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Rock N Coal Pizza anyone?

Newish pizza place in Bellingham Mass. Coal fired oven up to 900 (?) degrees. Have not been but friends went...I want to LOVE this place but they had a not so great experience. The pizza was burned black all over the bottom. When they mentioned to the waiter he was condescending and said basically-There, there you realize this is a 700 (?) degree oven and this is how it is supposed to be. alas. One of the diners has spent extensive time in Italy, so this rap did not go over well. I hope this was a one off experience. Either way it was not handled well on the front lines.

Oysters in bulk in Providence, RI?

ALL about the Matunuck Oyster House.

Tandoori-New Pakistani/Indian restaurant in Woonsocket, RI

Yeah- agreed. No good, although I wanted it to be. For Indian we love Rasoi in Pawtucket.

New Year's Eve in Providence

Go to Foo(d) the restaurant at As220 on Empire St. Downtown- great scene and really fresh, delicious food. It's casual, inexpensive and really happening.
Not quiet. But who wants quiet on NYE?

Tandoori-New Pakistani/Indian restaurant in Woonsocket, RI

Just saw this place. Anyone been?

The menu specifies only 'halal' meats.

Open since May. They are still there so that's something.

GOOD restaurants serving organic food

Thanks emc ,hiddenb. and Bostonbob3....I'll have to check them!

anyone been to La Buona Vita, Arlington?

Tryst is quite good. Service was excellent. A little shi shi- modern american gourmet- but friendly- cool service and well put together food.

GOOD restaurants serving organic food

I mean restaurants.....:)

GOOD restaurants serving organic food

I know a lot of places these days say they get their xyz from the local organic abc, but does anyone know of a restaurant that exclusively ( or nearly exclusively) concentrates on local, organic food- not necessarily vegetarian?

So Ken's really exists?

Someone told me that Ken had murdered someone in the parking lot in the 70's and gotten away with it!
So we had to go to the original one in Framingham, or wherever it is. The carpets still had the faint smell of cigarettes and the food pretty much sucked. But it was packed on a week night (?) people like institutions I guess.