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Delicious in Newport?

Breakfast - Plums Cafe or for old school diner, The Galley
Nice Dinner - The Bungalow
Sushi - Blue fin
Seafood - Mastro's Ocean Club
Late Night Pizza - Laventina's
On the Beach - Beachcomber Cafe
Casual "fun" Italian - Mama D's Italina Kitchen
Great Sausage - Sabatino's

Also Nesai is very good.

Boxed, frozen meals

I just had Huxtable's New American Kitchen Beef Enchilada Casserole and it was surprisingly very tasty.

Not a meal for one (4-5 serv.), but the leftovers were good too the next day.

You don't like that?!

Sour Cream
Canned Tuna
Peanut Butter
Jelly or Jam
Green Olives
Goat Cheese
And pretty much anything sweet, never been big on desserts

Best use of Gorgonzola/Blue Cheese

Oh, oh, oh, my mouth is watering. Off to the store right now, must try your steak, blue cheese/garlic sandwich.

Thank You!

Sep 19, 2008
byeCalihelloBahamas in Cheese

Need recommendations for a special restaurant - Southern OC

Studio Restaurant at the Montage Resort.

Great food, great atmosphere. I've taken my mom there and she loved it.

Feasting on Waves

Anyone watch? What did you think?

Best Breakfast Buffet in OC

Taco Rosa in Newport Beach has a good Sunday Champagne Brunch.

$14.99 all you can eat and all you can drink champagne.

There is also a location in Irvine, but I haven't been.

Sweet Potato Fries in The OC?

The sweet potato fries at CROW BAR in Corona del Mar (on PCH) are great.

Hokkaido Buffet in Newport

Ohhh, Norm's...I feel for you.

Don't suppose you can meet for Sunday Brunch??

Does your family like Mexican? Taco Rosa (in Newport Beach, 5-10 mins from CM) does a very good brunch (10am - 1:30pm) on Sundays, $13.95, all you can eat and endless champagne. Also have an omlette bar, along with typical Mexican fare.

FUN Family Bday in OC

Hmm, somewhat of a tall order.

Any specific area in OC?

The Beachcomber might fit the bill. Right on the beach, food can be good.

Pillsbury Bake Off

Congratulations, what an exciting should be very proud!

Peanut Butter Cookies, puhleaze!

Your pizza sounds great, I'm on my way to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients I need to make it tonight.

Do you know when the Food Network will be airing their special, so we can look for you?

Latest addiction

Anything with excess vinegar, especially:

Spicky Pickled Carrots
Marinated Mushrooms and Artichoke Hearts
Red Cabbage Slaw



Goodbye Marco Polo, you will be missed

Marco Polo in Newport Beach closed this past weekend.

My family, friends, and I have enjoyed numerous meals here and will really miss the place.

They had been in their Newport Beach location for over 18 years (property manager did not give them an option to extend their lease). The warm and friendly atmosphere you found here is not the usual OC experience. It was a local favorite and I know there are a lot of people very sad to see it go.

I went on the last night of service and the speech the owner gave durring dinner, was so heartwarming, the whole place was in tears.

Tony (the manager) and staff were so fun to have dinner with, I hope they are able to secure a new location and re-open.

Just wanted to give a little shout out to the Polo.....hope to see you again soon!

Birthday Dinner in Orange County

I think narrowing it down is important...

For higher end Newport area recs, I would go with:

The Bungalow on PCH and MacArthur

Javiers at Crystal Cove (they do have a 2hr. max table time, but I called ahead and they allowed us to linger with drinks)

Sage (Newport/Eastbluff location)

Mastros (Steak in Costa Mesa by SCP or Ocean Club in Crystal Cove)

Also, Habana's in Costa Mesa (nice outdoor setting with candles)

After the Angel Game Sat. Nite...

Going to the Angel game on Saturday night with mom and her boyfriend. Looking for options close by for after the game. Heading south to Newport so anything on the way home.

There is only a slim chance we can get to a restaurant (even close to the stadium) before 10pm.

What is good that is open late? Nothing to "funky" my mom is not that adventurous, but the only thing definitely out is sushi.

And I know the stadium has good food, but not going that route this time.

Any help would be appreciated!

Go halos!

nice restaurant in OC for a first date?

