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Worst in Toronto

Sultan's Tent - given the price, it serves awful awful food - this was in Feb 2008, so it's a recent experience at the new location. The old location at least had some vestige (slight) of authenticity, but I felt like I was a dumb tourist who should have known better - we should have of course, but a large group was going for an evening's entertainment so you go with the flow.

The Food: Is it too much to ask that the food at least be edible? The waitress had the audacity to say the rack of lamb was the best in the city - the reality was quite the opposite, strangely sweet and barely cooked (I asked for it to be done medium), with the supporting ingredients thoughtlessly and carelessly put together. The seafood appetizer consisted of shrimp and crab cakes that tasted like they'd been microwaved several times.

The Entertainment: Lackluster and amateurish, and definitely did not make up for the food.

Conclusion: Don't enter this tent, even the Sultan's long since left

Indonesian ingredients

I realize this may be off topic, but where would one find good Indonesian food i.e. in terms of a restaurant? Thanks.

Eigensinn Farm - Details for Planning a Trip

Sounds good - many thanks!

Eigensinn Farm - Details for Planning a Trip

Hungry Pangolin, did you find an easy way of getting in touch with someone at Eigensinn - I remember I tried calling a few times to ask some questions, but they only have voicemail to take reservations, but did you find they're good at getting back to you? I guess with a working farm, they're all busy doing chores.

Decent Sushi in Mississauga/Oakville?

NovoCuisine, not sure whether you've already had your meal (if so, this is fyi for the next time), but you should really try Masamune on Dixie south of the 401 - definitely above average if not one of the best in Mississauga. I am not positive they do teriyaki, you may want to check, but the sushi/sashimi is very good.

Eigensinn Farm - Details for Planning a Trip

Hope you have a wonderful time Springhaze, my SO and I have been looking forward to checking out Eigensinn Farm at some point. Perhaps you may be able to provide us with an overall impression after your trip? Thanks!

Best Frozen Pizza?

Ok, this may not be about haute cuisine, but any recommendations for the best frozen pizza to bide one's time between trips to the restaurants? I like Dr Oetkers that I get from Costco, but am looking for something better, or at least a change, hopefully with interesting toppings.

Jan 11, 2008
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Susur over Chinese New Year

Thanks Charles - I've eaten at Susur a couple of times and great (and expensive) food notwithstanding I agree about the service. The waiters definitely don't win any prizes for being attentive. Lai Toh Heen sounds interesting, as we've been meaning to try an upscale alternative to Lai Wah Heen which we've already tried, and which I understand is a sister restaurant.

Susur over Chinese New Year

Has anyone heard of a special tasting menu that gets arranged at Susur over Chinese New Year - I'm thinking of taking my SO this year - they seem to be closed this week so thought I'd ask Chowhounds out there. Thanks!

masala chai in GTA

Try Language of the Leaf in GTA. I've tried a lot of chais (backpacked in India as well) and their Bombay Chai is awesome, not too overpowering so you can taste tje good tea - its sold loose leaf as well as in pyramid bags with same tea inside. Tea catalog is downloadable from