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Chopped liver, not pate, nor mousse

Any eateries or delis you can recommend in L.A. that sell chopped liver with ingredients truly chopped, not a puree or pate that looks like jarred baby food?


Restaurants with tarragon dishes

I buy tarragon flavored carbonated beverage (usually in a glass bottle) from middle eastern and Armenian groceries in Glendale.

It's an acquired taste but worth the hunt. Sometimes I add it to plain yogurt, to make a version of 'doog'. Also look for recipes on the net for Georgian taragon soda.

Los Angeles Lenten Fish Fry

Thank you for the Tujunga KofC post! Plan to be there next Friday :)

Best Bagels in LA -- Belle's Bagels

Sounds good! I generally make my own bagels but will happily try these. What else do you recommend at La Perla?

Have not been in that area for 30 years, time to revisit! How's parking?

Mr Taster is leaving Los Angeles!

You've been a fixture on this board, and a trusted foodie. I rarely post, but read most of your reviews through the years. For which I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and stomach) and purse.

Friends moved about a year ago to Aloha OR (pronounced Al oh wah) and are having a great time exploring the foodie scene in the area and in "Portland Proper".

At least you'll have full access to the Tillamook Dairy products :)

What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Re: Chiba. Local to us. We quit going years ago because the water (and tea) tasted so bad. Did they ever invest in a water filter?

Memphis' Gus's Fried Chicken (World Famous) Coming To Los Angeles

Any idea *where* in L.A.? Would love to try it.

San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles Dongbei restaurant?

Looking for NE Chinese food in the San Fernando valley, or Los Angeles, even South Bay. NOT able to travel to San Gabriel.

OK with limited dishes as part of larger Chinese menu.

Thank you!

Kosher in Portland Oregon?

I'll be here for two weeks.Want to treat friends and tired of cooking. Chopped chicken liver or a tasty lunch spot would be a plus. A one hour drive from PD X would be fine.Thanks!

Oct 14, 2014
CatHairCondiment in Kosher

Worse McDonald's Item (No McD bashing, please)

The pancakes I make at home are yellow, because fresh, home-raised chicken eggs have an orange yolk--that turns the batter yellow.

Thinking Mc Dogfood adds coloring.

Aug 02, 2014
CatHairCondiment in Chains

San Fernando Valley-weekend breakfast

Absolutely going to try this! YUMMY!

San Fernando Valley-weekend breakfast

Where is La Fogata?

San Fernando Valley-weekend breakfast

Where in the SFV might one find a decent biscuit with delish cream gravy? or just decent biscuits?

San Fernando Valley-weekend breakfast

Since starting this post--1/25/2007 I've tried most of the listed places, but prefer to stay in the E/NE valley for breakfast. That said:

Hungry Fox is still my fav for a decent price, big selection. Great staff, too. Try the herb drinks in the cooler.

Brent's is over priced for many items (so sue me!) but good. Just too far to go.

Robin Hood -Brit pub & bistro on Burbank near Woodman is another favorite. Go hungry.

2012 Turducken search...L.A. and beyond

Thanks for the prompt reply :) South Pas Bristol Farms works for me!!

2012 Turducken search...L.A. and beyond

Yes, I know I'm cutting it close to the don't care to order on-line. Or to make my own from scratch. Turkey day plans just crashed --now will be eating at home.

Has anyone spotted turduckens at any SFV or L.A. markets?OC or Riverside/Berdoo? Full stuffed bird or roll?

I'm willing to drive from San Fernando Valley,

Any recommendations appreciated.


DON'T think PINK: Pink's (Hot Dog Stand) Revisited

Last week was at Knott's Berry Farm...there is a Pinks near the shopping area, outside of the Park itself. One of those mobile units as seen at the L.A county fair, or so it seemed.
Didn't both to check if it was open...Pink's is dreadfully over-rated. I do enjoy hot dogs, in general :)

Fab Hot Dogs Opening 2 New Locations

Thanks! Think I'm going to try a ripper first, and the Coney 2nd. To taste test the chili :)
Then get adventurous...hmmm...Lincoln dog just seems an odd combo, but I'm willing to try it, eventually.

Thanks for the salt warning re: Tots.

Breakfast/Lunch within walking distance of Sunset & Vermont?

Just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions.

