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Jewish corn bread

in fort lee, nj...go to michelle's for great jewish corn bread...a fantastic bakery...everything is the king's/cvs plaza on rte.9w

Dec 24, 2007
kleinfortlee in Manhattan

Veal shank in this heat- ideas

definitely use a slow cooker (crock pot)...cut up veggies for a mirepoix, just add them without cooking...don't sear the meat, the color will be fine after cooking...cut an orange in half, squeeze in the juice and toss the orange in as is...add a bunch of your favorite osso bucco herbs (fresh and roughly chopped) and plenty of fresh smushed garlic...very quick and delicious...adjust the sauce to taste after taking the veal out


Aug 18, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Can we talk about canned salmon?

bumble bee prime fillet, in the gold can...the best, no bones or skin

Jun 12, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics



1. you are entertaining job-related people...seems that you are their "boss"
2. you haven't entertained much...especially for a crowd of people
3. if you have a spare have spare cash
4. you should be the dazzling hostess...not the harried cook

1. have the affair catered
2. a good caterer can supply a few people to serve, walk around with appetizers, tend a bar, keep warm foods warm and cold foods cold, clear used plates, set up/clean up, etc.
3. relax and enjoy your own party with style and class, instead of worry and concern
about the food/drinks

1. knock yourself out
2. make yourself a nervous wreck
3. spend hours agonizing over everything
4. cook where you have never cooked before, with no guarantee of success
5. not impress people who should be impressed
6. not get a manicure and a pedicure and a facial and a new oufit and your hair done

to me, it's a no-brainer

your guests will remember a wonderful party, not gossip about your entertaining faults

just do it!


Jun 09, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

My first attempt at Carrot Cake


that is the type of carrot cake i love the most!

but, i need a great recipe for it

do you have one?



Jun 07, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

let's share a cooking "trick"

i've been known to use paper towels to suck up grease...the quicker picker upper!

as the OP, i'd like to thank everyone for your creative and priceless secrets...keep them coming!


Jun 06, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

help stock my new fridge

i like to cook all types of foods...i really enjoy making my own fusion dishes, mixing and (sometimes) matching flavors...recently into asian, african, turkish, and indian cuisines...always italian, plus american church cookbook recipes
so, feel free to suggest eclectically!


Jun 04, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

help stock my new fridge

can you get the curry and chile pastes on-line? i've never seen them in any local supermarket? can you recommend specific brands?

can you do the same for your sauces and paste, please?

thanks to all repliers!

Jun 03, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Best hot dog joints in Jersey

callahan's does not exist anymore...has been a bank for about a year now
hiram's is doing just fine

Jun 02, 2007
kleinfortlee in New Jersey

Beer Can Chicken - is it safe?

that looks so cool...i just might have to buy it...thanks

the blurb mentions "up to a 12 pound chicken"...yikes, that's one big chic!!!

Jun 01, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

help stock my new fridge

yay! i finally got my new refrigerator (from my cheapskate landlord)
now...i need to stock it...i need your input!
i'm fine doing all the basics that i use...but, i would appreciate your input as to what else to keep in there
please suggest your favorite foodie items that you always have and use in your fridge...
expand my range of ingredients, chowhoundworld!
thanks for all your responses


Jun 01, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Pot Roast - no idea what to do

i agree with big jim's need to sear your roast at all... definitely use a slow cooker
his ingredients are okay...i rub the roast with a good deal of garlic powder and tabasco, add one can of coke, one bottle of chili sauce (the ketchup kind), one envelope of dried onion soup, any veggies that you like...cook on low for at least 8 hours...test meat for doneness...cook longer, if need be...remove the roast and check the thickness of the gravy, it should be perfect...if it's too thin cook on high for another hour with the top off, checking it once or twice...if it's too thick add some liquid (water, stock, red wine, etc.) cook on high with the top on, until desired consistency is achieved, eat the veggies too...tender, delicious, and foolproof!

May 28, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Jersey Tomatoes

jersey tomatoes AND CORN are the best in this country

our mobsters aren't too shoddy, either...

thank you very much!

bill, a lifelong garden stater

May 27, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Eggplant & Homemade Pasta... Ideas?

i make eggplant norma by adding the eggplant into a baked pasta recipe, with your ingredients + ricotta cheese + parmesiano/asiago (in it and on top)

May 25, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

freshly ground black pepper on fresh strawberries...yummy!

May 25, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Sauces I assume everyone knows how to make...

yes, red has beets in it...can be found next to the prepared white horseradish in the refrigerator section of local's brand is widely available
the red is slightly, slightly sweet yet hot...i keep both in my is commonly used with gefilte fish or to make a typical horeradish-included sauce pink (for aesthetic reasons)...try it...enjoy!

