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Sechler's Pickles in DC/Baltimore?

Thanks, I may check with them. I phoned the other Frederick store and learned that they don't carry either Sechler's or Tony Packo's. Meanwhile, my phone and internet dealings with Sechler's factory in Indiana have been good (although online ordering process is a bit confused). (First-time online purchases get a 10 percent discount, which partly offsets the shipping charges.)

Sechler's Pickles in DC/Baltimore?

I see that there are two Giant Eagles in Frederick. Thanks! I'll check them out.

Sechler's Pickles in DC/Baltimore?

Sechler's is an Indiana outfit but distributes at least as far east as Pittsburgh. I haven't seen them around here, but perhaps they get into the outlying towns. They make several varieties, most, if not all, without the use of HFCS. They do have a website, and the pickles can be ordered through it, but I'd prefer to buy at a real store. Anyone know of a local source? Or for Tony Packo's, while I'm thinking about it?


Local source for - Old South brand "tomolives"

Saw what I think you want near the register at MacArthur Liquors today. Next door to Blacksalt.

Elisir : Water Surcharge -- seriously

"There will be a 47-cent surcharge on air since we are using only the conditioned kind."

Nov 24, 2011
Gonzocook in Not About Food

Good cheap eats along I-25 in New Mexico?

Thanks for all the tips. Wish we could have tried them all.

Buckhorn surely deserves its reputation. Great burger, Frito pie.
Harry's sandwiches were good, soup was better, flan was fantastic.
Isaac's duck fries were ok, I guess. But they do a great eggs bennie.
Also liked Rancho de Chimayo, and in Taos had a nice dinner at Dragonfly.

I appreciate all your ideas.

Oct 22, 2011
Gonzocook in Southwest

Good cheap eats along I-25 in New Mexico?

Haven't experienced much of the Great Southwest yet. Will be exploring New Mexico for the first time next week.

Will start probably in Taos, but other than that, will be on or close to Interstate 25, veering off toward Silver City at the end. Looking for good cheap eats, including New Mexico cuisine, and just good eating in general. And we can afford a splurge or two, if you've got a not-to-be-missed nominee. We don't mind spice, grease or hole-in-the-wall ambiance.

Really looking forward to this. Thanks

Oct 09, 2011
Gonzocook in Southwest

Lobster Rolls

Was in McLean's Marvelous Market today and noticed that they, too, have lobster rolls. I was on a mission to buy Polish beer at the nearby Russian Gourmet, so I didn't take time to check it out.

Slavins Replacement?

It's pricier than Whole Foods, but I go across the river to BlackSalt. Never have been disappointed.

4883 MacArthur Blvd., Washington, DC 20007

What will be in season in early May?

We will be in Portland in early May. Would like to sample whatever fruits of the sea and the garden are at their peak. What should I be looking for, and which restaurants are the best venues for tasting them? We also will have access to a kitchen, so if there's something that's easy to prepare at home, I'd like to hear about that, too.

Thanks much.

BTW we will have a car, so location is probably not an issue.

Apr 18, 2011
Gonzocook in Metro Portland

Nifty pickle options at Falls Church Farmers Market

A new addition at the Falls Church Saturday Farmers Market (which runs year round, by the way) is a guy near the Park Ave. entrance, selling homemade pickles with the label, Fresh Crunch. (I think he said he's also in the catering business.) He's charging about $6-$7 a pint for them and has about seven varieties there to sample. So far I've bought Sweet Very Hots (he uses habaneros in them), Bread and Butters (also with a little pepper kick to them) and, the winner, Pickled Carrots with star anise, ginger and sesame oil. He also has half-sours, sweet-hot green beans and some others I've forgotten. And he also sells pickled habaneros, for them what has the courage.

Three or four weeks ago, at the other end of the line, a guy who I remember from Oh, Pickles also was peddling pickles, but I haven't seen him recently. They sell the Brooklyn-style garlic dills, etc.

Meanwhile Stachoski continues to sell his creative sausage creations at the market as well, making a Saturday morning trek to Falls Church worthwhile even in this weather.

Levi's Port Cafe

There is a museum at the Navy Yard. Perhaps that's the source of the confusion. (It's an interesting museum, if you're into Naval history.)

Ethnic Food Tour

Minh's would be closer to either the Clarendon or Courthouse Metro stops. Also at Clarendon is another Nam Viet.

2500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Best Hot Chocolate?

Particularly their version with chipotle.

Ingredient search

i asked the mushroom guy at the Falls Church Farmers Market about lobster mushrooms today. He said they're more of summer item, but that you might be able to find them dried, and if you do, they can be rehydrated easily.

As for the bacon, maybe Eastern Market?

Best Food Markets in the Strip?

Thanks. I know some of those places and have tried their versions. Nothing like Pittsburgh. There's a place here in my town, Arlington, that offers a "Primanti Bros.-style sandwich." It's a fair approximation of what you'd get at the Bros. I talked to one of their chefs about extending the Pittsburgh theme to fish sandwiches and he said I wasn't the first to suggest it. So maybe there's hope. Meanwhile, maybe that place on Maine Ave. will have something decent.