Friend finished chemo and radiation (concurrently) a few weeks ago. The treatment session was so brief, we (or me alone) never got any further than Pollo Loco --the rice bowl was something she could tolerate while on Chemo. Drive through, then race up the 101 to the 170 & home.

Good news, the treatment worked! After surgery in a few weeks to remove the now shrunken tumor, we will be exploring in the area.

Grateful for your help, Chowhounds!

Fab Hot Dogs Opening 2 New Locations

So...speak to us of the Ripper, please? Sounds interesting.

FWIW, I work in Warner Center and usually M-F drive by the location to and from work. Just haven't been in for hot dogs since before the space changed owners.

What do you suggest as First Dog to try?


Brents looking for third location

Warner Center /Kaiser Hospital area would be wonderful,,,the deli that is in the center is a huge disappointment. <shudder>
Just hoping for adequate parking/easy enter/exit :)

Wat Thai Temple Food Court Rumor

Ratz...I'm on sick leave with limited diet or would drive over and sample/investigate.
Have been pleased with all of the cafes along the Sherman Way though. Maybe because we go for lunch or early dinner/off hours when not too crowded. Plus...we ask what server recommends to Thai folk (we are Asian/Euro hybrid family).

Wat Thai Temple Food Court Rumor

Sorry, meant to post earlier...same south side of the street has several Thai restaurants, in strip malls. Parking on Friday nights and weekends can be almost impossible at Bangluck, but if you're in the area, do try. Lots of SE Asian foods and a good selection of produce IMO.

Bangluck Market,
12980 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, C

Wat Thai Temple Food Court Rumor

There is a bigger market on Sherman Way...but heck, this is super close :)

Wat Thai Temple Food Court Rumor

Some weekends the (closed) gas station on Roscoe at Coldwater has the fence taken down and used for parking. There is still a smaller version of the stalls on the weekend. Thursdays & Fridays I often see big truck delivering tables and chairs, but that could be for weddings or school events.

Don't forget to visit Pratunum market across the street on Coldwater :) Weekends there is a booth in their lot selling Thai food and coconut cakes. nom nom nom.

Parking: I wish they could enter a partnership with Kaiser, to have people park at the KP lot (parking structure next to Bldgs 2 & 3) and take a trolley/bus to the Temple. It 'could' work for a nominal fee methinks. Probably won't work because of insurance issues (Bah! Insurance is often the deal braker)

Wat Thai Temple Food Court Rumor

In the past, I've emailed the temple (in English--address on their website) and received a prompt email back. This was back in the day when the food court first closed --and my nasty neighbors were complaining about traffic. Not me! I miss the big food court big time.

Worse McDonald's Item (No McD bashing, please)

The Mc Rib.....makes me queasy to type it. The texture,ick.

Used to enjoy the FOF but switched to Jack in the Box 20 years ago. When in Japan (yearly) I try the fruit flavored shakes, wish they were offered here.

Oct 20, 2012
CatHairCondiment in Chains

Heywood Grilled Cheese in Silverlake

BTW, from CHLA or KPLA (kaiser) you can grab the #2 bus going towards downtown(east), get off at Michaeltorena.

Next visit to Kaiser,I'm doing just that...I take the RedLine to KPLA.

Do you have a Chinese food guilty-pleasure?

Bless you!!! That sounds familiar,just hadn't head the name in ages. Will print out the ideograms and start hunting menus :)

Right now I could go for a huge bowel of congee too.

Do you have a Chinese food guilty-pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is turnip cakes. Meh,Can't quite exactly explain why...but I do love them, especially with a sauce that contains dow zee (preserved beans).

For a sweet--jin dui--ballsof glutinous rice dough, filled with bean paste (can not find anyone in L.A.who uses peanut filling),rolled in sesame then fried.

Sam Woo on Sepulveda makes a large version...I can eat 2 on the way home (15mile drive) and not have to share lol. My preference is the smaller golf ball size though.

Maybe someone can help me I.D. a much loved dish of my youth. A piece of preserved (aromatic)fish on top of a mountain of minced pork, (sort of chef's choice what veg are included). Have had some versions that have had rice added---rather like meatloaf).Oten cone shaped--he whole thing was steamed ..and has a strong aroma. Which I like. Sound familiar?

Just need to know how to pronounce it in Chinese/Mandarin,etc.