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Travail/The Rookery

I was there recently and had that sushi roll course and it was awful. Most of us at the table didn't even finish. I enjoyed the rest of the meal, but not as much as the first time I visited, almost a year ago.

Can't miss recommendations for an out of towner

Just had dinner at Joan's and it was incredible. We didn't get to sit on the patio, but it looked beautiful. Can't wait to get back and try more on the menu.

Take home perogies in MSP?

Which flavors did she have? I'm always looking for sauerkraut pierogi.

Good balsamic vinegar locally?

I've purchased balsamic vinegar and olive oil from The Olive Grove in Mendota Heights. Nice little shop that allows you to sample and try different sizes. I picked up a few different flavors, including an apricot balsamic vinegar that I really liked.

Designing a complete foodie experience.

For jarred stuff, I'd also check out our farmers markets, or even the market inside Midtown Global Market.

Graduation cake

The cakes from Costco are really delicious. Better than I've had at some of the local bakeries.

Corner Table 2.0

Those dishes look delicious. I think I would have ordered exactly the same things you did.


Well, we were chatting, we ordered drinks, we looked at the menu, chatted some more and it actually probably wasn't until about 30 minutes in that we were like ok, we haven't seen our server in a long time, we've had our water glasses filled about six times, and now we're getting antsy. We weren't really in any hurry, so maybe the server was taking a cue from us, but yeah, had we not been so engaged in conversation, we would have flagged someone down. It was funny because when the server finally came back to the table, he was like, "Do you guys have any questions about the menu or do you need more time?" We're like, "no, no, we're ready, don't go away."


Ate at Heyday recently and it was incredible.

Highest points: chicken liver tart (section I); skate and vegetables (section II); guinea hen and duck breast (section III); drinks (the Spring Break and Little Edie; their water game is ON POINT - there was someone at our table when anyone's water was an inch below the top of the glass.

Low point: Other than the water, we had really slow service. We waited 45 minutes before someone took our order (and got us bread).

The dessert menu was just a little too weird and healthy sounding for us. Although the complimentary cookies they provided were incredible, so perhaps we shouldn't have judged a book by its cover and ordered dessert.

Overall, fantastic meal and I'm still thinking about that chicken liver tart.

Best Prime Rib in Twin Cities??

JAX in Northeast always has a great prime rib, and I love the atmosphere.

Andrew Zimmern - Spoon & Stable

I noticed yesterday that he tweeted "Best brunch in Twin Cities opens today. gavinkaysen @spoonandstable @pastrydiane" Thought it was a little weird - if the brunch has not yet opened, is it really possible that it's the best in the TC? Just seemed suspicious to me given his involvement with the restaurant. But who knows? Maybe it really is the best.

Andrew Zimmern - Spoon & Stable

I'd add the Strip Club and Brasserie Zentral to that list, too!

ISO Artichoke Hearts jarred in plain Olive Oil

Maybe Cost Plus World Market?

Quieter breakfast spots

Agree. I was there at 11 on a Saturday and it was quiet.


Nope, now there's a french bakery opening in their old spot. Their new spot is on E. Lake St.


I love the momos at Himalayan Restaurant. I'm excited to visit their new location!

Dinner near Marriott City Center Minneapolis

Brasserie Zentral or Cosmos would be my top choices. Great food and cocktails (esp. BZ).

future planning: restaurant w/party rm & open 12/25?

As far as hotel restaurants go, BANK is pretty good, and they have swanky private rooms.

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

The ambiance is great. Service is great. Drinks are fantastic. The food was good, but not amazing. Best thing we had was the truffle arancini, with the chocolate dessert close behind. The risotto and the bucatini were both good, but no better than many other restaurants in town.

I'd like to go back and try a few more things that others have recommended in this thread. Others have said that the bison tartare and the pot roast dinner are awesome.

When we went, the dining area was full, but there was plenty of space in the bar area.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area for "Best of 2014."

The Strip Club

Best service staff in the TC and the food and drinks are incredible. The menu changes often and features local ingredients. I'd eat here every night if I lived closer. Since I don't, I'll just drool over the photos Tim and JD share on Twitter.

One night in Saint Paul

I'd second Meritage. Or if you want to cab it a little further, The Strip Club is awesome, too.

WA Frost

Plans changed so I didn't go.

WA Frost

Great timing - I'm planning on going tonight!

Less than 24hrs to spend in the Twin Cities

I second this. I ate at Travail recently and it was incredible. One of the most amazing experiences I've had in a Twin Cities restaurant. Delicious food, but so much more than that.

Solo diner, near UMN or downtown

It might just be me, but I've never found Salty Tart to be that great. All the cakes and pastries I've had have been dry.

Now Patisserie 46 and Rustica? soooooo delicious and both worth a trip. Angel Food is really good, too, but mostly focuses on donuts and cupcakes.

Travail/The Rookery

Planning to visit Travail tonight and wondering if they still have long wait times, especially on a weeknight?

Solo diner, near UMN or downtown

Of your choices, I'd choose La Grassa, 112 or Alma. And add Brasserie Zentral to your list. It's new and it's amazing. And they have both a bar area and a great little counter that overlooks the kitchen.

Two nights in Minneapolis

Good question - no, I haven't been to Porter & Frye for a while. It sounds like it's gone downhill.

I agree, Cosmos is a DT gem!

Two nights in Minneapolis

I think Vincent or Porter & Frye would be good options, close to the Convention Center. And of course La Belle Vie, as ibew recommended.

The Best of Nordeast Minneapolis

I love Butcher Block and I'm surprised that it doesn't get more press.