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What to do with stew meat

Hey Chow, Any ideas on what to do with 1 12lb of stew beef? I do not want a stew or soup. Thanks!

Oct 06, 2009
jennykay in Home Cooking

Fresh rambutan anywhere?

I saw them at the San Mateo Farmer' Market this weekend!

J. Alexander's Pimento Cheese

Hey Chow! Does anyone have a recipe similar to the Pimento Cheese Dip they serve at J. Alexander?


May 12, 2009
jennykay in Chains

J Alexander's Pimento Cheese Spread

I was at J Alexander's for the first time last week. I really loved the pimento cheese spread that they give you . Does anyone know the recipe?

Apr 24, 2009
jennykay in Home Cooking

Seeking Great Southern Cookbook

All of the Calling All Cooks are great! Every woman in my family has one. It has every Southern recipe possible!

Feb 09, 2009
jennykay in Home Cooking

What to do w/ Fresh Strawberries?

this is a really good recipe!

Feb 05, 2009
jennykay in Home Cooking

turkey burgers

I bought some ground turkey and want to try making turkey burgers. What is your favorite way to make them?


Jan 14, 2009
jennykay in Home Cooking

South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes

Hi! Does anyone have any good easy recipes for Phase One of the South Beach Diet.


Oct 07, 2008
jennykay in Home Cooking

I have 3C of Buttermilk what can I make?

buttermilk pie is delicious

Sep 04, 2008
jennykay in Home Cooking

Looking for Live octopus

Anyone know where I can buy live octopus in the Bay Area?

Recipe request for chocolate cobbler from Burris Farm Market in Loxley, Alabama

you could try doing a search on

Aug 03, 2007
jennykay in Home Cooking

Buck's in Woodside

Going to Buck's tonight and wanted to know everyones opinion!

Looking for recipe from FoodTV - but I can't remember the show!

The show on TLC is Take Home Chef

Apr 13, 2007
jennykay in Home Cooking

Time for... leftover ham!

My grandmother would make a dish with leftover ham, diced potatoes, sauteed onion and pepper and throw in some cheese. You can do this all on top of the stove. It was always very good and quick

Apr 09, 2007
jennykay in Home Cooking

Crockpot cooking

What do you think is the best type of roast to cook in the crockpot?

Apr 06, 2007
jennykay in Home Cooking

Paula Deen's restaurant

I think the food at Lady & Sons is worth the drive if you appreciate Southern food. I have been to both Lady & Sons and Bubbas and both are excellent. At Bubba's I met one of the managers who is an old friend of Paula's and sat down and told us great stories about Paula!! Great time and great food!

Mar 12, 2007
jennykay in Southeast


Thank you so much!


I am going to Sausalito this weekend for the first time. What are your reccomendations for lunch? We want seafood with a great view!

Oceania Ranch Pure Hawaiian Honey

Thanks for not forgetting

Oceania Ranch Pure Hawaiian Honey

Any help is appreciated. My husband is a huge Paul Theroux fan and I would like to get it as a present.

Oceania Ranch Pure Hawaiian Honey

I'm looking for this honey. Let me know if you find it. Thanks.

San Mateo question

I have recently moved to San Mateo so I don't know anything about Sheep king. I would love to know what restuarants you would recommend trying.

Public Restaurant

Thanks for your input! I am new to the area and excited about trying all the great food that is out here.

Public Restaurant

Has anyone tried the Public Restaurant?

Best Dine about Town options?

Has anyone tried The Public?