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Casual group dinner for 50 in Queens [Moved from Tristate Region]

Thank you for the ideas!

I love Pio Pio - both food and atmosphere - and have enjoyed some great small group meals there. However with a large group I need to offer a wider selection of food, something for vegetarians, etc.

I also agree with Uncle Peters, and used them for one of these meals. Food was yummy, service great and I had a very happy group after a relaxed evening Also, they were great to work with, which I really appreciate.

I do not know the Cavalier, so will look at that one.
Many thanks

Oct 02, 2007
VeggieFan in Outer Boroughs

Casual group dinner for 50 in Queens [Moved from Tristate Region]

Can anyone suggest restaurants in Queens - not far from LaGuardia, which can handle a group of about 50 people. I arrange a meal a few times a year for a corporate group. Some of the particulars:
Good food (of course!) - does not have to be fancy
Price for food including tax/tip in the range of $35-ish
Can offer a limited menu, or buffet
Has a bar (at additional cost)
Has either a private room or area in which we can all be seated (we do not have speeches)
Mid-week - might be a Tuesday or Wednesday
Welcomes group business, especially on an off-night (as opposed to simply tolerating it or using it as an opportunity to upsell every course.)

I have found that family owned and operated places seem to be best. In the past we have done some pub meals, a small, continental restaurant that closed to others for the night, a family-style Italian place, a Thai place that created a buffet.

I am sure that there are many hidden gems out there and could use some help in locating them.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions - many thanks as I continue to provide my group the culinary tour of Queens!

Oct 01, 2007
VeggieFan in Outer Boroughs

Dinner ideas to deliver to a sick friend?

I am sure that they'll appreciate anything you bring them with love. Sometimes the simple meals are most comforting. Don't worry about making special meals right now.

Not sure about the kid's preferences but how about some baked beans and franks (or tofu pups/smart dogs) or Mac and cheese. Both are simple do-aheads. Also variations on the veggie lasagna that was suggested - a baked pasta dish ( maybe a baked ziti, adding vegetables such as zucchini.) Casseroles/ one dish meals are easier for you to transport, store and for them to heat.

Or all the fixin's for tacos (made with ground turkey/)

Will try to think of more.

It is tough to cook for another family - I cook on the fly with what I have and would be challenged to cook for others this way - Maybe you can ask them what they usually like to have. You don't need to duplicate it, but it might give you some ideas about their tastes.

To make it easier for you, can you double up the recipes and prepare your own meal at the same time?

As to whether you bring multiple courses - it's really up to you. You might think about whether or not they are away from home a lot for treatment and have little time to shop or energy to prepare.

Good luck - you are giving your friend a wonderful gift - yourself

Aug 03, 2007
VeggieFan in Home Cooking

market watch: Jackson Heights

Many CSAs ask their members to contribute some time. I co-founded one a few years ago, and all of the organizational work is done by volunteers. We ask each member to work once during the season at pick-up night - helping to set up, handle the sign-in desk, guide members through the variety of produce, pack up left overs for the charity and celan up. It's 3 hours once a season.

Without the members' contribution, it would fall to a few people to do this every week.

Jan 27, 2007
VeggieFan in Outer Boroughs