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good deals for kitchen stuff

Thank you both for excellent tips. If you were shopping for a paella pan, where would you go? Maybe I should start a new thread with that specification. Again, many thanks.

Jul 19, 2009
Guten Appetit in Manhattan

good deals for kitchen stuff

Visiting NYC soon. I love going to the Strand for good deals on books, but I don't know where to go for kitchen supplies. Any suggestions? I am looking for authentic paella pans in different sizes and maybe a small Le Crueset dutch oven. ABSOLUTELY NO WILLIAMS-SONOMA. Thanks.

Jul 18, 2009
Guten Appetit in Manhattan

Thanksgiving in Lancaster County

My partner and I decided to go to Lancaster County this year for Thanksgiving. Any recommendations on Amish-style buffet places that will be serving traditional dishes on Thanksgiving Day? We will be sightseeing in Lancaster and surrounding villages.

Nov 06, 2008
Guten Appetit in Pennsylvania

White Marsh , Maryland

FoiGras -

You did mention Williamsburg Inn more than once. I drove by that place many times for that favorite liquor store just a mile or two north on Pulaski Highway. What do they serve at Williamsburg Inn? Any special dishes?

Grind On Harford Road

Free WiFi? If so, I will be teleworking there tomorrow.

Where can I find that good pizza place again in Center City?

Yes, it is that place. Thank you so much! And now I remember it is coal oven, not wood burning oven. I really enjoyed that place very much when I was there earlier this year. Looking forward to going back there again. Thank you so much! Again, love Philly and always welcome other recommendations since I will be staying in Philly for five days. :)

Aug 17, 2008
Guten Appetit in Pennsylvania

from the cheap eats dept: Baltimore institutions

You should try Mastellone's Deli and Wine in Hamilton/Parkville area ... on Harford Road. Awesome sandwiches made to order ... especially the ones with their olive spread. REALLY AWESOME! The store also has wonderful Italian products impossible to be found elsewhere. I buy their mozzarella balls and ricotta salta many times. It is probably one of most under appreciated Baltimore institutions.

Andy's Pizza in Peckville, PA

Just wondering if anyone on this site adores Andy's Pizza in Peckville, PA as much as I do. I live in Baltimore/Washington DC and I miss Andy's so much. ;)

Aug 17, 2008
Guten Appetit in Pennsylvania

Where can I find that good pizza place again in Center City?

I will be back in Philly in early September for a conference. I was in Philly earlier this year and I went to that wonderful pizza (wood burning, i think) place. Enjoyed its pizza and one of its salads. I want to go back there, but can't remember the place's name and exactly where it is. It is on the same street where the Kiehls store is ... supposedly in Center City. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Love PHILLY! U ROCK!

Aug 17, 2008
Guten Appetit in Pennsylvania

Just want to give my thanks to the wonderful Mandalay Restaurant in Silver Spring

Thank you so much for that wonderful pickled mango chicken dish. It is my favorite of all time. Also, your ginger salad is so awesome. Thank you, thank you! I always look forward to going back to your restaurant. Please consider establishing one in Baltimore,maybe Mt Vernon or Inner Harbor area where everyone can get a chance to enjoy one of your many wonderful dishes. We will appreciate you as much as DC people do. :)

What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

I have to say that the most overrated DC restaurant is Good Stuff Eatry. Really disgusting. I had one of its burgers. YUCK! I had it better elsewhere, like Urban Burger in Rockville or even my home. Not worth my time waiting in the line. One of their fries was too thin and greasy for me. Mickey D fries are much better. Most people go there just because they could call their folks back home that they did eat at that place and perhaps met that chef. That's a bad way to enjoy ur food. You shoud judge ur food based solely on the products. I just hope that they have no plans for our precious Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Please do stay away. We are fine on our own. Thanks. Just sick of celebrity chefs and their really lousy products. What a waste of my time and money! NEVER AGAIN!

