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Dinner after the Griffith Observatory

Planning a late afternoon trip to the observatory tomorrow. Would love to find a new cool place to go for dinner in the neighborhood or immediate surrounds, downtown ok too. Chowbabe and I are westsayeeders, so looking for some east side love from the 'hounds.

Parameters: Reasonably priced, semi-romantic, fish options

Really don't know what is out there

thanks for you help


Thanks everyone for the suggestions - still going to noodle this one for a bit...ill update after the date



Hi all

First post here...Have a date on Friday night and am looking for something particular. This isnt about scene or trends..i just want a nice dimly lit, semi-quiet, booth laden place where not only is the food good, but i can have a nice conversation without screaming.

I'm westside local, but willing to go as far east as downtown, but no valley, or southerly drives.

Date prefers fish

thanks for your help