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Reunion dinner downtown - round tables?

I'm planning a reunion dinner for a Saturday night in late February and am looking for a restaurant downtown, Chinatown, North End or Southie that takes reservations and preferably has round tables. I'd love to find a place that's comfortable and not too loud, with good food that isn't very expensive, by which I mean a reasonable number of entrees under $20.

The food type is less important that an atmosphere that's conducive to catching up.

Can anyone recommend some places? Thanks!

Feb 05, 2008
bethann in Greater Boston Area


The Reader had a blog about this a few weeks ago. Apparently there's a place in Des Plaines that offers a rijstafel once a month:

May 10, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area

Visiting Chicago - which hood is best for food?

You should also venture into Lincoln Square. Lots of good restaurants and things to do.

It's also far north - not fast to get to downtown - but it is right on the brown line (Damen and Western stops are both quite close).

Apr 04, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area

Knife Sharpening - Avoid Sur La Table

I've had good luck having my knives sharpened at the Wooden Spoon in Andersonville. They were cheap, quick and good (and convenient to Lincoln Square).

The Wooden Spoon
5047 N. Clark

Apr 04, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area

Chinese take out in Lincoln Square area

Does anyone have suggestions/favorites for good Chinese take out places in the general (delivery) environs of Lincoln Square?

I'm looking for someplace that's not too too greasy, has good dumplings and noodles and isn't as focused on chop suey as the places I've seen seem to be.


Feb 14, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area

so sick of Boston bashing...

Having just moved to Chicago after 9 years in Boston, I'm daily developing a list of food/restaurants that I miss and haven't found an equivalent for:

- Portuguese from Atasca/O Cantinho in Cambridge
- Ethiopian from Addis Red Sea in the South End
- Bagel with cream cheese, tomato and fresh ground pepper from Rustica near Porter Sq.
- Homemade ice cream on nearly every corner (especially Christina's)
- The daily specials at Centre St. Cafe in JP

But I've got to say that Chicago has Boston beat for taquerias and Korean food.

Feb 07, 2007
bethann in Greater Boston Area


Thanks for all the good suggestions/discussion. I'll have to taste around and report back. I had no idea that ceviche had become so scene-y (see: Delacosta).

Jan 31, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area


I just moved to Chicago and am looking for good ceviche, preferably on the North side or downtown. Any recommendations?


Jan 26, 2007
bethann in Chicago Area