UK-themed gastropub in Columbia Heights

WOW ... is that place really offering an authenitc Welsh rarebit dish? My mom whose Welsh mother and grandmother made a perfect Welsh rarebit dish for her during her childhood, but, unfortunately, couldn't do it for me nowadays. She forgot how to make it, but could still recount its wonderful status as her favorite comfort food. She did mention that beer was in the dish. It would be great if I could taste it in the way Welsh folks would have create it. I will be there on this Saturday if it is authentic enough ... even if it is being bastardized a little bit
. Can anyone tell me how they do it? Thanks.

Clementine - Hamilton

I am glad that you enjoyed Clementine as much as I did and still do. I am curious about one thing in your post ... you did mention about an expansion. I haven't heard about it. Can u give us more info on it? Thanks. LOVE LOVE that place. Excellent dishes!

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

Glad that you did enjoy the new place. My partner and I did too. We went there last night and we had the mussels. The dish had a simple, wonderful fresh flavor ... plenty of juice to sop our bread into too. We also had one of Brewer Art's beers on the draft ... which was excellent to the last drop. The waiter we had was very nice and prompt. We love the rustic harvest decor. The only turn-off was that blonde waitress who was very cold to us, asked us if we were finished with our dishes and if we were ready for our check. Even though we were done with our mussel dish, we were not done with our drinks ... OBIVIOUSLY! We kind of brushed her off and waited for our waiter. We will be back soon ... and we hope to have that cool waiter, not that cold waitress. We want to try other items and we always love Brewer Art's creations. GOOD JOB!

Grind On Harford Road

That's fantastic! Hope free WiFi will be available at that place. If so, I will be patronizing that place often, especially on my telework days.

Hope someone can come up with more info.

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

I happen to live near the tavern. They are working on the facade now and it is looking GREAT! I also love the poster they are hanging up on the side of the tavern. Beautiful job! Still no word on its website or its opening date. I hope it is soon enough for my brother's visit.

ChokChai reopening tonight?

Did it open last weekend? What is the new address? Maybe I will go there sometime this weekend. Same owner and same menu?

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore


That was quick. Many thanks for the link. Found everything I needed to know there, except the exact opening date. Very exciting, isn't it?

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

Any word on its opening date? Does it have a website yet? Thanks.

Local, Organic restaurants in the Baltimore area?

Clementine is in Hamilton, not Hampden. And yes, that place is awesome. Was there recently and enjoyed its salmon cake sandwich throughly.


I miss Schnell-Imbisse in Berlin ... any chance of finding a really good currywurst place in DC or Baltimore?

Where can I find a really good crumb cake in NE Baltimore?

I have been searching high and low for a really good crumb cake in NE Baltimore area. What I mean by a really good crumb cake is that it has to be very moist, fluffy and the crumb part has to be crunchy, but would melt in your mouth and it is not too sweet. Absolutely NO NO NO NOOOOO ICING on it. Most crumb cakes I bought in this area were too dry ... particularly from the bakery of Wegmans in Hunt Valley. I grew up with this perfect version of a crumb cake sold by River Road Bakery in NE Pennsylvania and I can't find it anywhere else. Woodlea Bakery doesn't have it the way I want it to be. Fenwick Bakery was out of its crumb cake this afternoon, so I don't know how they make it. Edelweiss Bakery doesn't have it either.

Woodlea Bakery

I have tried the peach cake from the Woodlea bakery earlier this year, but I was not impressed. The cake portion was too soggy and the peaches didn't taste fresh. I didn't go back to that bakery after that. Today I decided to stop by Fenwick and got its peach cake. WOW ... it was out of the world. Very nice ... not too sweet and the cake portion was just right. I plan to try Edelweiss, also on Harford Rd. , sometime this month and will report back to you.

Chameleon in NE Baltimore?

I am thinking about taking my special one to Chameleon in Hamilton area of Baltimore for his birthday. Any pros (or cons) for that place? Thanks.

Teahouses in Philadelphia?

My partner and I will be visiting Philadelphia for the King Tut exhibition. We want to warm up ourselves with a pot of tea before going to Franklin Institute Science Museum. Is there a good teahouse nearby? In Rittenhouse Square area? Reading Terminal Market? Center City? Thanks.

Feb 09, 2007
Guten Appetit in Pennsylvania

Puerto Rican restaurants?

Is there a good Puerto Rican restaurant in Maryland (Montgomery Co./Baltimore) or DC?