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Philadelphia Visit - Need Chow Advice

Looks like we are going to Matyson based on all the wonderful and helpful recommendations. We have made a reservation. Where would be fun for the 10-12 p.m. nightlife and drinks from there that could walk to after dinner?

Aug 08, 2008
kitty39393 in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Visit - Need Chow Advice

Considering your replies and other posting on Chowhound, we have narrowed our listing to 4 (in no particular order) following a little research with my husband on menus... your thoughts on these choices?

1. Matyson
2. Modo Mio
3. Cochon
4. Audrey Claire

Aug 06, 2008
kitty39393 in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Visit - Need Chow Advice

My husband and I will be in Philly in a couple weeks for one evening and would like to head out on the town. We would love some Chowhound advice on where to drink and dine. Please reply if you have a suggestion on a reasonably priced place for dinner preferably in the $18-28 entree range. We like all foods but American, French, Asian, Italian, and fusions are our favs. We will be with another couple so great atmosphere is a must! If the establishment is BYOB, that would be preferred. And, we also need a recommendation for an after dinner, lounge/club/bar sort of place to get a drink preferably in walking distance from dinner. We are staying at the Loew's hotel downtown but don't mind taking a cab or the subway to dinner if in another area of the city. Thanks in advance of your reply!

Aug 04, 2008
kitty39393 in Pennsylvania

Great Thai in Raleigh

I am a huge fan of Asian foods and think I have found the best Thai in town …

My friend and I happened upon YumYumCuisine the other night on Harrison Avenue to the right of Sam’s Club. What a find! The noodles are homemade and we just couldn't stop eating! And the sauces were just as the name would suggest, yummy! Unfortunately, they don’t get a lot of evening traffic because of the location, so we promised to tell other people.

Looking for a great dinner? Try this place! Please share with your friends and …


NY Hound new to Raleigh - need recommendations

We've lived in North Raleigh for 4 years... we have some great picks for you to explore...

Indian - Azitra in Brier Creek
Italian - Vivace in North Hills is a MUST!
BBQ ( Been to Claude Coopers downtown ) - The Pit is pretty good but I would hit Allen & Sons which I have heard the best reviews on and I think it's cheaper.
Mexican - Jibarra for lunch. Dinner can be pricey. Otherwise, we like Las Margaritas and El Rodeo.
Greek - Tavern Agora wins rave reviews and for strickly interesting and outstanding Mediterrean then Rivera downtown.
Seafood - Check out the staple 42nd St Oyster Bar and Michael Dean's and then venture out to places that always do seafood well but aren't strictly Seafood like the french bistro Frazier's near NC State.

Boston in a weekend

Thank you both. I noticed 'The Dish' on another post. What are you thoughts on this establishment?

Boston in a weekend

Chowhounders - My husband and I are heading to Boston for a quick trip. I have never been and he has only been once in his youth. We are definitely foodies and would love some suggestions for our trip since it needs to be a quick representation of what the city has to offer. We only have Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday through the evening on our own to explore. Could you please suggest some great restaurants for the following? We really need help!

1. Specialty food store or snack place (i.e. bakery, chocolate, gourmet shop, etc.) for mid-afternoon snack
2. Pre-dinner drink and appetizer place
3. Dinner place
4. Breakfast place
5. Lunch place near Fenway (we are planning to check out the baseball game)

Some things that might help... We are staying at the Taj Hotel near the Public Garden. We love wine. For dinner, we would expect spend $20-30 for entrees but love finding those hidden treasures known only by the local that satisfy tastes and budgets alike. We are open to all types of food but particularly like Italian, French, Asian, and especially fusion! Our tastebuds are in your hands!