Appreciate your interest. Meanwhile, enjoy the Strip.

Nov 07, 2010
Gonzocook in Pennsylvania

Best Food Markets in the Strip?

That's exactly what I mean. I have been to Crisfield's, but that was a long time ago, before I discovered DC's serious deficiency in the fish sandwich dept. (They use whiting here, a thin fish that can overcook in an instant.) I think I had crab, too. Good place.

I live in Arlington, which is quite a haul from Silver Spring, but for a chance at a fish sandwich like the VFW in Cannonsburg sells during in Lent, I'll give it a try.

Nov 07, 2010
Gonzocook in Pennsylvania

Best Food Markets in the Strip?

I moved from Pittsburgh to DC in 1985. While I can find most of the foods here that I used to get in the Strip, there isn't the sense of community that you get in the Strip. (Plus, no one down here seems to know how to make a good fish sandwich.) So I go back there (with a cooler in my trunk) every time I'm in the area.

The one store that I haven't found duplicated down here is the Polish market on Penn Ave. Great pickles, jarred fruits, fruit-flavored syrups, etc. And excellent Polish take-out food (which also can be eaten there.) I think it's definitely something to check out.

BTW I find Stamoulis Bros to be a less hassle alternative to PennMac, particularly on Saturdays when the crowds at the latter overwhelm. The cheese selection isn't as vast, but the guys behind the counter are very helpful and friendly. (Personal favorite: Bulgarian feta.)

I agree with other commenters here that the state of fresh produce in the Strip is sad. Surprising, given the food focus, and sad.

Nov 07, 2010
Gonzocook in Pennsylvania

Washington PA area

I haven't been there in almost a year, but I have enjoyed the BBQ pork at Hogfather's, near one of the exits off I-70 (someone will have to help me with a better address). The chicken was less impressive. The fried onion straws are good, but eat them quickly, because they get soggy as they cool. I also like their sweet tea, but I'm not Southern or a purist when it comes to sweet tea.

I'm going up there next weekend, I'll have to try Bado Cucina. What's it near?

Nov 07, 2010
Gonzocook in Pennsylvania


There's another restaurant at Nemacolin (name escapes me); it's in the newer hotel building (that name escapes me, too) by the golf course. It's been a few years, but I had an excellent meal there last time, and it wasn't as expensive as Lautrec..

1001 LaFayette Drive, Farmington, PA 15437

Nov 07, 2010
Gonzocook in Pennsylvania

Scandanavian or Indonesian in the DC/Baltimore area?

Haven't been in a long time, but Domku is Swedish and Polish. 821 Upshur Street, NW, in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington.

Domku Bar & Cafe
821 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

All this FEAR is making me HUNGRY!

Recalls Calvin Trillin's "La Maison de la Casa House."

Top 5 Ethnic Sandwiches in the area

Spam and Velveeta on white Wonderbread with iceberg lettuce and Miracle Whip.

(Mmmm..kinda made myself hungry.)

Split Top (New England) Hot Dog Buns

I don't know that much about lobster rolls, having first had the pleasure only recently on a trip through New England, but Trader Joe's sells a whole wheat split-top hotdog bun. Might be what you want. I don't know of any local bakery that makes them.

Victor's Grill in Falls Church. Bolivian/Argentinian.

I was going to say the same thing. Except, they're not, Remember that the portion of Rte. 29 running through Falls Church proper is officially called Washington St. It becomes Lee Hwy again farther west.

Used to cause me great confusion when I first moved here, particularly given the proximity of Washington Blvd.

"Peanut Patch" Green Boiled Peanuts in Microwaveable Pouch -- Where in NOVA?

Okay, then I think we're mostly on the same page. How do you feel about sweet tea?

"Peanut Patch" Green Boiled Peanuts in Microwaveable Pouch -- Where in NOVA?

Instant grits, low-fat black eyed peas, microwaveable boiled peanuts.... This is just so wrong.

Arlington -- Ghin Na Ree -- Let's ask for Cambodian specialties!

Excellent idea! We were there yesterday too; a bit later than you, probably, as the lunch crowd had thinned out.

We really like this place, particularly the lunch specials, which cost less than $7.00 for a cup of good soup, a spring roll fresh out of the fryer, and an entree that often is too big to finish. (Good as leftovers the next day, though.)

But I don't think Cambodian food has been available in Arlington/Falls Church for the past 20 years (since the demise of a little Cambodian place in the Rosslyn strip where Pho 75 is.)

Next time I'm at Ghin Na Ree, I'll make the same pitch you did.

(I wonder if Bangkok Blues could bring back the Laotian specialties it once had in an earlier incarnation.)

Good Jewish Deli in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown?

Not a sit-down restaurant? Was I just imagining the tables and chairs at Deli City? But you are correct, DK, about the absence of matzo ball soup and knishes and especially the etc.

Where to Find Western Pa.-style Polish Sausage in DC Area

Sounds wonderful. Who/where are you? The church near Fairfax Hospital?