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Cannelle Patisserie in Queens

Just bought a birthday cake from Cannelle. Very delicious and all guests loved it.

Reading about JoMart candy

JoMart is a very good neighborhood chocolate shop. They have chocolate covered marshmallows that are excellent. It's worth a trip for that alone.

Country ham in New York City

I've bought ham, freshly cooked, bone in at
Fairway and Zabars. Smithfield hams are from Virginia.

Country ham in New York City

I've bought fresh ham at Fairway, but they don't have it all the time. When they do, it's very good. Zabars has it too.

Arriving at JFK... Next stop Pizza!

If you need a slice right after arrival, head to New Park Pizza on Cross Bay Blvd. It's 5 minutes from JFK

High quality chocolates for a party - suggestions appreciated.

I like Payard on West Houston. Very expensive, but high quality. In Brooklyn, try Jomart. Not the same quality, but at about $27 a lb, very decent.

Wanted: *Upscale* or *excellent* place queens/brooklyn that is significantly cheaper than manhattan equivalent.

Both of these places are over rated and pricey.

Inside food at the Barclay's Center????

Went to the Net game last night. The food offered is ok but the prices are outrageous. How about a slice of pizza called Spumoni Gardens for 6 bucks? Or a frankfurter for $9.25. They make an announcement on the big screen for people to be civil and behave while they watch a game and then serve beer at your seat. You can also go downstairs to the lobby and get a tattoo.

suggestions for bakery pick up in brooklyn..

The best bakery in Brooklyn is Almondine on Water Street. About 1/2 hour from Borough Park if there is traffic. In the area near Borough Park, go to Chiffon Bakery on Ave P. They have a good selection of cakes, especially their Russian coffee cake which they bake on Thursdays.

Looking for great seafood in Sheepshead Bay ala Lundys

There are no good restaurants in Sheepshead Bay...........I mean none!

Soft shell crab sightings?

Randazzo's has them

Is there a wait just to get a slice at Di Fara?

Waited 25 minutes for a couple of slices last week

Ever eaten at Fette Sau?

Compared to a good deli

Ever eaten at Fette Sau?

i went to Fette Sau last week. The meat is weighed by the pound and is very expensive. What I did not like was the cutter hardly trimmed out the meat and when I finally got to eat it, it was very fatty and had a lot of waste. It was tasty, but hardly worth the wait and not worth the cost. I'd rather go to a good kosher deli and get a pastrami or corned beef sandwich.

Randazzo's clam bar on emmons ave sheepshead bay

The linguini with shrimp sauce is good. So is the zuppa di mussels.

What are the most worthwhile Brooklyn restaurant splurges?

Nathan's in Coney Island. Nothing tops that place; especially a well done frank and the fries.

Nathan's Famous
1310 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Finding genuine French pastries in Brooklyn

Almondine in DUMBO is as authentic as there is in Brooklyn. Marquet went downhill for several years. It was a good pastry shop when it was located on Smith Street. When they moved, the quality went south. It's kind of amazing that there are not many fine pasty shops in a borough that professes to have good food.

85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

New coat of paint and new floors, Dom had to raise prices.

The pizza in this joint is very good. That being said, if one wants to put up with the rudeness that occurs there by some patrons, and the other non appetizing environs, I say go there. I live close by and wouldn't go in unless there was less a five minute wait. The man is closer to 75 than 65, and very shortly, he will role out his last dough........and hopefully spend some of his dough!. He's an institution in the pizza world. I remember him going back to 1966. If he charged $10 a slice, he would still have his devotees. Bottom line, it's your money, do what you want with it.

Chipp Pizza

Just checked this place out. One of the best pies in town. Ocean Ave. and Ave. Z.

2971 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Sutters' pecan ring

There was also a Sutter's on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn. I do remember their cheese danish and pecan coffee cake. Real good. Back then it was a good bakery. Today it would considered excellent.

Dec 11, 2010
son of a butcher in Manhattan

quality of costco meats and seafood

It could be frozen, but it tastes good.

Search for Jewish deli hotdogs

I believe what your grandmother was referring to was dried salami that was hung on a hook in the deli. It started out as a regular salami, and it dries out over time and shrinks in size. Franks are not hung. They would shrivel up to nothing. A frank is the same meat as bologna, except it is in a different casing

quality of costco meats and seafood

I wouldn't patronize any butcher shop that has a bad odor, but I know where the odor is coming from: the fat barrels. A good butcher shop does not smell bad. After the fat is picked up, the barrels should be washed out with very hot water and ammonia. If the shop does not do that, the barrels will render a terrible odor.

quality of costco meats and seafood

i learned the hard way. I used to go with my father to the 14th Street market about 4AM when the truckers were unloading meat from the midwest. Back in the 60's, the best lamb was raised in Kentucky. Now domestic lamb of high quality is raised in Colorado. However, the lamb at Costco, from New Zealand is excellent.

To pick out good racks, make sure the bones are thin. This is a good indicator that the lamb is young. the eye should be as large as possible with a fine grain running through it. As far as cooking it, I prefer to make it in the oven on the highest heat possible, cooked whole. I like my lamb rare.. I usually stick my finger on top of the meat. If it has a lot of give, I let it cook some more. Then I take it out of the oven, and let it sit for five minutes, and then cut it in between the bones. Add a good mashed potato, and some sauteed mushrooms and onions, and I'm good to go.

quality of costco meats and seafood

I've bought excellent meat at Costco. Prime meat is not always the best, just because it's labeled prime. Good meat has several indicators, one being marbled, but not thickly marbled. The size of the bone also indicates how old the beef is before going to slaughter. It's not a bad idea to learn a little bit on how to identify quality through reading or even taking a class which some cooking schools give. In general, the quality of beef is very good at Costco and the quality of the racks of lamb are excellent( if you know how to pick it out)

R.I.P. The Fairway Lobster Roll

The price is not $9.99/lb. That's for 1/4 lb.

Whatever happened to home made knishes?

i can't understand why such a delicious treat is almost extinct. Whe i was a young boy, there were knisheries in Brooklyn that did a thriving business. Nothing remains of the past. What a shame.

Whatever happened to home made knishes?

Most of the great knisheries are long gone. I am looking for one in Brooklyn. Know of any?

Totonno's, L&B, or Brennan & Carr - easiest with car before heading off to JFK?

Brennan and Carr is the closest to the Belt and gas stations on Knapp Street.

Looking for a food wholesaler in Brooklyn

There is Jetro on Hamilton Ave. You need a resale number to buy there. There is also BJ's at the Gateway Shopping Center. Also Brooklyn Terminal Market on Foster Ave in Canarsie. There is the Brooklyn Terminal Market on 1st ave. I believe in the fifties for meat. Best way to buy there is cash.