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Ebb Tide in Port Chester

We went on a Sunday evening a few weeks ago. Waited 45 minutes on line behind six people. I think they took each person's order, then cooked it, then served it, before they took the next order. Excruciating. We left, and there was still one person ahead of me. And they were out of almost everything but no one knew until they got to the front of the line.

Serevan; Amenia, NY

Has anyone else experienced this restaurant? We had a wonderful dinner this evening. Way up in the boonies in Eastern Dutchess, on the fringes of what they now call "hunt country," it is a gem in the rough, has a resident chef who patrols and engages the room, and is very reasonably priced for the quality they deliver.

Mind you, this is only after one visit. I'm interested in other CH's experiences.

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

Rah rah rah! I see this is your first post to Chowhound, and it will probably be your last. You see, people here have opinions about food, and often those opinions are not what the restaurants or the local Chamber of Commerce want to hear. Property values? Huh?

Let me ask you a question? What's better- a bustling, busy restaurant that has tons of fans and cranks out great food or an overpriced restaurant with a dining room of empty tables and three teenagers in red coats standing outside looking bored because they haven't valet-parked a Mercedes in over two hours? How do empty restaurants that the average resident can't afford raise property values? When these places start closing and becoming vacant, how does that help my property value? How long do jobs last when the restaurant is doomed to close because of lack of business.

Let's keep it simple here- frank talk, candid opinions, about food- not property values.

Great Burgers Lower Westchester?

James Joyce hands down. Second place isn't on your list, but it would be Brazen Fox. I haven't tried Black Bear's, but it is more of a chain-y restaurant so I would be surprised if they were above average, but I guess it is possible. Porter House and Lazy Boy have these flat burgers that are suspisciously uniform in appearance. And, whatever you do, don't get the buffalo burger at Lazy Boy. I had it once rare and it came out charred on the outside and FROZEN in the middle. It is a shame, because Lazy Boy does other dishes well (for a bar).

You won't go wrong with James Joyce. It is not Corner Bistro/ Piper's Kilt, but it is the best in White Plains by a few lengths.

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

I love White Plains, I moved here from Manhattan three years ago, drawn to the combination of urban and suburban that White Plains offers. I also grew up not too far away and I remember the ghost town White Plains became at 5p.m. every day. I get that it is not fair to compare with NYC, but I guess I'm guilty of seeing what White Plains could be rather than focusing on how far it has come. Many here are right to step back and comment on this incredible transformation. But the fact is that it can go so much further..

The great thing about NYC's food culture is its diversity and accessibility. Westchester is much different demographically, but changing. The old Westchester restaurant model was, and remains to a large degree, focused on the weekend dinner customer- older, more likely to repeatedly go to the same place where they are known, willing and able to spend a considerable amount of money. These are your Mulinos and your Panetierres. It seems to me that model is dying- especially in our current economic climate. People are more likely to eat out on weeknights in place of regular dinner, rather than just special occassions and weekends. They are also more food-savvy. They want authenticity and accessiblilty. Neither of which an overpriced "Asian fusion" restaurant offers. To keep building more of these fancy restaurants doesn't make sense.

For me, and from what I gather, for a lot of others, spare me your valet parking and your indoor coy ponds and give me a simple, good Thai joint. Give me a place that does really good brick oven pizza and nothing else. Give me a wine bar that serves salumi and cheese plates and doesn't try to suck your next mortgage payment out of your wallet. Focus on your ingredients, not your decor. Spend less on overhead and see how customers will return again and again.

And we are off to a great start. Shout out to Bao's for great take-out, and to Iron Tomato for filling a huge void with fantastic products. Kudos to Aberdeen's dim sum and Kam Sen's roasted meats and other goodies. Mexico Lindo's tacos al pastor. Latin American Cafe's Cubanos.

I love so much about White Plains- I just want more. Sorry.

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

If you like Robertos go two doors down (heading west) and there is a really good taco place- forget the name, I used to work around there but haven't been back in a while. It was discussed on this board about a year ago along with other tacquerias (sp?) in WP.

Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP?

They should divest themselves of the sit-down portion (if possible) and make the bar area a wine bar and antipasti joint. Do it well, and focus on a wide array of wines by the glass and well-executed italian version of tapas (they can even fancy it up and call it stuzzichini). This would jibe with what I and other thought they were getting when they saw Papa Razzi's space was turning into a place called "Antipasti." Oh, and don't gouge us with the prices, and people will go on the weekdays and at lunch.

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

Don't lump all the bars together- James Joyce has good pub food and good service.

