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Feb 25, 2009
ItaloChick in Home Cooking

El Rey Pakal

So I finally made it to this restaurant today. I have been so looking forward to it because I am so tired of the same-ol-same-ol Mexican food. This was a nice change. It was impossible to find parking in the parking lot so we parked around back. No parking spaces back there so we made up our own! Ay ay ay.
Our waitress was very friendly. In my mind I couldn't help thinking this was the old Afgani restaurant; I tried to get over it. This is what we ate:

Panuchos-Homemade fried tortillas stuffed with black bean puree, topped with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled red onions, and avocado. Three tostada sized tortillas served will a little bowl of pasta soup. These were really quite good. The homeade fried tortillas had a great crunch. I just wish they put more pickled red onions on it; would have given a tad bit extra zing.

Brazo de Reina - Steamed spinach corn dough stuffed with boiled eggs, crushed pumpkin seeds and tomato sauce. Almost looks like a meatloaf only not as high with tomato sauce on top. This seemed too hard and overcooked. Nothing special about the flavors. The crush pumpkin seeds sounded good, but in reality didn't fare out that well.

Escabeche de Pollo - Hot marinated chicken in a special Mayan seasoning, served with chopped red onions. This was also just okay. It was shreaded chicken in a broth; wasn't sure if I should eat it like a soup or put it in a tortilla.

Ceviche tostada- just so so.

It seems that most of their food was just a la cart. After we had all this food I realized we had absolutely no veggies or beans or rice and this really bumbed me out (I'm a greens girl). I will go back to do some more exploratory eating and when I go I will definetely order the Panuchos again.

San Rafael - Sol Food 2nd location now open

I was wondering what was going on with the second location. It is a little confusing to have 2 places don't you think? I am not sure which one to go to. All I have ever eaten there is the Pollo al Horno and I have to say that it is extremely well priced, the flavors are really quite good, the plantains a nice treat, the beans and rice probably the most flavorful I have ever had. I feel like I could eat that dish everyday. The hot sauce is supberbly HOT; maybe because I like anything with vinegar. Overall a great restaurant. Glad they opened a 2nd as I really HATED trying to find parking at the first plus dealing with the tight, crowded, & cramped closet of a restaurant really put me in a bad mood.

Mezzo Mezzo in San Rafael?

Lunch 10-3 and Dinner 5-10. Closed Tuesday.

Birthday Dinner in Vancouver: Restaurant Recs?

YOU MUST go to the Teahouse in Stanley Park. The name is deciving. The food is incredible! Have fun.

Recommended cooking classes/Valentine's weekend?

Did you check with Viking Home Chef (I know they have one in Corte Madera).

what to do with mascarpone cheese

Make a pasta with arugola and mascarpone.

Jan 23, 2007
ItaloChick in Home Cooking