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dunkin donuts in north austin?

Actually it had a fire. I live down the street and passed the fire trucks one afternoon about 3-4 weeks ago. Looks like construction is going quickly. Dunkin has the best vanilla creme filled donut covered in powdered sugar---yumm!!!

May 11, 2008
mevery in Austin

Great brisket that ships

I need some help brisket loving Chowhounds!! I want to ship great Texas brisket to my dad for his birthday. I need recommendations for fully cooked great tasting brisket. I know Salt lick and County line ship but are they any good? I am vegetarian so am not a good judge of good brisket----Help!!!
Thanks for your expertise!!!

Mar 25, 2008
mevery in Austin

ST. Patrick's Day recommendations?

It's that time of year and I am having folks in for my birthday which is St. Patrick's Day and being of Irish decent I need a restaurant serving good corned beef and cabbage--traditional St. Pat's food.
Any recommendations, especially North Austin, Arboretum area.

Mar 11, 2008
mevery in Austin

Speedy Taco truck

I was on my way to the gym and passed a new taco truck on the corner of Lamar and Parmer----The sign reads Speedy Taco and the truck is now open for business. It is different than the old Speedy Taco/Don Luis truck that used to be on this corner. I have not tried it, yet. I hope one of you taco truck lovin' hounds tries it and reports back. Thanks.


Mar 05, 2008
mevery in Austin

Mousakka and saganaki?

I moved to north Austin--Arboretum area about a year ago. I looking for a Greek restaurant that does great mousakka ( regular and vegetarian if possible) and saganaki (flaming cheese). Something sort of Greektown in Chicago. I have tried Tino's mousakka--not good ..... ...I would love for the restaurant to be near this area, because I don't get downtown that often.
Thanks !

Nov 07, 2007
mevery in Austin

Veggie friendly, not vegetarian places

I am veggie but my husband is not but we both really like all the options at Magnolia Cafe. I love the Tony Burger with a veg patty--it is the most amazing veggie burger I have had anywhere-- and I eat a lot of them all over the country. Great for breakfast too.

Nov 07, 2007
mevery in Austin

The stuffed avacado challenge

I have been a reader of this board for about a year and finally decide to post an opinion. I LOVE Chuy's stuffed avocado. It is peeled, cut in half, stuffed with a green chili cheesy chicken mix then put back together, battered, deep fried and drizzled lightly with a spicy sauce. It is the daily special on Wednesdays. It is worth the fat and calories . It also comes with rice and a side salad. It's like $6.99 or $7.29. Very Yummy!!!

Oct 16, 2007
mevery in Austin