Identifying restaurant shills

I utterly disagree. It is censorship, pure and simple. Daylight is always the best disinfectant. By removing all these posts, you don't allow hounds who have been reading and responding to these shills for days or weeks to learn that the shill was a shill. Furthermore, you take away a HUGE disincentive for shills. If I am a restauranteur, and I know that I can shill and when I get caught by somebody, ONLY THAT PERSON knows I shilled, then what's the downside? However, if I am castigated and made fun of and word spreads in my community of my under-handedness, well, what do you think that is going to do for business?

Don't censor- it is a slippery slope and it also helps the shiller.

Dec 31, 2008
Wizzapizza in Site Talk

Identifying restaurant shills

Can you explain why wiping shillers off without a trace is better than just letting the CH community read the accusations and weigh in on whether they agree or not? You just wiped out my shiller call out on the Tri-State NY board, but also wiped out EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE to the shiller's previous posts- references by real CH's that contained peoples articulated opinions. Is this your policy?

Dec 30, 2008
Wizzapizza in Site Talk

Asian Temptation- White Plains

You don't have to travel outside White Plains- go to Seasons on Mam'k Ave. Especially for the lunch specials. Nobu it's not, but it is consistently good everyday Sushi.

And sorry everybody, they don't serve pad thai or pho, and they don't have a fish pond in the middle of the room.

New mobile device site - I'd like to love it, but I don't

"should be early next week." This was written TWO WEEKS AGO!!

The mobile website is completely useless. Why not scuttle the whole thing and let me access the regular site from my iphone? Are you trying to decrease traffic to your site?!

Dec 26, 2008
Wizzapizza in Site Talk

Options near Ritz Carlton Westchester?

Nanase is the only White Plains restaurant with the buzz and reviews to come close to Blue Hill. I still haven't tried it, but know so many people who have and loved it that I think Nanase should be a lock if you like sushi.

Of what I've been to, Tango is a bit overpriced but very good, Aberdeen is better for dim sum, Quadronno is good, but very $$. Peniche, right down the street from the Ritz, would be my #2 pick. Nice atmosphere, good food and convenient.

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

My experience w/ LaManda's is that it is among the best pizza around WP, but I stay away from the entrees. Other good, reasonable places:

Bao's (as mentioned above): Surprisingly decent decor for such a crappy mall.

James Joyce: If you stay away Thurs, Fri, & Sat nights, and Sunday day. All other times it's pretty cozy and they have very good pub food.

Los Gemelos in Port Chester:
Not a taco "stand", but kick-a#@ Mexican, sit-down restaurant.

Latin American Cafe- Good Cuban food, decent prices

You also can't rule out Cheesecake Factory (I know, it's a chain): for what you pay, you would be hard pressed to find a better value. Obvious problems are parking and crowds.

There really is a dearth of small, good moderately priced restaurants. Is it because they can't do volume loke in the city? It seems like when does open up, it is priced into the stratosphere. La Bocca, for example, seemed way too expensive when it opened. I haven't gone, so I don't know if it is over-priced for what you get.

And, I'll just say it over and over, a small, decent Thai joint in White Plains would make a KILLING.

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

Salad or pasta. Small bar, but full service, I think; I've only had wine. We have also done a baby shower there and everybody was very, very pleased.

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

Since Paparazzi closed, and the space transformed into an over-priced, over-hyped, underwhelming restaurant, we have had a a hard time finding good, cheap Italian food near White Plains. Then a revelation occured when we dined at Abatino's, in North White Plains next to Stop and Shop. Very good pasta, pizza and entrees, reasonably priced, and in a very relaxing setting. Hands down, our go-to weeknight Italian restaurant.

Asian Temptation- White Plains

I, for one, actually love these fusion restaurants- they fuse the bad food from take out restaurants with the high prices of fancy joints. At least my back doesn't hurt from a full wallet, and I lost 10 pounds because I can't stomach the food!

Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP?

Troubles in the kitchen, specials, discounts and "different menu." Can you say DEATHWATCH! They should have opened with more accessible pricing and much, much better service. They could do VOLUME at this place, if you didn't have to break the bank every time you go. This is not Babbo. I hope it does work out, and it becomes a place that's a step up from your neighborhood Italian, where you can reliably go for good wine, apps, or a nice dinner.

BTW- if you are looking to be fine dining, charge a lot and concentrate on your entrees and table service, why call yourself "Antipasti"?

Pizza in the White Plains Area

Had Iannelli's Margherita recently. The crust was very good (thin, yet crisp, but with a slight chew), but it had very little mozzarella and basil. The mozzarella that was there had no flavor (fresh, or "fresh" from the distributor?) The sauce was decent, but not so good as to support a ratio like that. Crust is the foundation, though, so they can improve the rest.

best buffalo wings in/near White Plains?

