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Yonge and Clark - delicious, reliable, inexpensive

Some of the good Korean options in the neighbourhood are:

Located just north of Yonge/Clark on the west side. They have really excellent Korean BBQ. Excellent Kalbi (BBQ ribs). You cook the food right at the table which adds an element of fun - go with a bunch of people and you can order some of the meat BBQ, and add on the seafood (they have shrimps and mussels, or shrimps and squid I think).

They have great side dishes too that come with it and in particular, I really love this Korean "Slaw" they serve when you order the BBQ.

Cho Sun Oak
Located in a small plaza on the East side - Britannia Pub, and Daisy Mart in the same plaza. They really specialize in Naeng Myun which is a bowl of cold noodles (they have some crushed ice in the bowl). It is fantastic on a hot summer day, and you will find this place packed in the summer.

They serve 2 types: Bi Bim Naeng Myun which comes with the red pepper paste, and the Naeng Myun with soup (name escapes me at the moment). Not as hot and spicy as the Bi Bim type but really tasty. Their other dishes are really quite good too, but in the summer, the Naeng Myun is super popular.

Jul 10, 2009
chaagy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cafe 668

It is still very tasty, but I kind of miss the old digs. The new atmosphere style while looking new and more modern, is the same as all the other nice casual restaurants wanting to upscale their look, a la Spring Rolls, East, etc. The dark wood thing looks totally been there, done that, and it really lacks the character that the old place had. All the plastic dragonflies stuck to the walls, the pictures of summer rolls, the closeness of the tables and such. It had a charm that now feels cold and gentrified!

I find I don't go there as often, because it just doesn't feel the same (but I still do get cravings for the Eggplant... and the Black Bean Rice Noodles... and the Sweet & Sour Fish... and the Summer Rolls... and the Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup... getting hungry!!)

Apr 25, 2008
chaagy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

King Palace (Pakistani/Indian Eatery @ Richmond/Sherbourne) - New Location?!?

Saw a sign up at a closed down donut shop for King Palace - opening soon, along Church Street, north of Bloor, just as it bends to cross Yonge and turn into Dupont. It's really close to the Canadian Tire.

That donut shop, located beside a hand car wash, was just terrible. The only thing I liked about it, is that it had one of those old school donut shop signs! Anyway, now there is a sign up for a King Palace (Pakistani/Indian food) opening soon.

Does anyone know if this is related to the King Palace at Richmond/Sherbourne? If so, I can't wait because I work around Yonge and Bloor!

Aug 30, 2007
chaagy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Breakfast within driving distance of Sheppard/404

I guess your breakfast has come and gone, but for future reference, I really like this breakfast place, on the north side of Sheppard west of Leslie, called Sunshine Spot. It's right beside a Sheridan Nursery, and pretty much across the street from a Canadian Tire. They serve a pretty nice breakfast.

Feb 22, 2007
chaagy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Which Indian (not necessarily veg) in Thornhill/Markham?

I really like Indian Kitchen at Yonge & Clark. They have one of the best tandoori's I've tasted.

Jan 26, 2007
chaagy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)