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"Ode to College" theme dinner party

seeing as i'm still in college i would LOVE to offer a few ideas.

I tend to live off of baked potatoes, salads, tuna fish, soups, and oatmeal (although i doubt you want to serve oatmeal at a dinner party)

pudding is ALWAYS available in the dining hall. Jello shots were mentioned and I think they're a great fun idea too. And I don't know if it's just my school but there is a serious abundance of pound cake around here!

Apr 19, 2007
veggybabe in Home Cooking

Take out in West Chester

oooo i totally have to try the sweet weakness!

and back to the honey mustard chicken: i was vegetarian for a brief period, and the only food (besides pho) that i missed was my riggtown! yummmm.....

Jan 25, 2007
veggybabe in Pennsylvania

Take out in West Chester

I'm only familiar with take out/delivery places in the borough, and I don't really do take out too often, but here's my reccomendations:

Wave Noodle if by far the best Chinese in the area

And as far as pizza, I would have to say Riggtown has the best pizza. There's two Riggtowns: one on Market St. called Riggtown Uptown (I've never eaten there), but the other Riggtown, which is owned by the same people, is on Matlack St. Don't waste your time eating their plain pizza...the best by far is the honey mustard chicken pizza, but they also have a mean BBQ chicken pizza.

I'm still kind of curious about the Pita Pit on Gay St. even though I don't typically eat from chain restaurants.

Jan 24, 2007
veggybabe in Pennsylvania