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Is it necessary to brine a turkey before roasting?

Ever since I married into Jewish culture, I've been brining chicken. It makes poultry taste so much better in soups and other recipes. I figure the same must apply to turkeys, though, I must admit I've always wanted to try Ina Garten's recipe after seeing it on her show. This year, I'm doing turkey on a rotisserie, so it should be good no matter how it's prepared.

Nov 21, 2012
logonhog in Home Cooking

SGV Openings & Closings 2011 - help needed in compiling

Opened in 2011 Diamond Plaza Fullerton Rd.
- Kula Revolving Sushi bar ($1 udon!)
- Curryhouse CoCo Ichibanya (the real deal, from Japan)

Mar 15, 2012
logonhog in Los Angeles Area