May 24, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Jersey Top 10


ahhhhhhhhhh, don's!

spent a lot of time there...from it's tiny beginning to it's monstrous end

the pizza burgers and onion rings

memories for a lifetime...those were the days

wuz up wit you not giving a nod to the sloppies of town hall in souith orange?

we've been through this before

it's all good, man

how bout nettie ochs' cider mill on old short hills road in livingston/west orange?

May 22, 2007
kleinfortlee in New Jersey

What does cous cous taste like?

plain couscous, made with water (super easy) tastse like little nuggets of thick spaghetti

it's a chamelion pasta which takes on whatever you cook it with or pour over when it is finished cooking

all it takes to cook is: boiling water, adding it, turn off heat and cover for five minutes, then fluff

once you try it, you'll use it a lot!

my suggestion: try it first time using chicken broth...then experiment

May 22, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

ISO best turkey or vegetarian meatloaf recipes

yes, oatmeal in a meatloaf...great spongy texture

use instant oatmeal

May 21, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

let's share a cooking "trick"

re: another use for mayo--broiling fish

spread a thin coating of mayo on fish fillets (that don't require turning) before broiling them, maybe with a sprinkle of bread crumbs plus your favorite forms a very thin, crispy topping that keeps the fish moist

squeeze of lemon before serving

once you've tried this technique, you won't go back to just dry broiling!

May 21, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Electric BBQ Grill

researched this and found it not made anymore...but found them on ebay

it's called the farberware open hearth grill/rotisserie

you can probably pick one up for about $50...why would you spend $600??

buy one

May 19, 2007
kleinfortlee in Cookware

Broccoli Raab preparation

i chop broc. rabe into large pieces and throw them into a pot of pasta e fagliole soup towards the end of cooking...taste...add some sugar to balance flavor/acidity/bitterness, if necessary (same with tomato sauces)

May 19, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Whatever happened to Green Goddess Dressing? [moved from General Topics]

me too, dommy!


May 18, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

let's share a cooking "trick"

great ideas posters!

this one is not a trick, but it's a seemingly strange and unbelievable combination:

fresh ground black pepper on strawberries

May 18, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

let's share a cooking "trick"

thank you posters (and future posters)!

here's another trick:

to give a buttery flavor to your fried eggs (without much added fat) put a pat of real butter in your pan...when it melts swirl it around to coat and pour off any extra...much better than "butter flavored" sprays

May 18, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

Electric BBQ Grill

farberware...fantastic and inexpensive...highly rated...has a rotisserie attachment that does wonders with whole chickens and large beef roasts

highly recommended!

May 17, 2007
kleinfortlee in Cookware

let's share a cooking "trick"

we all have many cooking tricks

here's one of mine:

for adding a deep, smoky taste to soups/stews/chilis etc. put in one teabag of twining's lapsang souchong tea (available in most supermarkets) while the dish cooks...don't forget to fish it out!

what's one of your tricks?

May 17, 2007
kleinfortlee in Home Cooking

If I came to visit...

i would take you over the hudson river on the george washington bridge into new york city...where we could eat and drink ourselves around the world

then we would take the lincoln tunnel back into new jersey to watch the (american football!) jets crush the patriots in the meadowlands at giants stadium...cross the parking lot to the (horse) track and win a lot of money

then back into new york and repeat again and again...never going back to the same places or eating the same food twice...until we get tired of enjoying life

May 17, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Has anyone tried 8'O Clock coffee and how is it?

(for the sake of this blog)

Eight O'Clock Taste Test May 17,2007, 6:00 AM

bought a bag of EOC Original (red bag) whole beans-$4.99/lb.
coffee prices ranged from $4.99-$18.99/ large chain store
ground right before brewing, followed bag directions to a T
used tap water

I drink my coffee black
bouquet: fine
body: medium/full
taste: very good, slightly bitter, long-lasting flavor

EOC makes a very good cup of coffee...getting my day off to a sparkling start
Highly recommended for the price...a good everyday brew! suffer for one's art.

Buy some when you run out of your present joe. I was nicely surprised, because I haven't had it in years. Will take the rest of the pot to work in my Starbucks today. Ye$$$$$$$$!


May 17, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics

Smoked salmon


you are 100% CORRECT!

lox = salt cured salmon
nova = smoke cured salmon

lox is way too salty for me
but, nova is heavenly

May 15, 2007
kleinfortlee in General Topics