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Zabar's Babka - memory failing or major downhill alert?

Hi all,

Let's not debate whether Zabar's Babka is a real babka or not. I know the ingredient list is not what a grandmother might use to make a classic babka. But for better or worse, I used to be addicted to their cinnamon babka (I use "their" loosely - I've heard it's baked by a bulk baker in Providence, LI and rebranded and sold to other stores including Russ & Daughters).

My question is to longtime Zabar's babka eaters: have they started to really stink? They are so dry now! They used to be super-gooey and amazingly moist. Not so anymore, and often the only remnant of goo is on the very bottom of the babka.

I've bought a bunch in the past year and I'm consistently disappointed. Anyone else notice this?

May 21, 2012
neverclose in Manhattan

di fara

Is it confirmed that there's pork? That would suck for those of us who don't eat pork (I know, Chowhound no-no, but so it goes)

May 29, 2007
neverclose in Outer Boroughs

Best dosas in the city (restaurants)?

Is it just me or are there not really any stellar dosai in the city? I feel like I've hit a lot of places...including Dosa Hut in Flushing and Dosa Diner in Jackson Heights, not to mention the Manhattan ones.

(FYI, for great dosa I think you need to go out to Iselin, NJ...kind of a trek!)

Sorry to hijack thread momentarily...

May 18, 2007
neverclose in Manhattan

Rhode Island specialities [moved from a discussion on the Boston board]

Hey people, is the chow mein sandwich vegetarian?

BTW in New Jersey my parents used to make coffee milk all the time. I knew there was a RI/NJ connection other than universal derision.