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Babbo- Vegetarian Pasta Tasting Menu

When I went, we did not inquire ahead of time. When reviewing the menu, we asked about a non-meat pasta tasting (though I said seafood was okay). The waiter went through the changes to the tasting menu, though I didn't find most of the substitutes very exciting, and the entire table had to all order the vegetarian menu if one person did. We decided instead to order a la carte, and the carnivore was very appreciative.

Jun 28, 2011
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Need suggestions for private dining - party of 12 - 30th birthday

I had a private party for 12 for a 30th birthday party at Supper. We were in a private room on the main floor, and it was really nice! It was a set family style menu, but they let me make comparable changes based on our preferences. Overall, a really nice and great experience.

156 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009

Sep 14, 2010
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Outdoor/partially outdoor restaurants?

A bunch of restaurants I passed today on Hubbard had outdoor seating/open windows set up: Rockit, VTK, and Vermillion. Not sure what type of food you are looking for, or if outside is more important.
La Madia on Grand also has a patio and a front area with open windows, which is nice.

May 14, 2009
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Birthday Dinner then Bar ideas

I've gone to successful group birthday dinners at La Madia, Quartino, Coast, and Ba-Ba-Reeba. I think Coast is always a good option because a) it's BYOB and b) there are a variety of different types of bars in close proximity.

Mar 10, 2009
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Salumeria Rosi - preliminary report - kinda long

Nov 18, 2008
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Any good Vietnamese or Thai around Magnificent Mile?

While I do enjoy VTK, if you want someplace less "fusion," and are still willing to come as south as VTK, I always have very decent thai at Star of Siam on E. Hubbard, off of State. It's nothing fancy, but a basic thai food restaurant.

Nov 11, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Fun, hip sushi place

Amberjack? Haven't been, so can't comment on the food, but looks busy whenever I've walked past.

Jul 09, 2008
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

W Lakeshore dinner

I agree with nsxtasy DeLaCosta is the best choice if you are going for closeness to the hotel, I would definitely recommend the food at Nacional 27 or Carnivale over DeLaCosta. I've found the food sub-par, though the atmosphere and drinks are always great.

May 20, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

"Mom and Pop" Italian Restaurant

Agreed. I've only been to Mia Francesca, but I've had a few great meals there, and I've never had a bad meal there. Would definitely recommend it for a low-key, good Italian (pasta) meal.

May 12, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Mary's Cafe - 215 East Grand Ave.

You may want to call before you go, especially later in the day. I live nearby and feel like they are closed a lot when I pass by.

May 08, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

"Mom and Pop" Italian Restaurant

La Scarola in River West has a good, "neighborhoody" feel. Relaxed atmosphere, big portions, and an overly-friendly owner make for a fun night. Food isn't sophisticated like at some of the places Nsxtasy suggested, but good nonetheless.

May 05, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Frozen Yogurt?

The frozen yogurt at the cafe at Bloomingdale's is really good. They generally have plain, and then one or two flavors. Toppings are pretty basic, but include fresh fruit.

May 04, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

A new angle on the deep dish question..

It's not deep dish, but, as an alternative, if you are interested in a more East Coast- style thin pizza, Piece Pizza in Wicker Park is also a brewery and has some good beers.

May 02, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

UK Couple need help with dinner, brunch & bars?

Hopstop is a great site that shows routes for walking as well as public transportation. According to it, walking from Affinia to Orange should take about 31 minutes (1.5 miles), and from the Affinia to Bongo Room should take about 35 minutes (1.9 miles).

Obviously these are estimates and a lot depends on how fast/slow you walk, so it's probably better to look at the distances than time estimates.

Apr 28, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Blackbird or Spring?

Not to confuse you further, but I personally would say Spring over Blackbird. I have had several excellent meals at Spring, and I find the menu filled with things that appeal to me. Blackbird, while an excellent restaurant, doesn't have a menu that excites me as much.

Apr 20, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Help! Greek Islands closed....

I believe they have already passed a reinspection and opened, so you should be fine for May 3rd! (of course, if you're turned off by their health code violations, that's a different story...)

Apr 19, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Where can I get homemade chicken soup/broth?

