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Top Chef Duels, 9/17, Jen vs. Nyesha

We're the diners meant to eat the charcoal tuille? Because that sounds vile.

Sep 21, 2014
drew13000 in Food Media & News


My faves: Juicy Nookie at the Nook and the cheeseburger at 112.

Restaurant for 3 30-somethings

Of those in your list, I'd go with either Bar la Grassa or Eat Street Social. BLG has the better food.

I'd add Haute Dish to your list. Great food, great cocktails. Or do food at Haute Dish and walk over to Marvel Bar for even more amazing cocktails.

Elk Meat - Recommendations/Experiences?

I feel like I may have seen some at Von Hansen's in Richfield. But I may be confusing it with something else. Worth a call?

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.

I agree with Mel-o-Glaze, and I'm also a big fan of Angel Food, in DT Mpls, and YoYo out in Minnetonka.

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.

My issue with this (and others' issue as well, based on the comments) is that it's touted as Minneapolis-St. Paul guide, but it's like 95 percent Minneapolis. I'm very Minneapolis-centric, but even I know that there are so many amazing St. Paul restaurants missing from this list!

But if you wanted an out-of-towner's guide to Mpls, I agree this is a great start!

Top Chef Duels, 8/27, Stefan vs CJ, SPOILERS, an ever more profane and surly recap

It's strange - I find both Stefan and CJ to be complete assholes. but I actually like Stefan, I think, because he owns his assholedness. Whereas CJ wants to appear to be tge nice guy, but is just a passive-aggressive, undermining turd. I guess as far as assholes go, I'll take the one that owns it.

Non State Fair Cheese Curds

Red Stag, The Nook, Blue Door Pub, Grumpy's and Hell's Kitchen all have good versions. But I'm of the belief that even the average versions are pretty awesome.

Best Indian/South Asian in the Twin Cities: Please Nominate

Himalayan Restaurant is not only an amazing South Asian restaurant, but one of my favorite restaurants in the cities. I've loved everything I've tried there.

Update to Italian restaurants in Twin Cities

i Nonni would be my top rec, but Al Vento or Butcher Block would be close, too.

Your Favorite Bakery

For luxe pastries (tarts, macarons, eclairs) Patisserie 46. For bread, Rustica. For doughnuts, Mel-O-Glaze.

NY Times Review of Giada's Las Vegas restaurant. Ouch

So she doesn't want people eating a lot? Seems counter to running a successful restaurant.

Aug 13, 2014
drew13000 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Duels

did anyone catch the Watch What Happens Live after show? Ilan Hall was the guest bartender. Andy asked him if he was still in a feud with Marcel and Ilan replied that they were actually really, really close friends. Andy asked Ilan if he was being sarcastic and Ilan insisted that they were friends. Wonder how that came about?

Aug 07, 2014
drew13000 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Duels

I'm right there with you. As a personality, I prefer Richard to Marcel, but his tortured facial expressions were so distracting and inauthentic, I found myself rooting for Marcel.

Really interesting that both competitors lost and their own challenges. I wonder how much time they're given to think up their challenge?

Aug 07, 2014
drew13000 in Food Media & News

Carrot Cake: Who has a good one to buy?

I've liked the French Meadow version. I'd also check out Yum! Bakery. I've never tried their carrot cake, but their cakes, in general, are delicious.

Parents 50th anniversary

Cosmos is a great rec. I'd also consider Corner Table.

Your Top 5 Restaurants in Town

The Strip Club
Sea Salt
Himalayan Restaurant

Dinner suggestions for pre & post-3Day 60-mile walk

I third the Ciao Bella rec. in the Galleria, I think Pittsburgh Blue is the best restaurant. The loaded mashed potatoes are incredible.

A few days in Minneapolis area - did my CH homework

I think you're right that the cafeteria setting isn't authentically European, but the food definitely is. The varenyky is as close to my mom's sauerkraut pierogi as I've ever found in MSP. The food is the real deal.

Worst Restaurants in Town

Yes, I meant paying for guacamole and being charged extra for the chips. I'm not talking about a side order, either.

Worst Restaurants in Town

Barrio DT Mpls - awful service every time I've been there. Unfortunate, because I actually think the food is pretty good (if overpriced). But I also can't stand that they charge you extra for getting chips with the guac. Who does that?!!

The News Room is another one I avoid. Service is fine - food is bad. Same for Crave. I know everyone seems to love Crave, but I'm just not excited by anything on the menu. And anything that I order just doesn't measure up to the description. Totally meh.

ten top MSP breakfasts

Yes! Love Hot Plate!

ten top MSP breakfasts

Colossal Cafe, Grand Cafe

Real Authentic Chinese Food In the Area

Grand Szechuan in Bloomington is still my favorite. Little Szechuan in SLP-West End is a close second.

Minneapolis Marriott City Center, not to miss places walking distance from here?

For dinner, I'd say Cosmos, 112 Eatery and Saffron are all great bets.

For lunch, I don't know of anything DT that's really can't miss but I really like La Loma (great Mexican but zero ambiance), Vincent, Masa and Ike's.

tastiest option for a sheet cake with a printed photo on it?

I'm not sure if Costco does photo cakes (or if you have a membership), but every cake I've had from there has been awesome.

Buttered Tin cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. ?

I'm loving just about everything from Angel Food, including the cupcakes.

Cheap Dining / Dinner Deals Around Town?

Al Vento $20 date night on Tuesdays. Same owners as Rinata.

Good takeout near mall of America?

Las Teresitas at Hwy 62 and 34th Ave S

Three Tiers at 50th St and 34th Ave S

Host/Hostess gift

What about a subscription to a food/wine/whiskey box?