Dining in NYC before NYC Ballet

A girlfiend and I will be in NYC in a few weeks and need some serious CHOW help! She has never been to NYC, and I've only be a few times (not to mention that it was a long time ago). We are both definite foodies, but we also realize that you can find a fabulous meal at an even more fabulous price if you know where to look. Our first night, we will be checking out the NYC Ballet at the New York Theatre. Where should we go for a great pre theatre meal at a modest price? We are not picky, but she is allergic to red peppers, so we're open to all suggestions, but would stay away from places that are recognizably spicy or that use a lot of spices in the majority of their dishes (i.e. Indian, mexican, etc.). Then, the next day, I will be working until early evening, so we are looking for a great late night place, maybe tapas or small plates with a great wine list. We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria if that helps to narrow down locations. Short cab rides or walking distance would be preferred. Thanks so much in advance of your suggestions!

May 21, 2008
kitty39393 in Manhattan

Tampa Sunday/Monday suggestions?

I'll be dining in Tampa on Sunday evening and Monday lunch and am looking for something fresh, somewhat trendy in the $18-25 entree range (probably not sushi since others in my party might not be big fans). Of those recommended on the boards that appealed to me, most weren't open Sunday nights or Monday lunch though which is when I'll be in town. Any ideas? Thanks.

Jan 30, 2008
kitty39393 in Florida

Come on Tampa!!!!

Great suggestions but I still can't seem to find anything... I'll be dining in Tampa mid-February and am looking for something fresh, somewhat trendy in the $18-25 entree range (probably not sushi since others in my party might not be big fans). Of those suggested that appealed to me, most weren't open Sunday nights or Monday lunch though which is when I'll be in town. Any ideas? Thanks.

Jan 28, 2008
kitty39393 in Florida

Dining Help - Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park areas

After a lot of long deliberation and checking menus and times available, I have settled on Perbacco for Saturday night which is 0.5 mile from my hotel and italian (my husband is a big fan of pasta). We will probably still visit the Wharf that afternoon but head close to the hotel for dinner which after the long flight will probably work out just fine. It sounds like Park Chow is worth a look since we will be nearby the Park the next afternoon. Thank you all for your wonderful recommendations. I will be in San Fran for 3 days and Sonoma for 4. I will let you know what I discover and enjoy, etc. following my return!

Dining Help - Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park areas

rworange... thanks for all your help. I put a lot of research into where I dine and San Fran is becoming overwhelmingly difficult to decide. Will definitely let you know where I end up.

Dining Help - Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park areas

Stellar for me means, best digs, dining, and menu for the price. I love creative, up and coming chefs. And, I like just about everything food-wise. Some favorites I frequent often in my town are bistros, italian, and asian inspired restaurants. I definitely am not interested in the most expensive dinner in town, but I am willing to spend a little more for a memorable meal. I would expect to spend probably $80-100 for 2 entrees and an appetizer and dessert to share.

Dining Help - Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park areas

Would visiting Union Square our first evening to sitesee and have dinner be a better option? I was really hoping to find a stellar restaurant for our first evening there, so I would certainly consider altering my itinerary in favor of checking out Fisherman's Wharf another afternoon would it make sense.

Dining Help - Fisherman's Wharf and Golden Gate Park areas

My husband and I are traveling to San Francisco in two weeks and need some help with restaurant recommendations. We fly in Saturday night and planned to check out Fisherman's Wharf. Any really great fine dining spots within an easy walking distance from there? Would love a view if possible. Also, that Sunday, we are planning to trek around Golden Gate Park and would like to get lunch at a good price that afternoon in the same vicinity. Anyone have a place there they would recommend?

Raleigh - downtown with Parents and college student

I guess I misunderstood about D&D. I still think they are still both very good. No question though, I would hit Caffe Luna before 518.

Raleigh - downtown with Parents and college student

Actually, if your daughter likes asian cuisine or italian then I absolutely have to recommend The Duck and the Dumpling (asian fare) or Caffe Luna (italian) both on Hargett near Moore Square. Caffe Luna is the best italian downtown and one of the places the whose who of Raleigh regular. And, the Duck and the Dumpling has a great atmosphere and is operated by reknowned chef Ashley Christensen, who also runs the Vin, among others. Let us know what you decide. I would recommend reservations for any of your choices on a Saturday night.