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Cucci Restaurant Oakville

We have been to Cucci a few times, very nice ambience and good, pricy food with excellent service. Choose to sit in the bar room, I think it is nicer than the adjacent room.

Midpriced restaurants near Union Station for drinks and dinner

I love all the suggestions, but maybe I should have really emphasized the not spending too much. These restaurants are a wee too expensive, any other suggestions? Thanks so much!

Midpriced restaurants near Union Station for drinks and dinner

Hello, there will be three ladies out for an evening of wining and dining but don't want to spend too, too much. Any suggestions for something decent in the walkling area of Union Station? Many thanks!

Found - Kawartha Ice Cream in TO

You can buy Kawartha Moose Tracks at Costco.

Best cocktails and martinis in GTA

We like "On the Rocks" on Bloor near Royal York, nice atmosphere.

Chipotle Peppers in Adobe Sauce

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have in hand a can of Herdez Chilpotles, but it doesn't mentioned adobe sauce. Is this the right product? It just says "Chilpotles Whole". This is why I'm confused! Oh, and I did buy it at No Frills in Oakville.

Chipotle Peppers in Adobe Sauce

I see lots of recipes requesting chipotle pepper in adobe sauce and for some reason I can't find this product. Anyone know where I can find cans of this stuff in the Oakville/Mississauga area? Thanks!

Panko and buffalo mozz

The best place to buy panko is at an asian market. They carry large bags for a quarter of the cost of the small bags you will now sometimes find at a regular grocery chain.

Stone Road Grille, NOTL

Hi there, we are off to the Prince of Wales at the end of May and have a reservation at the Stone Road Grille. Any recommendations on food to order, or not to order? Thanks

Oliver and Bonicini's

We three ladies are planning a dinner out at Olive and Bonicini's at the Bayview Village Mall. Anyone have any thoughts on the food quality, ambience, and price?


We ate at Houston's at the Pro Bass Outlet Mall north of Toronto. We agree, it was awful. My friend and I ordered the prime rib and on the waiter's recommendation ordered them medium rather than medium rare like I would normally order. Of course the meat came too well done, I showed the colour of my meat to another waitress who inquired about our meals, she argued with me as to whether it was cooked properly or not. We sent them back, they arrived back about three minutes later, still overcooked but no waiter came by after that to see if we were satified. One of our side dishes never came, most of my friends french fries had vanished from her plate, and our original waiter disappeared, never to be seen again. All in all a laughable, miserable experience and far too expensive.