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Michel Bras / Kai Knives

I know that I am responding years after the fact but I just can't help myself... Knives of the calibre of Shun, Katsumi, Michael Bras, etc should NEVER be machine grind for sharpening. They should be sharpened with a whet stone. Where I live there is one particular store that sharpen in store by hand and the cost is between $10-20. They even have free lessons. I find it relaxing so I sharpen all mine by hand at home.

As for the MBs. They are gorgeous. I just bought the 11 pc Ken Onion Shun set and saw them on my way out and if I hope to own a set one day.

Jan 07, 2011
zarathustra in Cookware

best jamaican patties in the gta

I've been to Nicee's when they were filling up their oven with Michidean's patties. The grocery store next to the take out place sells all types of patties by the box, frozen and baked. All you have to do is heat them up.

They carry Non-Nisa, Michidean (many varieties, Allen's, Juici and a couple more.

Latkes: Box-grater vs food processor

I'm going to have rendered duck fat from roasting a duck and intend to fry my latkes. I don't care if it isn't truly authentic. Duck fat rules!!

Dec 09, 2009
zarathustra in Home Cooking


Kaiseki Katsura (hope I'm spelling it right) has fresh wasabi root provided with their sushi course... they provide a little grater for you to grate as needed.

That's not a recomendation to go there as other than that, I wasn't much impressed with the food (Kaji and Hiro were much better by comparison).

Can't wait to try Zen.

Restaurants near Royal York Hotel?

Hiro Sushi on King (east of Church) is good but expensive. Take sushi was ok, but I prefer Hiro and its much more unique. Benihina is expensive for what you get.
Not Japanese or Indian, but fantastic is Jamie Kennedy Wine bar
Golden Thai is fantastic near the St. Lawrence Market area.
There's this Indian restaurant on Jarvis, but I don't think its good and the choices for indian food is a bit slack in that neck of the woods.

Your favorite ravioli filling?

I like to stuff mine with a marscapone and mushroom filling. If you make a mushroom duxelle prior to adding the cheese, it'll make piping the filling much easier.

Jan 26, 2007
zarathustra in Home Cooking

Ngau Kee Chinese Cuisine

I'm going there with some friends tonight. Aside from the crab dish which is soooooo amazing, I'm looking for ideas for a second and third. Anyone been there that has a recomendation?

One of the guys doesn't eat pork or green leafy things that's been stir fried. Make it hard to order, eh?

Decent Shawarma

Its not downtown, but there's only one place I'll eat Schwarma. Mee Va Mee Express on Steeles, west of Yonge or Mee Va MEE at Steeles and Bathurst.