanese food in SGV. Not looking for ramen, we already have our favorite spots for that.

Best dim sum in Chinatown?

I'm hoping to find a sit-down dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, not a take-out place like Yum Cha Cafe.

Best dim sum in Chinatown?

Hmm, how about decent?

Best dim sum in Chinatown?

Are there any great dim sum restaurants in Chinatown nowadays, not a take-out place?

Need restaurant recs for dinner for 12 in SGV

Looking for a place where we can eat family style, needs to be in either Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, or Pasadena. Open to different types of food, reasonably priced, no more than $15/person for food only.

Best Tiramisu

You're probably looking for the best tiramisu in a restaurant, but the best one I've ever had is Trader Joe's frozen tiramisu -- so good!!

100% grass fed dairy products

Organic Valley's milk may be grass-fed but it doesn't seem to be raw milk; I think it's pasteurized, right?


Have you ever tried The Standard Hotel's pork chop? I haven't but I heard someone absolutely raving about it before.

Best gourmet ice cream and patisserie?

Some of the best pastries aren't in bakeries but in restaurants: check out Bottega Louie for their beautiful bakery and Artisan House for THE GREATEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE, both in downtown L.A.

Standard Hotel downtown -- is it worth eating at?

Am curious to try having dinner there, is it any good?

Any excellent upscale bakeries near Wilshire / Western / Normandie?

Anything around a 1-mile radius?

Where can I find just plain chicken stock?

I'm wondering if anyone sells chicken stock without ANY other ingredients like onions, etc. -- just the water that's been boiled with chicken bones, nothing else?