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Wouldn't carrot cake be at least as good or even better without carrots... discuss.

it's not carrot cake without carrots u can't have carrot cake then u just have cake and who wants just cake

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in General Topics

Food from the 1940's?

try finding out what was compiled in to a soliders field meal and go from there

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in General Topics

Things you eat only for their "health" benefits

raw garlic it's suppose to be real good for your heart but who can eat raw garlic i can't

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in General Topics

cajun food in downtown indianapolis

on mass ave there is a plake called yaks they are really inexspensive for what u pay u get your money's worth i suggest the chicken creole but u go tell me what u think and is there any other cajun restaurants aywhere else in indy

Spicy Pickle Recipes

instead of using a jalepeno use a green or red depends on how iu like ur heat green mild red HOT the flavor of the pepper and the heat intensity will permiate the pickle better just deop one or 2 again the heat thing to each jar

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

Freezing Lobster Meat...?

ok here is what u do get fresh live lobsters ok leave them alive pack them in ice and carry them home the will make it back home in perfect condition

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

What great recipe of yours should I make tonight? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

ok try just simply taking some italain seasoning and add more rose mary sprinkle liberally on 3 bonless and skinless chicken breasts oil a bakin dish and then take a seperate bakin dish and put enugh water in it to come up about a half inch all the way around the pan put that on the bottom rack(keeps chicken from drying out) and put chicken on top rack bake 375 until golden brown

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

Help with a Southern Menu

for desert do a trifle my favorite one is done with pumpkin bread but there r lots of different variations

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

Any good co-ops in Indianapolis?

ok well now one of my old haunts is a farmers market on the southside of town i would only reccomend if u r desperate or u just want somewhere to go other than that all i know is omalias i know it's a chain but they aren't bad

Too many tomatoes!

ok somethign i know about take a tomato slice in half put on top a bunch of feta mozz or parmesan or any combo of the three the nfor a little garnish use some basil or parsley or any other hard herb like that

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

CHOW Root Beer

i live in indianapolis is there any stores loccally without using the internet that i can get the ale yeast and the roots

Sep 19, 2007
bigeater15 in Recipes

indianapolis pizza i need answers people

what is the largest pizz in indianaplis,IN i heard something about the big kahuna but ? it is supposed to be so big u must tilt the box to fit it in your door

Super Bowl 2007 Suggestions

try combining in a sauce pot
any cheap bar b q sauce
garlic powder
a little cayenne pepper
and hickory flavored liquid smoke simmer for a few
then grill ribs till halfway cooked slather with 1/2 of the sauce
then finish grilling and serve with the rest of the sauce as a rib dipper.

Jan 28, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

found good chinese in indy!!!

if you are in in dy and in the fountain square are you should try china beiling they have good food at a low price and THEY DELIVER!!! they also give special disconuts and free food if you order enough

I went crazy with vegetables. What do I do with them now?

if you do want to try and make anothe rstock just leave out the chicken throw in some garlic and use a hint of poultry seasoninig

Jan 26, 2007
bigeater15 in Home Cooking

Good food in Indy?

i have lived in indy for 16 years and still have i yet to find a goodbut cheap non chain restaurant please give me some feedback!!!!!


I suggest Greiners subshop at raymond and shelby good soup,subs and pizza happy eating

Jan 24, 2007
bigeater15 in Great Lakes