Candlelight is good, but can't live up to all the hyperbole thrown around by its fans. In White Plains, I like the Thai peanut wings at Bob Hylands the best. Element's chile wings have a good sauce, but suffer from the same old ice glazed, pumped-with-salt-solution problems as most bar wings. Lazy boy's are okay but small.

The REAL question is when is Westchester getting a KyoChon or similar Korean wing joint? Those are the best wings on earth.(hyperbole intended)

Pipers Kilt...OH NOOOO?!?!?!

Porter House makes a mediocre burger at best. Too thin.

I haven't noticed much of a drop at pipers, but maybe I'll have to go back now on a research mission!

James Joyce makes a good juicy burger. Brazen Fox is okay, but relies too much on the char and seasoning. The great thing about the bistro and pipers is they lightly season, dont pack it too tight, and let the meat do the talking. They also use a high fat percentage. I can't seem to find anything close in lower westchester.

Tragic frozen burgers at Lazy Boy Saloon (White Plains)

I'll give it another try! Maybe they only freeze their Buffalo burgers.

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Yes! Ditto!

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

LOVE Bao's- menu is in my quick draw holster. Don't really see it as a Thai place though, even after re-reading the menu.

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Dear owners, friends, or casual acquaintances of Sripraphai (Queens), Joya (Brooklyn) or any decent Thai establishment :

White Plains is centrally located in Westchester County. It has many thousands of workers looking to eat out for lunch every day. It has many thousands of residents, many NYC transplants, looking to eat out many nights a week. Many of these people are sad. They are sad because there is no decent Thai joint in our city.

There are many examples of great little Thai places thriving in the outer boroughs of NYC; places that are very well thought out, very reasonably priced, and that have lines around the corner even on off days. White Plains would like to adopt one of them. Maybe we can be your new home?


Via Quadronna in White Plains

We ate their two weeks ago. I was really, really shocked by the prices. If I remember, no entree is available for under $35. We had only one appetizer, the Caprese, and the buff. mozz. was very good, but the tomato was inferior- pale red and spongy- they could have found a much better greenhouse tomato. I had their take on the bisteca Fiorentina. It was a perfectly aged steak, ordered rare but slightly overcooked, but the quality of the meat was so good that I didn't need to send it back. Considering the very expensive food, the wines by the glass are reasonable, and the bottles are okay, both more reasonable that Antipasti. As for service, it was - if anything - over-attentive, with my glass being topped off at a rate of appx. once every three minutes (annoying, unless you are a paraplegic). And the captain came over right after the steak was served and insisted that he send it back if it was over-cooked. Big points right there.

All-in-all, expensive but good, clearly geared for the Ritz Carlton crowd. Lot's of rich folk on the weekends, I'm sure, but I wonder if places like this in White Plains are going to build up the locals' lunch/ weekday-dinner crowd with the high price-points. I went to lunch at Antipasti a few weeks ago (1:00 p.m.) and we were one of three seated tables in the entire place.

Via Q.: Antipasti but with better service, better food and (slightly) cheaper wine.

"Iron Tomato" White Plains

My experience has been mixed, but overall positive. Is it a "destination" gourmet experience? No. Could it be? Maybe, but probably not. However, it is a crucial addition to downtown White Plains because it is the first retail grocer/market that is walkable to residents and workers in WP. At the least, It saves a drive to the supermarket on the walk home to or from the train. That's what probably people who don't live/work in WP don't get-it is valued not because it is better than places we could drive to in Mamaroneck or Manhattan; it is valued because it is NOT IN Mamaroneck or Manhattan, and it fills a real need quite well.

San Marzano tomatoes

Any Stop and Shop should have Sclafani San Marzano DOP, as did the White Plains one on Monday, when I bought a can for around 4.50.

Best steak dinner in Westchester?

Morton's doesn't dry age, though, right? I've never had their steak, but if I pay those prices, I want it to sit around for at least 26 days.

I usually can't afford to eat good prime dry-aged steak except on special occasions, but I have heard great things about BLT Steak in White Plains. Very $$, but if you can afford Mortons, it's not that much more (unless you get the Wagyu/"Kobe") There was a good string about a year ago, where Billy Parsons lamented the poor quality beef at many restaurants.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I haven't read this post in a while, so excuse the tardy reply, but anyone who prefers Porterhouse's flat, tasteless patties to the Kilt's burgers are bonzo. I've never had a "small" or "dry" burger at the Kilt. Porterhouse is not the worst burger on that block, however- worst burger goes to Lazy Boy. Hands down.