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Davids Tea on Queen West

i agree that some of david's teas are tepid/weak. The ginger oolong that i bought was musty and sour. Definitely not what oolong is supposed to be.

HK style milk tea

are you talking about the strong hot Lipton tea with condensed milk served in hk-style cafes? not taiwanese style bbtea right?

there's a dinner restuarant at First Markham Place called Firefly that serves really good hk-style milk tea (the kind sweetened with condensed milk), although it's a hk-style cafe, not a tea-style restuarant like Ten Ren's.

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

Yes, sorry!! I meant Bay & Dundas.

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

Best flakey egg tarts (IMHO) is at ABC Bakery at plaza on VicPark north of McNicoll. Not easily accessible by TTC though.

I heard Bakery18 opened at Atrium on Bay (Bay & Bloor) and they're run by the family who opened the chain of Jing Cheng Bakery shops uptown, they have REALLY good Taro buns, Milk puff buns and their red bean honey cake is so good. I'm not sure if they carry flakey egg tarts. The T&T grocery store definitely carries flakey egg tarts, go on the weekend and they'll be straight out of the oven.

Looking for Roti Canai in North York


Looking for Roti Canai in North York

I'm looking for a Malaysian restuarant that has fresh roti canai (with the spicy/sweet dipping curry) and roti planta (filled with butter and sugar). Ideally it would be a place that makes the rotis in-house.

Anybody know of a good Malaysian place in North York or on the subway line which serves these?