Last year I got broth for matzo ball soup from The Bagel at 3107 N. Broadway (and also in Skokie, I believe). Everyone at the Seder enjoyed it!

Apr 17, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

A Great Steak Dinner for Boyfriend's Bday --suggest for me!

Along the lines of NINE, I would say David Burke's Primehouse. I know there have been somewhat uneven reviews of it, but I've had a few fantastic meals there and it has a more modern, "trendy" feel than many of the old-time Chicago places.

That being said, I have also really enjoyed Gibson's and didn't find it to be "boys club" or too traditional. Bonus if you can get a seat in the narrow area against the windows for good people watching.

Apr 14, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Mercat a la Planxa - wow!

Hey- this place sounds great! The website doesn't list prices though- how much have people been spending on meals (besides the $55 chef selection)?

Mar 17, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

birthday dinner in near north ...

I was going to suggest Quartino's too. Not sure if you will exactly stick to your budget, but I've never spent more than $25/person there including drinks.

Feb 25, 2008
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

stanton social: best dishes?

French onion soup dumplings are great!

Jan 16, 2008
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

restrictive meet-the-parents lunch

Good suggestion. Or, similarly, Blue Water Grill would seem to fit.

Jan 16, 2008
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Brunch in Gramercy/Murray Hill

Banc Cafe and Choice both do decent brunches. Definitely nowhere near as upscale as EMP or Artisinal, but good, basic brunch food without much, if any, wait.
Banc is 30th and 3rd and Choice is 27th and 3rd.

Banc Cafe
431 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

Choice Kitchen & Cocktails
380 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

Jan 07, 2008
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Best Place for a Pasta Main

I second this! While not the best Italian restaurant in the city, Mia Francesca makes some GREAT pastas. Never had a bad meal here.

Nov 29, 2007
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

bar with classic mixed drinks

I second Little Branch. Every drink I've had there has been great- if not something I never would have ordered at a "regular" bar.

Jun 03, 2007
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

after getting recs here, I went to one sixtyblue ... and it blew. :(

This is a good example of how a waiter can really change an experience! I was at one sixty blue this past week, and I had a great experience, mostly due to our waiter, Maura. She didn't rush as at all (we closed the place down!). In fact, we were given our desert for free! She came and asked if we wanted to order dessert, and we had been talking and hadn't decided yet. Unknowingly, another man on the waitstaff team came by a few minutes later and asked us as well. Maura felt so bad about this that she took the dessert off the bill!

I agree that the cheese was nothing special- good- but cheese.

However, other parts of the meal stood out. The asparagus soup was amazing. Vegetable soup, not so much. The two fish we ordered- a special sockeye salmon and the halibut- were both very good- fresh, nicely seasoned, and well cooked.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I, too, am from NY, and I also chose the restaurant based on this board, but I had a nice, enjoyable meal.

May 24, 2007
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Suggestions for a 21st Birthday??

Here are some places that I've been to or that I'm dying to go to, but waiting for my parents to take me.... I'm only slightly older than 21.
Nacional 27
Aigre Doux
N9ne or DB Primehouse for a fun steakhouse

Apr 27, 2007
nycchitownmix in Chicago Area

Trendy Birthday Dinner Group

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the help. Due to the large size of our group, I had the WORST time finding a place that could take us at any time other than 5:30 or 11:30! Probably called about 25-35 places in the city, including most of the ones you all suggested!

We ended up getting a reservation at Tao, which my mom really likes anyway. Her friends had never been there, so it was fun for them as well. Had a great meal- lots of good food and fun. Kobe beef, as usual, wowed everyone. Sea bass was my favorite [I don't eat meat]. Topped it all off with a huge dessert sampler and many bottles of wine!

Overall, a very successful surprise dinner!

Feb 19, 2007
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Sushi in Murray Hill

Mishima on Lex between 30th and 31st. It's a pretty basic neighborhood sushi joint, but the best in the area that I found. Usually went there or got delivery at least once a week when I lived in the area.

Jan 30, 2007
nycchitownmix in Manhattan

Trendy Birthday Dinner Group

oh also, just as another restaurant to give an idea of what type of place: last year the birthday dinner was at davidburke and donatella

Jan 26, 2007
nycchitownmix in Manhattan