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Big Smoke Burgers comes to Vancouver from TO

Thanks for that! Their website didn't have any prices on it, not even the PDF I downloaded!

Big Smoke Burgers comes to Vancouver from TO

Any idea what prices are like? I would be more than happy to try the Lamb burger but I want to know how much I am spending before I walk in, especially if I want to call in my order to make things a bit faster.

Dinner before a show at the Stanley Theatre?

Rangoli - Vij's sister restaurant, Bob Likes Thai food, I don't know what dinner is like but I like Brunch at Ouisi Bistro

OH NO !!! Cartems coming to Main & 6th

And more choices....

OH NO !!! Cartems coming to Main & 6th

it's literally 3 blocks from where I live and I jog past with my dog almost everyday, and it's on my way to and from work (I walk mostly). Might be jogging for longer if they are right down the block now!

Mt Pleasant Virgins

Yup! right outside of the heart of Olympic Village down the block (towards the Cambie bridge) from Steel Toad (which I am not impressed with BTW)

Mt Pleasant Virgins

MMMM Dan Dan noodles.....

Also the new Flying Pig opened on 2nd and I hear good things about their brunch. I also really like brunch at Locus.

Mt Pleasant Virgins

R&B is now offering samples as well and it's in the works to build a lounge, but you can still get samples of everything on offer that day and get your growler filled!

Mt Pleasant Virgins

OMG that's my fave pizza at Barbarella!

I'm also going to throw into the ring Los Cuervos for tacos. In fact my friends and I like to walk up to Los Cuervos and do a crawl back to 6th (where I live near Main). Tacos at Los Cuervos, Margs and wings at El Caminos, couple appies and pisco sours at Chicha then last cocktail at the Whip then home :)
Or - Appies at Locus & Nomad, fried chicken at Burdock and Co , 8 1/2 for nibbles with wine, beer or whatever at each stop.

I also like Chutney Villa for casual Indian, the lunch deals are great and it's tons of food!

Good restaurant for family in Whistler?

I was in Whistler for Cornucopia and we had dinner at Stonesedge above Buffalo Bills. The food was great, the atmosphere casual and there were other people with kids there. I had the burger which was awesome.

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

Disclaimer: GF of mine in town for the weekend and we are doing brewery and other boozy things crawl (sorry liver) all weekend.

The space that is now Vancouver Urban Winery / Postmark Brewing / Belgard Kitchen. I was there yesterday and the wine list looked great, the food looked delish (didn't eat as had just had Dim Sum) and we tried a flight of Postmark beer. It's busy but everyone got sat in a reasonable time and the service was friendly, I'll go back for more beer / wine and some food for sure!

Odd Society Spirits was a cute little room and the cocktails were great, Powell Street brewing has a nice room, parking lot too!

On the list for today - Brassneck, 33 Acres, Main St Brewing possibly others!

C restaurant gone?

I heard Harry called all the Staff on (around) Sept 21 and told them all it was the last night that they would be open.

Any place selling duck sausage ?

Try Harkness and Co, they do all kinds of sausages. Or maybe call up Windsor, they rotate thru quite a number of different kinds. I have green curry lamb sausages in the fridge for tonight's dinner!

where to buy a cleaned octopus

I have seen large chunks of frozen Octopus at T&T or I would call the Fish Counter and ask them, I know they do Octopus salad, so they might sell you a cleaned one.

RIP Chef Owen Lightly

A far too young, fantastic chef passed away at VGH a night short of his 32nd birthday last night.

RIP to one of the calmest, most creative chefs that was a true West Coaster.

ISO Gochujang - Korean spicy sauce

I have been wondering the same thing! Thanks for taking one for the team! Now I know to go down to T&T and ask! Sorry for excessive exclamation marks. :)

Restaurants good for celiac

I am not Gluten free at all but I love Lemonade Bakery, their Lemon Meringue Pie (tarts) are fantastic and a GF of mine did stuffing with sourdough bread from there this last Thanksgiving and I couldn't tell the difference at all.

Recent closures - surprised ?

I heard over the weekend that he is moving to a bigger location, hopefully with a patio.

Recent closures - surprised ?

Where did you hear that?

2014 spot prawn season

Saw them at T&T Tinseltown yesterday for 16.99 per lb

When did Wild Rice (Pender) close ?

Last day was Jan 31, it was a good party! Andre Durbach has taken over the space

Fabulous brunch spots?

A friend and I hit the (fairly) newly reno'd Locus on Main a couple weeks ago and to our surprise enjoyed it rather a lot. Neither of us had been their for a couple years, in the past the food was never consistent etc. Apparently with the new reno came a new chef. I had the Benny of the day and she has a different benny (don't remember which) and both were solid. I'd go back, especially with a varied group, the menu was large for brunch. I also love what they did with the room and the bar and the open kitchen.

So really what's the problem?

What 5 restaurants closed last week?

Fish Counter - Worth Trying

I just ate there today - I ordered the 1 pc Ling cod and chips, delicious!! Fish was super hot and crispy, tartar sauce was fresh and lemony, dashed malt vinegar all over my fries - no need for ketchup! The slaw was OK, my only quibble was the kale pieces were too big for the compostable forks to handle.

I then headed over to the other side hoping to take home some Octopus salad, sadly they were out, however when I asked about it Chef Rob overheard and said if I could hang out for 4 minutes (yup, he said 4) then he would whip some up for me. Woohoo! I chatted with the other owner (whose name I forget) and he gave me the story behind this place etc, also turns out we were at UVic at the same time! Then Chef Rob was finished putting the salad together so I took a tub of that to-go and some Spinn's Malt Vinegar.
I'll be back.

Searching for suet

Saw some frozen at Buy Low in Kingsgate Mall, but that was a couple weeks ago.

Try some of the butchers at Granville Island?

Your Top 3 restaurants in Vancouver

You MUST get the fried chicken and really anything...

Your Top 3 restaurants in Vancouver

Burdock and Co

I don't have a 3rd yet :)

Fish sauce

I buy Golden Boy often..

Japanese carrot ginger salad dressing

or a recipe (i'm interested too)

Ready Made Pastry dough, or from a mix

I'm near Main St and Broadway, but have car will travel....