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Rogue24 Advice

First visit to Rogue 24 coming up soon. They said they have a la carte (new) or 10 courses or 24 courses. Seems we should not do a la carte because we miss opportunity to try various weird (creative) stuff he does. But 24 courses seems like quite a production -- almost "too much" -- and I have read that it takes forever. So I have tentatively opted for the 10 course menu. (They used to have a 16 course option, but that apparently is no longer).

I don't want to walk away hungry, but unless they are really tiny ten courses seems like it should be enough food!

Does my decision make sense? Has anyone had the 10 course option and the 24 course option and can give me some advice? Thanks!

Charlottesville - Please Help Me Decide

We have one night in Charlottesville. Got lots of restaurant recommendations. Narrowed it down to Glass Haus Kitchen or C&O. Which should we choose? My impression from reading reviews is that C&O is very solid but maybe not super-exciting. Glass Haus seems more exciting/experimental, and wife likes the idea of chef who won a James Beard award. But I also read some negative reviews about food being uneven, portions too small, and some service issues (as well as some very good reviews). So.... which should be pick? Thanks!

Apr 22, 2013
kodiakbear in Mid-Atlantic

Local Food in Charlottesville

Tripadvisor. It had some good reviews but a number of not-very-good reviews.

Apr 12, 2013
kodiakbear in Mid-Atlantic

Local Food in Charlottesville

We will be visiting Charlottesville VA for one night, and would like a good meal at a place that uses local ingredients where possible, and serves VA wines and beers. Three places have been suggested: The Local, Brookville and C&O. Brookville looks interesting, but seems to serve a lot of pork and bacon, which we prefer not to eat. A friend had two really good meals at the Local, but the reviews on another website were not very good. Do you have a recommendation among these, or a different recommendation? Thanks!

Apr 11, 2013
kodiakbear in Mid-Atlantic

Best Vietnamese in DC/Nova/Mogo?

What is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Montgomery County / DC/ Northern Virginia? What we like: (1) Authentic -- not "watered down" to meet the perceived preferences of non-Vietnamese patrons; (2) Menu not limited to Pho and Bánh mì; and (3) Decent atmosphere, but does NOT need to be fancy. Thanks!

Old San Juan

Can someone recommend a good restaurant in (or near) Old San Juan, PR? Ideally, a place with good fish & sea food choices. We had planned on La Mallorquina, but I have read very mixed reviews. We are going to be in OSJ only one night, so want a good meal. Thanks.

Amelia Island

We are headed to Amelia Island. I got some good recommendations by searching the archives on this board, but if there is anything new (last couple of years) that is really good, please let me know. (I am not so concerned what it is, so long as whatever they do, they do really well).

I would like one really excellent dinner. For these purposes, the price is not so important -- just the best meal on the island. I thought maybe Salt at the Ritz Carlton. Is that any good? Other suggestions?


Mar 23, 2010
kodiakbear in Florida

Hollywood - Boardwalk

Thanks. (It appears the website is actualy

Hollywood - Boardwalk

We are headed down to Hollywood for a week - staying just off the boardwalk. Looking for some good places to eat. Not looking for anything in particular, but restaurants that are really excellent at what they do. Formal/expensive is fine -- if it is terrific. Ethnic is good. Casual, fine too. Great breakfast. Good friendly bar. Coffee shop with a view of the ocean. Whatever. Just the places that do whatever it is that they do really well. On the boardwalk would be good. Nearby is fine too - we will have a car. Your suggestions? Thanks!

Two Nights in Portland

Fair point -- but I guess I don't have some particular "taste" -- I just want places that are really excellent for what they are. Cheap dive, 5* fancy, seafood, ethnic, whatever -- so long as it does whatever it is trying to do superbly.

Two Nights in Portland

We have two nights in Portland. We made reservations at Fore Street one night and 555 the next. Are those good choices? I saw some mixed reviews about 555, which made be question that choice, since there are so many good places in Portland. Advice?

Recommendations South of Miami

We are flying into MIA on a Sunday and headed down to the Keys. We are looking for a good kosher deli that would not be too far out of our way -- on our way South from the airport to the Keys. (If it is REALLY good, we would be willing to go a bit out of our way). Suggestions? Also, I see on the web that there's a Yotvata restaurant in Miami. I didn't know they had any restaurants outside of Israel. Anyone been there? How does it compare to, say, the Yotvata in Netanya? Thanks,

Feb 08, 2009
kodiakbear in Kosher

Kosher Deli South of Miami

Would prefer a place that is certified by the Vaad, but would be ok with a place that sells kosher meat. I will post on kosher board too. Thanks.

Kosher Deli South of Miami

We will be arriving at MIA on a Sunday evening and driving south toward the keys. Is there a good kosher deli that would be open for dinner on Sunday and would not be too far out of our way? (If it is really good, I would be willing to go a little out of our way). Thanks.

