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Catering in B-more/Columbia??

Catered our wedding, a gala for a non profit im on and does private dinners for my family...

AMAZING. Food, service, selection...all A+++

Casual Eats- Baltimore

I want to go grab a casual bite with my husband for my birthday... and since having a baby a year ago...we are OUT OF TOUCH with some good places to try out.

Id like something casual and relaxed and not overly pricey.

Suggestions please!

key lime juice in Baltimore?

I found it at my local Superfresh

New Zeke's

what happened to Grind On?

12/27 Girls Dinner; Baltimore; Suggestions

do tell!

What's the best steak in Baltimore?

The prime rib at The Prime Rib. For Sure.

12/27 Girls Dinner; Baltimore; Suggestions

5 of us going out for a annual holiday dinner on the town... 4-5 are pregnant so we're really intent on eating good food since we can't have good wine...

We had Sotta Sopra on our agenda, but now one of our group has a function earlier that same day there... so we're on the hunt for a new location.

Please suggest some great ideas.... any other italian locals you'd rec? doesnt have to be Italian either.

Thanks hounds!

Columbia Maryland- Seafood?

Any recs? Taking a coworker for lunch!

Ireland...Sweet Ireland

My family and I are traveling to Eire, 7-9-08 and have lots of family there. We've traveled before , but now that I'm a food blog writer and totally immersed in all things culinary, I'd love to hear some reccomendations from folks of great places to check out. I'd like to do a blog post or two on some of these places.

We fly into Dublin, but won't spend too much time here. My family lives in Co. Leitrim and Co. Longford.... and we will probably travel to Galway and a few other places.

Any suggestions? Should I steal the rental car from my parents and head out somewhere?



Jun 17, 2008
MegMD in U.K./Ireland

Take Out Indian- NE Baltimore

Any recs for good indian food I can carry out?


I live in the NE Baltimore area....

B'more Little Italy recs

If you want advice from a real italian... Aldo's is the place for authentic and good food.

Sabatino's is a lost cause.

Blue Sea Grill? Anyone been? (baltimore)

Has anyone been? This is the place run by Ruth Chris?

A coworker is inquiring.


Sunday Birthday Lunch in Baltimore

My dad turns 65 this sunday and wanted to go somewhere to lunch. I'm drawing blanks....not sure why.

It doesn't have to be "high end" in nature by anymeans.....


We've done Miss Shirley's, Gertrudes and Tapas Teatro...
Need something else! Maybe Ethnic? Help!!


A work thing

I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations of places to go, particularly those that are within walking/short cab ride from downtown (the meeting is being held at the Radisson, I believe). I know that several people are particularly interested in crab places.

Lebanese Taverna - Baltimore

freaking amazing!

Lunch In Baltimore (Fells Point/Canton Area)

John Stevens LTD on the corner of Ann St and Thames St (in Fells Point)
and my own fave in Canton, birches

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

Kocos Pub on Harford Rd

TONIGHT! casual dress, great food

I need some assistance picking a great place to eat tonight without having to "dress up"

birches and chameleon are out as we go there tons and wanted something new.

anyone know of places in Little Italy where we could go?


What to do with Raspberry Jalapeño Jam?

1) i would love to know where you found it!

2) my fave thing at one of the local places near my home is WINGS drenched in this exact named sauce! i've been wanting to recreate them they are so good.... but thought id have to make my own sauce.

Jul 24, 2007
MegMD in Home Cooking

birthday dinner

my husband wants to take me out this friday for dinner. i can't decide where to go.
i need my chow friends help!

places we go to all the time and would like to avoid (for new experience purposes)

Any other suggestions are welcome!

We would like to go some place in the city...any neighborhood.

Baltimore Sunday Brunch [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Red Star
Little Havanna

Miss Shirleys



stop in...give it a try!

Celebratory dinner in Baltimore

i highly rec Chameleon Cafe

and Lauraville (the neighborhood) is a bustling thriving place...dont let people scare you!

The "One" place in the Baltimore area

birches in canton

Kocos on Harford Rd... Crabcake night...and those raspberry jalapeño wings!

Baltimore's best and especially good Chefs.

How about we note the chef's who have little exposure. It's hard to deny Ciny Wolf when she's all over everything about food for Baltimore....

I second the Chameleon and Birches in Canton

any news on abercrombrie in balt?

whats the story behind these two closings? anyone know? ive been out of the loop

Good Sunday Breakfast in Baltimore?

Miss Shirley's on Cold Spring Lane near Loyola College

caterer for dinner party in Baltimore

caterer for dinner party in Baltimore

Any specific requirements for the caterer?

PM me asap! I've got two good names.

Hoisin-Marinated Tri-Tip Roast

I grilled this instead of in the oven and basted it with more of the marinade ( i made extra for this purpose ) and it turned out FABULOUS!

May 23, 2007
MegMD in Recipes