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Hollywood Trader Joes Opened This Morning

Since you mentioned Orange County, I will add that the Trader Joes in the Woodbury Center in Irvine is the least crowded of any TJs I have ever visited. There are tons of parking spaces because it seems half of the tenants in that center go out of business every six months.

May 22, 2010
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Raw/Vegan food near Irvine?

Greens Cafe on Jeffrey/Irvine Center Drive

Apr 23, 2010
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Takeout Breakfast in Irvine

There is also a Corner Bakery on Harvard/Main.

a Peet's on Barranca/Culver

Apr 08, 2010
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Takeout Breakfast in Irvine

It's not exactly takeout, but the Citrus Cafe on Edinger/Redhill offers breakfast.

Apr 08, 2010
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Transylvania Restaurant - Hollywood

I wonder if their hot dogs are anything like the kolbász sausages I had in Hungary. I have been craving them ever since my last trip there.

Nov 04, 2009
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Eat Chow in Costa Mesa on Newport Blvd...Anyone Been?

I ordered the Reuben sandwich that was pictured in the article and I have to say that even though it was made with sourdough and not rye bread, it was one of the best Reubens I've had.

Nov 02, 2009
tgmm in Los Angeles Area!

I think you meant Laguna Hills Mall off of El Toro for Break of Dawn

There's also Pho Bac. One is on Barranca between Jeffrey & Culver and the other is in the shopping center on Jeffrey & Michelson.

Philly's Best in same center as Pho Bac on Barranca

Sep 23, 2009
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Orange County Fresh Fish Help

I am interested in the responses here because I have to buy`fish for my parents who will not eat anything farm raised, especially salmon.

They have no problems if I buy from Sprouts, Henry's, Whole foods or Gelson's. If I feel like splurging I will go to the Bristol farms next to the Newport Beach library.

They won't eat anything that comes from the 99 market on Culver (i thought that was the newer of the two) because the entire store smells of rotten fish.

Aug 13, 2009
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

I blame Starbucks....(Layer Cake in Irvine) [moved from L.A. board]

Sorry, you lost me when you mentioned green tea frosting. What exactly did you expect? This isn't Italy, you know.

Jun 24, 2009
tgmm in Not About Food

Irvine Take-Out

I'm looking for any kind of suggestions for take-out dinners in the Irvine area (preferably around the airport/UCI area. I know this is a vague request, but I'm open to anything although I would prefer it to be more on the healthy side.

Nov 05, 2008
tgmm in Los Angeles Area


I guess this is where the saying "ignorance is bliss" comes from. To me, vodka is vodka. Unless it has less than a 40% alcohol content, I don't really care.

May 28, 2008
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Irvine/NB "fake" Chinese food -- where?

There's also (in my opinion) horrible take-out Chinese inside of the Wholesome Choice market on Michelson/ Culver.

On Michelson/University there's a good nexpensive Vietnamese restaurant that has takeout. I think it's Pho-Bac.

Apr 03, 2008
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Irvine/NB "fake" Chinese food -- where?

You could try Wok & Grill on Sand Canyon/ Irvine Center Drive


Moon Palace Asian Bistro on Main/MacArthur

I can't guarantee that they're good, but they are a member of the rewards network if you're looking to get some frequent flyer miles on AA.

If the Tustin Marketplace is not too far, there's Cafe Chin Chin on Jamboree and El Camino. I love their won ton soup. I haven't tried anything else there.

Apr 03, 2008
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

juice bar

Mother's Market?
lots of Juice it Ups

Dec 09, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Pinkberry in the OC

I think the Pinkberry in Huntington Beach has been open for about a week. There is supposed to be another one opening at the Tustin District, but I don't know when.

Oct 19, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Wonton Soup, but not Wonton Soup

I love the soup at Cafe Chin Chin (i've only been to the Tustin location). I don't know if it's real wonton soup or not, but whenever I get a cold I have some of their soup and I get better immediately.

Oct 12, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Coke SPOTTED!

How do you know if it's Mexican coke or regular coke? Does the packing look different or do you have to closely examine the labels?

Sep 24, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Fried Chicken in OC

I've never been but Rosie's Authentic Soul Food in Foothill Ranch servers fried chicken

Aug 23, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Lunch off the 5 between San Diego/LA

I ate at the Clay Oven a year ago and I think the price was around $9-10. I prefer the buffet at India Cook House which is located in the same shopping center as Caspian (5 and Culver)

Jun 20, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

BC Broiler - Costa Mesa

This afternoon I drove past BC Broiler on Newport Blvd and I think the sign said best rotisserie in O.C. Is it any good? Does anyone have any suggestions for good rotisserie chicken that's not Costco or Albertson's?

May 20, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

One month in the OC, some pleasant surprises

I like the hot pastrami sandwhich on a french roll at NYC Cafe on Lake Forest/Irvine Center Drive. They also have good pizza and pasta.

Apr 29, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Good cafes to study/work in Irvine?

What time of day? What's wrong with the library?

Carl's Jr. near the airport is usually quiet in the morning. Plus I actually like their coffee.

If you don't mind being outside, the new Woodbury shopping center on Sand Canyon / Irvine Blvd. has a bunch of tables near the food court area (most restaurants aren't open yet).

Newport Beach Library is nice and quiet, not always crowded. Fashion Island near the movie theatre has lots of tables and is not usually crowded outside of lunch hour, and even then it doesn't seem too noisy.

I always see students studying at Barnes and Noble.

Apr 19, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Fruit Juice

A year ago I remember watching a "California's Gold" show on KCET about a fruit juice stand in Hollywood run by a woman from Colombia. I was wondering if that stand is still there or if it has been demolished due to gentrification? I recently took a trip to Central and South America and have been craving the fresh fruit drinks that I have found there and was wondering where I could satisfy my cravings in either LA or Orange County.

Apr 04, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area


Are there any bakeries in Orange County or LA that have trifle?

Feb 01, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area

Which LA/OC grocery chain is best?

There's a Whole Foods in Tustin near Irvine Blvd/Newport Blvd.

Jan 25, 2007
tgmm in Los Angeles Area