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Has anyone been to Savino's Grill in Belmont?

We're planning on going there based on good recommendations on trip and open table. Any suggestions for their best apps and entrees?

Jan 26, 2013
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

Italian in Boston or Cambridge

I just had a disappointing experience at Gran Gusto. I invited friends to join me and my wife to dinner. The food was very good, but the service was horrible. At first, we were seated under a dripping air conditioner and asked to be moved. We were then reseated and served our meal in a relatively timely manner. My dinner was the seafood stew which was quite tasty, but had a small portion of seafood (one scallop, one shrimp, six baby mussel shells (two of which were empty), two baby calamari, and a piece of fish) for the $27 price. We were not approached by our waiter after that. Once the meal was over, we were totally ignored. We might have considered coffee and dessert, but we sat for over a half hour after our entree dishes were cleared, and nobody came to our table. I finally waved down another waiter to request our check. Again, I was somewhat pleased with the food quality, but very disappointed with the service.

Jul 28, 2012
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

Fantastic meals at Surf in Nashua

I haven't posted on Chowhound in quite a while, but the meals my wife and I enjoyed this evening at the Surf in Nashua compelled me to compliment the restaurant. We started with parmesan crusted fried calamari which was a sizable portion and arrived at the table quite hot and not overly fried and quite tasty. My wife enjoyed her entree of horseradish crusted haddock served over a bed of garlic spinach on top of a large potato pancake. All of the elements worked together quite well and was delicious. But our kudos were primarily dedicated to the incredible portuguese seafood stew, which was a huge portion of shellfish and whitefish with a broth that was perfectly seasoned. Our waiter, Rob, was efficient, informative and polite. We traveled over an hour to try the restaurant on the advice of friends, and we will definitely return.

Jul 05, 2012
toothdr in Northern New England

Sweet Potato Bistro - New Taiwanese in Newton, opening on Monday

The schizo tag should have been obvious by the name "Sweet Potato Bistro".... sounds like a French vegetarian restaurant!

Jul 08, 2011
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

Need a good FISH (not "seafood"/shellfish) restaurant NW of Boston

Thank you all for your help. We ended up going to Naked Fish in Waltham and had a wonderful dinner. I may try some of the other places several of you mentioned, especially Fishbones.

Naked Fish Restaurants
455 Totten Pond Rd Bldg 1, Waltham, MA 02451

Apr 18, 2011
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

Need a good FISH (not "seafood"/shellfish) restaurant NW of Boston

My son and daughter-in-law will be visiting from LA for a few days this week. My son will be celebrating his 31st birthday and we were searching for a high quality fish restaurant for the occasion. We live in the Burlington area and would like a restaurant near where we live. My son can't eat meat nor shellfish, which pretty much leaves us in need of a restaurant that serves a nice variety of fish (swordfish, salmon, scrod, mahi-mahi, halibut, trout, haddock, etc.) and does an excellent job in preparing it. We don't mind spending extra, if the quality and ambiance make it worth the extra expense. All I've been finding in my various Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and TripAdvisor searches are restaurants with only one or two fish selections, some of which include shellfish sauces and garnishes. If you can't think of a fish restaurant, a high quality Italian restaurant with a large variety of non-meat and non-shellfish dishes would also work for us. Can anyone give us some advice?

Apr 16, 2011
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

La Spiga: Italian in Needham, MA

This was the worst meal/service I've had in a long, long time! First, when you see prices like these on a menu, you kind of assume that it's going to be quality food. My friend asked if there was cheese on a certain pizza, and when the waiter said there was, I proceeded to order the same one. When our pizzas came out (much) later, neither one had cheese. They were literally thin pieces of pizza crust with sauce airbrushed on and about 5 small slices of garlic. Another friend ordered the delicious-sounding caesar salad (with fried ricotta and parmesan balls) with grilled chicken for $13.50! When hers came out, it was literally a bowl of lettuce and chicken with nothing on it. When we inquired about the cheese, the waiter came back with a small plate of 3 marble-sized cheeseballs. On top of that, the chicken was black and chewy. The waiter was unapologetic, made no efforts to fix his mistakes, and even joked about them! This was absolutely the worst! Save yourself some time and money and go to Papa Gino's down the street.

Dec 10, 2007
toothdr in Greater Boston Area

Virginia Hound headed to Budapest....

My wife and I went to Budapest this past May. Our private tour guide told us that, while Gundel is an outstanding restaurant, it IS a bit touristy and VERY expensive. He told us a well-kept (until now) secret: The Owl's Nest Restaurant, located behind the Fine Arts Museum, is owned and operated by the women in the family that own and run Gundels. That is to say, the wifes, mothers, daughters, and nieces are the chefs, mme. d', and waitresses at the Owl's Nest and the menu is exactly the same!! We had an outstanding and abundant six-course tasting menu WITH WINES, for under $100 for the two of us. I HIGHLY recommend the Owl's Nest!

Jan 24, 2007
toothdr in International Archive