Best Birthday Cakes in N. VA??

Pastries by Randolph on Lee Hwy in Arlington (not exactly Tysons/Vienna, but worth the short drive)

Hook or Black Salt?

I'm trying to decide between the two, for dinner. Which is better? Why?

Hook or Black Salt?

Trying to decide between these two. Which is better?

Stonington/Deer Isle, ME: Chow?

What's Deer Isle like in September? Do the restaurants (and most everything else) close after Labor Day? Is the September weather still nice enough for an outdoor lobster dinner?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Can someone recommend a place to go (with kids, so nothing too elaborate) for Thanksgiving Dinner. Maybe someplace "in the country" in Virginia - but only if the food is good. Thanks.

What should we eat at DC Coast?

We are going to DC Coast tonight. What should we order?

Cambridge Maryland

I'm going to Cambridge Maryland for a couple of days. We are staying at the Hyatt resort out there but I have heard the food at the Hyatt is terrible. Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in Cambridge? I am very open minded about what we eat, so long as it is good (and very close by - I would prefer not to drive to St. Michaels, for example). Thanks.


When is Fabio leaving? Is he opening a new restaurant in NY? What will become of Maestro -- will it close? get a new chef?

Detroit hound in search of recs

Clearly Dino.

For seafood, Kincaids (near Foggy Bottom) is the best, in my opinion. Other choices would be Pesce (in Dupont) or Black Salt (on Macarthur).

Pizza is nearly hopeless. (closest to NY style I have had is Corner Slice in Bethesda, but its not worth the trip from DC).

For Annapolis, Oleary's seafood is very good. Cantler's is fun for crabs, if the weather permits you to sit outside, but get directions in advance; its not in downtown Annapolis and its a little bit hard to find. I also like Wild Orchid Cafe in Eastport (Annapolis).

Dinner in Bethesda

Nobody has mentioned Faryab - good simple Afghan food and very reasonable prices. We like Cesco on a warm evening, during the week - sit outside. I have found Cesco is much better when it is less busy. Last time I was at Addie's, I thought it was mediocre (at best). I wonder whether the Blacks are putting more of their effort into the newer places (Garrett Park, Black Salt, and the new Black's in Bethesda).

Cost of Central

I read someplace (maybe here on Chowhound?) about some Belgian beer Central has on draft that no other bar/restaurant in the US has. Is that right? What's it called?

Mannequin Pis - Any different post-sale?

I haven't been to Mannequin Pis since Bernard sold it. Any difference? Who owns it now? A few years ago, they used to do unlimited mussels for a fixed price one night a week. Last time I was there (pre-sale), they weren't doing it any more. Too bad. Any chance that has re-started?

Class Trip for Seniors...any suggestions?

Two suggestions: (1) if it comes down to Fogo or Old Ebbit for visiting school group, go with Old Ebbit - its a good "DC experience" -- Fogo is pretty good food too but its a Brazilian experience; and (2) ride the metro during rush hour, with your whole group in tow, just to annoy DC Gal.

Class Trip for Seniors...any suggestions?

Don't go to ESPN Zone or Hard Rock. I know just about every other visiting kids group goes to one of these two places, but the food is mediocre at best and they can get cheeseburgers and fries (etc) at home, so why not something a bit different. Old Ebbit is a much better idea. Its a famous "DC place." There's something for everyone there. And its not all that far from Ford's Theatre - about 7 blocks or so. You asked about Bistro D'oc. That is on the same street as Ford's Theatre; very convenient. Its relatively small so your group would probably take up much of the place. But if you call well in advance they could probably handle it. Its a French place, specializing in Laguedoc region food (and wine). I don't know if your group would like it or not. It would certainly be a different experience for most of them. But I would rather see you do that -- give the kids an experience they haven't had before and can't get at home -- rather than some lousy chain establishment. Maybe a couple of the kids will find that they like French food, or just generally good food? (Truth is Bistro D'oc is far from the best French place around, but its not bad and not so fancy that you couldnt' take a group of kids). The kids might also like Fogo to Chao, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian place. It has a huge and very good salad bar and the waiters come around with various sorts of fresh carved meat. But it could be a little expensive -I am not sure how much - maybe $50 a person?

And don't listen to the commuters who tell you to stay off the metro at rush hour. It is a bit crowded those hours, but you visiting school group has as much right to use the metro as any DC resident commuter -- its PUBLIC transportation (but you will make more friends if you stand to the right and walk to the left on the escalators -- a sort of unwritten DC rule).

La Fin du Monde

Does anyone know a store in the DC area that sells this excellent Canadian beer?

Greek in Rockville MD

I saw something recently about a good Greek restaurant in Rockville, owned by a couple of young Greek-American guys (I think). Not Mykanos. Can anyone tell me the name of the place I'm thinking of?