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Massimo Capra at Rainbow Room - Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls...

because they are co-located, share some services and staff, and JK is opening a resto in the Sheraton in the next few weeks.

Massimo Capra at Rainbow Room - Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls...

Once again, Niagara Falls disappoints.
Why is it that this city does so poorly in the hospitality department? Why is it that the locals NEVER will eat at the majority of restaurants here and instead travel outside of the city to get a restaurant fix? Ate here last night for a girlfriend's birthday. Was trying to find something different than all of the chains nearby. The menu was okay, nothing overly inventive, but certainly had potential on paper. Our reso was at 8:15 and it wasn't overly busy, but perhaps because it was a long weekend it seemed they were doing a decent Saturday night. Our server was terrible....didn't clear our appetizer plates, didn't refill our wine/water glasses. Got our water and bottle of wine after 9:00....Sitting there close to 11pm and our dirty dinner plates still in front of us...which I bussed myself and put on the empty table beside us...REALLY? for 34-47 dollars a plate?

We had also told the host when we arrived that it was said friends bday. Nothing was done, mentioned about this during the meal. Not even when the dessert menus were "presented" to us at after thanks. just the cheque please.

As far as the food, it was okay, although the serving sizes were monstrous (maybe to make up for mediocrity?). I had the trout, which was bland (wrapped in proscuitto) served on relatively well cooked store bought linguine and 3 clams. Nothing special or memorable about the dish except the piece of trout was huge. Way too much.

As we left and indicated our dissatisfaction via a less than 10% tip, we told the manager on duty and the waiter came up to us and was very defensive...Totally unprofessional. The manager made a half-assed attempt to appease us, but it was just unacceptable.
Positives: Nice view, some decent Niagara wines for a reasonable price. I would not recommend or go back.
Massimo, you need to go and kick some ass in front of house...and shake up the kitchen a bit too.

Rainbow Fallsview Dining Room
5685 Falls, Niagara Falls, ON L2G3K7, CA

Canadian or Torontonian food to take to Australia

This may sound crazy, and certainly not light to carry, but I LOVE Habitant Pea Soup. When I lived in the U.S. I used to have friends/family bring me a can or two when they would come for a visit. Not sure if it is really "authentic" French-Canadian pea soup, but it sure is comfort food for me and I think only available in Canada.

What is opening at Queen & Ashdale (Coxwell)?

Finally something is happening in the old location of the Dutchpot....does anyone have the scoop on what is going in there?

The Green Room - how is it?

I haven't been there for a while, but both the Green Room and the Red Room are great places to go for cheap beer. If you don't mind the extra "staff" they have on (aka cockroaches crawling around) then it is quite fun. Both places I have seen roaches crawling around the tables and once at the Red Room there was one floating in our water glass. You can't have cleanliness and cheap beer too.

Cava or Trevor's Kitchen

I would definately go back to CAVA we had a great meal there and very professional service. It was very laid back but very well done. Trevor was great food, and a fun atmosphere. I would go back to the bar for drinks and snacks at the bar. I didn't like the 12 year old hostess and the bus girl who stood beside our table all night with nothing to do. But our waiter was decent, she seemed to be a bit more mature. It was packed.

Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies

The first time I made these I used the dough out of the fridge (overnight) and baked for 12 minutes...Overdone and too crispy. The second time I had the dough frozen, let it sit out for 10 minutes and baked for 10-11 minutes. Delicious.

Also, I used my Cuisinart chopper to "finely chop" the chocolate and it was almost powdery, so I hand chopped about 1/2 to have some more "chunks". I wasn't clear if it was supposed to be small chunks or very finely chopped, but mine looked sorta like the photo.

May 08, 2007
jenhammy in Recipes