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the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

It's got to be the Godmother at Bay City. Get out a package of napkins cuz it's messy. Yum. I also like the Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich at the Library Alehouse. Not so messy as the Godmother though!

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

The Cabbage Patch burger is the perfect size -- not too big or too small for the price. And, they really do cook to order. Medium rare burger lovers unite!

Cabbage Patch - secretly awesome

The whoopie pies they have in there now are only $3.50. The chocolate with caramel is awesome.

Marinated Carne Asada ready to Grill, Chips & Salsa.

Sanchez Meat Market in Culver City has great ready-to-grill Carne Asada...

Ice cream truck for an event?

Dandy Don's does a cool sundae bar


Believe it or not, Costco has a great cherry pie!

Pies for Thanksgiving

Clemintine's -- Annie Miller makes killer pies!

Amazing Hole in the Walls near Westside??

Philly West is great -- they have a really tasty turkey burger if you don't want to go down the cheese steak road (although they're really good -- get w/out sauce). Also, Billingsley's on Pico is a definite must try. Great prime rib dinner and pretty cheep. Strong cocktails. Very old school.

Korean BBQ for Birthday Dinner

Park's BBQ is awesome!!!

Business Lunch Spot

I'm trying to find a good spot for a business lunch between Museum Corridor area and the border of West Hollywood/Beverly Hills. Can be more on the upscale side.

Manhattan Beach

Avenue's been closed since last year...

Best lard-free burritos

Kay and Daves doesn't use lard in anything -- very healthy and delicious. One in West LA on Pico and the original one on (I think) 26th Street off of San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.

Best Happy Hour for Food and Drinks...

are you just asking about places in Burbank then?

Dining suggestions for a foodie

Fraiche is great. Also, Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills is good and has a lively vibe, albeit sometimes loud. You can't make reservations there, however. BUT, if you call when you're on the way, they'll take your name.

Where do I buy mini burger buns?

No, it's Melrose Baking Company on Melrose -- sorry I don't have phone #

Where do I buy mini burger buns?

I don't know of any that you can get in super markets but maybe at some specialty shops such as Breadbar or Melrose Bakery??

The Cravery Pot Pies?

I love The Cravery!! They use high quality ingredients and the crust I believe is free of transfats. I really enjoyed the chicken curry pot pie but the cheeseburger one was also good -- just very filling.

New hot dog place in downtown Los Angeles

I think it's something like Marty's hotdogs??? Maybe??

Best restaurants for large parties

what part of town?

Best (Inexpensive) Sushi in LA?

Sushi House on Pico in West. LA rocks.

Great steak in West LA for parents?

Try Billingsly's on Pico -- great prime rib and new york

Old L.A.- Where would Bogie eat?

I would think that The Bounty restaurant in the Mid-Wilshire district would have attracted Bogie. Stiff drinks and great steak. Also, The Galley on Main Street in Santa Monica.

Abode restaurant

I went to Abode in Santa Monica last week and thought it had a lot of potential although it's going to be noisy. The "Study in Chocolate" dessert was incredibly rich -- be sure to share!

sherman oaks

I love La Logia and the Wine Bistro's pretty good as well although I guess that's actually Studio City

Providence "book the 'worst table' save 10%" dinner report!

I really don't get Providence. The Chef's got a major attitude and their Monkfish was grossly fishy. However, our server told us "that's just the way monkfish is." Sorry, wrong answer. Won't go back ever.

Damon's prime rib (am I letting out a secret?)

Sounds great -- on the Westside, Billingsly's is probably the same thing -- they serve a great prime rib as well!

This Just In: Bourdain Hates the Food Network

The Food Network hasn't been good for many years. They need to stop airing Rachel "I've made milliions and have no talent whatsoever" Ray (can she just disappear already?), Emeril "I'll whore myself out to whoever pays me the most including Crest" Lagasse and Bobby "will ya get over yourself," Flay every other freaking hour. There are so many great cooking show/food related show ideas out there -- it's a damn shame the Food Network can't make more of an effort to at least consider them. Eeesh.

Apr 17, 2007
pinotgrisgirl in Features

Dan Tana's Ice Cream

Maybe Dandy Don's????

Salmon roe - where to get it?

Three places to get salmon roe:
Najya on Sawtelle
Safe & Save on Sawtelle
99 Ranch Market, Victory and Sepulveda in the Valley

The best of LA restaurants in 3 nights, 4 days

I would definitely check out Cut --eat at the Sidebar. For lunch or dinner Il pastaio in Beverly Hills is good. Definitely no need to check out Mozza -- they still haven't worked out the issues with the oven -- it's not hot enough so the pizza crust burns but the middle isn't crisp. Otto is way better!

You might want to check out Dan Tanas in West Hollywood for dinner -- for no other reason than it's an institution and great people watching. Their Ceasar Salad is really pretty good.