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Dukkah-Crusted Salmon

Hi MKbird,

Some ideas for you:

Starter dish: carrot parsley salad with chopped almonds, small pieces of orange segments, jicama and creamly italian dressing

Serve the salmon with a sauteed butternut squash flavored with a hint of aleppo chili.

Finish it all off with a dessert like a flan or berry flavored clafoutis.

The elements are pretty easy to make and the variation of flavors and textures should make a colorful, fun,satisfying meal.


Jan 07, 2010
kfitz in Recipes

Dukkah-Crusted Salmon

Great Idea!

A Classic Dukkah recipe works extremely well with fish: the lemon accent of cumin and the rounding of coriander should bring out the sweetness in the fish. Plus, the nuts add a nice rich crunch.

I also use it to make a fish cakes ( think cod). Lightly ground, it also adds a nice depth to pie crusts.

Confession: I own Juliet an artisan spice company in San Francisco.( all hand-made, super fresh stuff) We started out by selling Dukkah!!! So it is remains big fav of mine.

Jan 07, 2010
kfitz in Recipes