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Oyster Cabin in Uxbridge - what is it now?

It's true, Jane. It has been closed for maybe six months. After they closed, the Oyster Cabin sign up front was removed, and a small hand-made "For Lease" sign was attached to the large frame. Just a week ago, the "For Lease" sign went away, so a new tenant/owner may be on the way. Local rumors are not too Hound-friendly, though: Club 99 or Olive Garden. But those are only rumors.

Breafast at Chilangos

I stopped by Chilangos (447 Manton, Providence, RI) the other day for a lunch-time burrito. The owner told me that, starting in December, the restaurant will be open for breakfast, with a new breakfast/lunch menu. He expects to open around 6 or 6:30 am, and will close for a couple of hours between lunch and dinner (3 pm – 5 pm). (My favorite burrito, the Arizona style with chorizo, will still be on the breakfast/lunch menu.)

Wings in RI?

PHAT Wings
242 Broad Street
Provicence RI

I have little comparative experience, but I like the wings here. We get 'em with sauce on the side. They sell them "naked" and battered. I take the battered, have never had the other.

Wholly Connoli has moved one door down.

Wholly Cannoli has moved into the space next door, where the cleaner was. I first went there just because of the fun name. In my mind, Wholly Cannoli was a bakery with a few tables. With brand new "dark-wood" display cases, a serious-looking espresso machine, tall tables, and window-bench seating at standard café tables, Wholly Cannoli now looks like a bistro that is also a bakery. For those who stop for lunch, the menu seems the same, although I can't seem to look beyond the sausage sandwich, which is still a winner, and is big enough to share with a friend.
(Worcester: Old address was 488 Grafton Street.)

Providence: Where to find a good croissant?

Maybe they closed because too many customers ordered croissants. (No seconds.)

Good, cheap Restaurant

The Oyster Cabin has closed. The sign is down, and a small hand-made "For Lease" sign has been tacked up instead.

New Englands Best BBQ

The winner of last year's Lake Placid contest was a team from Fitzwilliam NH. But that won't convince the "they-can't-make-in-in-NE" crowd. But a trip to LJs BBQ might. Maybe not as good as you might get from a road-sice smoker, but pretty darn good.

Nestlerode Pie on the desert cart?

Thanks a bunch, rothsteg. Now I have to figure whether it is worth a 5-hour drive each way for a piece of pie.....

And Wineack, now that you mention it, I heard about that fire, and the fund-raising effort following, since the business was not insured....

Nestlerode Pie on the desert cart?

Thanks, Enfielder, for the frozen pudding tip, and the diner tip. Google Images gave me a photo of the place in short order. What's not to like about chrome and glass blocks. I'll add it to my "must try it" list.

Nestlerode Pie on the desert cart?

Thanks, Enfielder. What do you expect from a comic strip whose main character loves Nash Metropolitans! (I haven't eaten it ever, but an advantage of getting nesslerode pie in a restaruant may be that you get a piece without having to worry about what to do with the rest of the pie.)

Nestlerode Pie on the desert cart?

It was mentioned in a Zippy comic strip last week: does anyone know where in New England to go to have a piece of nestlerode pie (may be only in season)?