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Dinner in Vancouver

We're visiting Vancouver with three teenagers who are, for the most part, adventurous and appreciative eaters. Any recommendations for: (1) Chinese anywhere in City; and (2) interesting/memorable near Stanley Park?

Prosser Restaurant Recommendation?

We're in Prosser for a single night this evening. Any suggestions for decent places to eat dinner breakfast in the area? Thanks!

Sep 21, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest

Magnolia lunch / dinner

Wondering if anyone could provide ideas for an interesting, reasonably priced lunch or dinner spot for four on Magnolia.

Mar 04, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest

Best Place for Well-Priced Produce

I often get produce at the various asian grocery stores around 12th and Jackson. I don't think there is much in the way of organics, but it is generally excellent quality and quite a bit less expensive than the chain grocers or markets.

Feb 26, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest

Walla Walla Restaurants

I've eaten at both Whitehouse and Creektown -- both are really decent. While I am as far from a fast food person as they come, I have to say that the meal I enjoyed most in Walla Walla was at Burgerville. (Am I just off on this one? I was really hungry when I went.) Here's a webpage that describes the place.

Feb 26, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest

Pantheon reviews

We recently had a very brief two night stay near the Pantheon in Paris. I wanted to mention two area restaurants we dined at: Le Petit Prince de Paris and Le Coupe Chou.

The first was recommended by our hotel. It was simple and wonderful. We both chose from the reasonably priced menus. Waiters were very helpful, fun to be around and knowledgable. Food was well-prepared, beautifully presented and interesting. Wine was fairly priced. All in all this was very comfortable and enjoyable. I would return here.

I would avoid eating at Le Coupe Chou again. Though the 14th & 16th century fireplace ambiance is definitely worth a visit -- perhaps warranting a glass of wine in an internal sitting room -- this place clearly rests on its ambiance. Food was uninspired, wait staff was generally unhelpful and unenthusiastic, the fireplace draw was interupted each time someone entered the restaurant from outside. We smelled like a campfire when we left. This one felt like a tourist trap.

Feb 06, 2007
GustavoG in France

Under $5 in Seattle?

The daily special at Zum Zum on 3rd Avenue -- well worth waiting in line for.

Jan 24, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest

Sushi teenager birthday seattle

We will be taking a small fun group of teenagers out for a birthday dinner. They say they want sushi but I think they may like the idea more than the food. In any event, it's a chance to add to their food education. Any suggestions for interesting places that would fit this bill?

Jan 24, 2007
GustavoG in Pacific Northwest