What about The Bungalow, on PCH?

They have a courtyard out back, with a fireplace. Could also pop into Crow Bar next door afterwards for a drink.

Also recommend Sage.

Upscale Mexican Laguna/ Newport Beach

I like Taco Rosa a lot, but I would take them to Javiers at the Crystal Cove Promenade "in between" Newport and Laguna, in a beautiful center overlooking the ocean.

Am I the only one who thinks Cheesecake Factory is overrated?

It is what it is....a CHAIN. And it just so happens, while although not appealing, it's not exactly appalling....

As 2Pointers stated, there is something for everyone. While I agree with the questionable quality of seems as if the majority of the negative critiques come from people with ridiculously high expections.

We are all aware, the majority of the American public are not Chowhounds. So I I am confused with the energy spent on degrading a chain restaurant geared for the masses???

Mar 18, 2008
byeCalihelloBahamas in Chains

Linguine with Clams in OC

Marco Polo in Newport has a couple dishes on their menu with clams.

Honestly, I can't remember which one I had, but I know it was quite good.

Ketchup with Prime Rib??!!??

Ha ha, watching a repeat of Sex and the City and I quote (Sam and Carrie) "It’s not what he said, it’s how he said it, in baby talk. Baby talk’s the worst. How can they think it’s sexy? It’s like putting ketchup on prime rib."

solo in the Bahamas (nassau and pi)

Although the food on PI isn't all that it's cracked up to be, I would recommend staying there. CS is a very good value. Only way to have access to all of Atlantis without staying there. Also includes continental breakfast. Mesa Grill is the only restaurant on PI worth your time and money, IMHO. But can't beat the attraction of Atlantis.

Nominate your favourite Food and or Drink themed movie seen in the last 5 years?

Just finished watching "No Reservations". Really liked it, much better than I thought it would be.

Also love "Eat Drink Man Woman "

Good Breakfast in OC?

The Galley in Newport Beach.

Old school diner vibe. Small, locals only kinda place. Cheap and good.

Cheap eats in/around Costa Mesa

This thread might be of help.

newport beach/laguna brunch

$13.95 and that includes bottomless champagne.

The buffet is actually good and the egg station (omlettes, burritos etc.) is awesome.

We had a bday brunch celebratioin there a couple of weeks ago, stayed almost 3 hours and they were happy to have us. Highly recommend.

How much are you paying for milk?

$7.99/gal in the Bahamas.

The price of living in paradise!

My Oven

Thanks, great idea, hand't thought of using tiles. Will definitately try.

Feb 12, 2008
byeCalihelloBahamas in Cookware

Should I Tip on bill amount without tax or total inclusive of tax?

I also agree.

I've actually never thought about it, until I saw this thread.

While I can see the rationale on tipping only the food/bev it really that big of a deal? Unless it's an expensive meal ($500+) is a couple a bucks going to make or break you? If so, maybe you should stay home and eat.

I certainly don't think it deserves a nasty look from anyone on the waitstaff, though.

To each his own, I guess.

Your whole party must be present...

Touchy subject, ey?

I have to go with charlesbois on this one...

While I completely understand and agree with a restaurant's policy to not seat until the entire party is present, in this unique situation, the restaurant's attitude towards him was just plain wrong.

Had it been 8pm on a Sat, yes, tough sh**, wait for the rest of your party,but it wasn't. The restaurant was not at capacity, and would not be for hours to come.

Blaming the restaurant for your DC's tardiness?? Uh, I don't think he was doing that. Simply stating in this situation, it was the restaurant that lost out, not him.

Policy is policy, I get it, I am a server. And yes, I understand there are people out there that will pull the "you did it for me last time" thing, but come on, what's the difference? That really has no relevance on the initial question/opinion. Especially since anyone that would dare say that, is obviously a moron...

Fine dining while 5 mo pregnant

Lucky you! Both great restaurants...

I must say though, you might feel more comfortable if you phoned the restaurant in advanced. They will be more than happy to accomodate/recommend a spectacular meal for you (or substituting tasting menu items), once you give them your restrictions.

Of course, they would be happy to do this, if you explained once you arrived, but you might feel more comfortable handling it in advance.

Would love if you reported back and let the rest of us pregnant chowhoundress-es how it went!