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Tito's Tacos Red Salsa Recipe

I remember being told by an employee of Tito's many, many years ago that the red sauce's secret ingredient is clove!!

Sep 10, 2008
LarryB in Home Cooking

Pizza in Hollywood

I am admittedly not an expert on pizza styles. But, I really like the pepperoni pizza at La Piazza in The Grove. Its oily with thin, well-done crust. I used to love Rosti when it was in the area. The pizza at Bottega Marino and Village Pizza on Larchmont are good, too, but those may not be in Hollywood, per se. What style is that, after all?

Jun 28, 2007
LarryB in Los Angeles Area

K & L Wines coming to L.A.

FYI- Just drove up Vine Street south of Sunset and saw that the old AAA Signs and Banners store will soon be opening up as K & L Wine store! They are a small No. Calif chain but I haven't actually been in one. However, my internet searches (usually for German Wine) often turn up K & L. Great site with good prices and descriptions. Can't say for other types of wines. Maybe others can.

Big shortage of stores carrying German Wine on the westside so I am ready for an alternative. I emailed them and they said that they should be opening up next month though the website does not mention it at all.


Jan 23, 2007
LarryB in Los Angeles Area