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Best Local Chocolatiers/Chocolate Shops?

I'm sure this topic is rather trite, but my friend and I are going chocolate shopping this afternoon, and she requested that we focus on local chocolatiers, rather than chains (she feels brands like Joseph Schmidt and Scharffen Berger fall under this category, and with good reason, now that they are no longer locally owned). I'd love to hear your recommendations as to what you feel are the BEST locally-made chocolates in San Francisco (we'll be staying in the city)...and if you can include cross streets for the location, I'd be eternally thankful!! And of course, thanks in advance for any and all responses!

Super Bowl Food Ideas?

It's so terribly trite, but the most popular food I serve at parties (and would be GREAT for the Super Bowl) are my Devilled Eggs! The secret is to use ungodly amounts of Best Foods (aka, Hellman's) mayo and whip the hardboiled yolks with the mayo and fresh cracked pepper using a handheld or stand mixer until the consistency is so smooth, you could mistake it for frosting! Then, I pipe it into the hard-boiled egg white halves using a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. Top with paprika (and fresh chopped green onions or chives!) and enjoy!

For a twist, forego the paprika and chives, and instead add lots of curry powder to the yolks while they're being whipped, then top the finished eggs with drunken raisins that have been plumped in brandy!

Jan 24, 2007
Miss Kitty in Home Cooking