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August Weekend in Park City

My friends and I decided to meet up in Park City for a weekend to help celebrate my 30th Birthday. There will be a foodie four of us and none of us have been there before! While I am heading out to French Laundry a few weeks later for a big splurge, it would be great to celebrate my real birthday with some great food.

Hoping you all might have some recommendations for a casual dinner, a nice dinner and great brunches! We aren't really the steakhouse types but do enjoy pretty much all else!

Is Utah considered good for Southwestern cuisine?

Thank you so much for your help!

Aug 05, 2009
RedPepper in Mountain States

Help with restaurant for multiple tastes--MSP

If you want something a little more upscale with cocktails, Spoonriver could also deliver on this equation.

What is minneapolis's signature dish?

I do think that the Mahnomin Porridge at Hell's Kitchen is a nice use of local Minnesota Wild Rice. Not just nice, it is delicious. You can also kill two birds with one stone if you go to brunch there as they also have a Walleye Sandwich on their menu.

West Burbs MSP Lunch?

Kip's in the Marriott near Santorini's is also easily accesible! Food is okay but the space was done very nicely. Latuff's on 55 has old school Italian and MN pizza. I like the pizza... the rest is not so good.

MSP - Common Roots Cafe

I keep going back to Common Roots Cafe over and over and I have to say I have never had surly service. I think everyone should have a place like this in their neighborhoods - they have a room that they let non-profits use for meetings for free, try so hard to be sustainable and local in their food and other doings, offer free wi-fi and have long hours. The place is always full of an amazingly diverse group ranging from students to people on dates. It just feels good.

The bagels are good - some times better than others times. The soups are incredible! Take a taste to see what you want first. The rest of the items... it's chance. They like to experiment. I think it is all kind of fun. SO much better than the grease-filled Soba's that used to be in this space.

MSP - Nice Dinner for 30 Guests?

I have friends that recently did both their wedding and reception for around that number at W.A. Frost, which has private rooms. They did it during the holidays and said everything was decorated beautifully for Christmas so they didn't have to spend a lot for table arrrangements etc.

What's New and Good in MSP?

Hi Michael - I think you can wear just about anything in this town. We are awfully casual too and your outfit mentioned above would certainly work! Thinking about your audience here are some places to check out:
Indio (upscale Mexican that just opened in Uptown this week)
Saffron - not brand new but still newer and has interesting food and great Happy Hour
Amazing Thailand - Uptown's newest Thai restaurant
Jasmine 26 - new more upscale but very hip Vietnamese on Eat Street
Toast or Sprll the Wine - wine bars downtown both opened in the past couple of years
Common Roots Cafe - great cafe, very organic and local, free wifi on Lyndale
Red Stag Supper Club - cool decor in Northeast, apparently good late night on weekends too

Although Heidi's, Blackbird, Cafe Maude and Cafe Ena have all opened pretty recently, I might bypass those considering your audience as they are a bit "married South Minneapolis".

Good luck!

Mexico City - Solo in Santa Fe

I will be traveling for work to Mexico City next week for the first time for two nights and will be staying in the Santa Fe area (at the Camino Real). Here are the catches:

- Solo blonde woman with poor Spanish skills
- Vegetarian (dairy and eggs okay)

This is my first time to Mexico City and I would hate to just sit in my hotel and not go out to try the food but it would def make me more comfortable to have an idea of where I could go easily in the area and hopefully find some good food - Mexican preferred.

Your help would be appreciated... and is safe for me to wander this area alone?

Mar 17, 2008
RedPepper in Mexico

Best Bloody Mary in MSP

Porter & Frye is doing a Bloody Mary that is full of heat - in a burning chipotle type of way. Tried a sip of my friend's last night and I felt the burn all the way down my throat for a good ten minutes. It wasn't dolled up with accoutrement, unfortunately, just a couple of olives. The rest of their cocktail menu was really fun - lots of flavours and interesting liquors.

MSP Restaurant Week 2008

I went to Campiello in Uptown last night they did a very nice job - good service, lots of menu options, and full portion sizes of everything. I did a full review on my blog but I will say that if you can still get a reservation definitely head to Campiello this week - they are really putting themselves out there rather than just offering one option as most places are.

favorite drink in MSP, anyone?

Manhattan's makes some nice cocktails using fresh juices. The bar scene is a bit bland.

Best Cosmo is from Monte Carlo, where you get the old school atmosphere and the extra shaker of booze.

Chambers makes some nice mixed drinks too - good mojito.

Solera has a good white sangria.

BANK has a nice bar to sit at and a good blueberry mojito

Large group dinner, MSP

I've seen them do large groups at Saffron and it would provide you a beautiful appetizer spread across the table prior to entrees. Impressive. Also if it is a Friday night and people are coming in from across the world, it is an an area that is vibrant with people thanks to First Ave, the Target Center and the theaters nearby.

If you do it post theater starting time, Cue might also be a good option and impressive venue.

MSP-La Belle Vie or Chambers Kitchen?

On the food side, I would say yes. It is more innovative, interesting, and heartfelt.

On the atmosphere side, it depends on what you are looking for. I think that the food at La Belle Vie is a disconnect from the surroundings. The food is modern and inspired, the space is old school and quite formal. At Chambers, the modern food well matches the more modern "cool" atmosphere.

Thus, it depends on what you are looking for and who you are taking. A true foodie, La Belle Vie. Someone who wants to be impressed by the fellow diners and big name chef, Chambers.

Muffins in MSP

Both Lucia's and Yum have nice buttery muffins. And on the uber large obnoxious side, Costco has good muffiins but you have to buy 12 at a time!

Conundrum: Food or Theater (MSP)

I say buy cheap seats to a performance and use the rest of the gift certificate for drinks and an appetizer at the bar at Cue - get the best of both worlds!

Good Pubs in Edina?

Has the new Chatterbox opened yet near 44th and France?

MSP -- Restaurants open on Christmas morning?

Common Roots Cafe on Lyndale will be open Christmas Day. Not really a restaurant per se for a nice meal but if you need soup and bagels...

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner (north of Detroit)

My brother had his for about 30 people in a private room at McCromick & Schmick's in Troy. They did a very nice job and the space was beautiful. A chain restaurant but still classy.

Red Velvet cake in MSP

I haven't had it myself but several people have raved to me about a Red Velvet Cake at Salut Bar Americain. I would call ahead to make sure it is on the dessert menu.

fast breaking food in MPLS

Yum! which is next to Fishman's and a heck of a lot more pleasant to shop in, is also making some wonderful Challah right now and will most likely be open on Saturday.

Visiting St. Paul 9/14-9/16

Definitely hit the St. Paul Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. Harvest time is here and it will be a fun and beautiful place for you all to walk to from the hotel if the weather is nice.

MSP:Good place to take group of non-CH relatives?

What about Grand Cafe - the food isn't scary for those without far-reaching palates but it is delicious and, if I remember correctly, they have a great big table in the middle of the room that would seat everybody perfectly. A nice slightly upscale, but neighborhood casual environment too. The last thing you want is for your out of city relatives to feel uncomfortable.

Minneapolis delicacies

This is really interesting. Do you know anywhere that serves "real" wild rice? And do they sell it in local stores?

I just have never thought about this beyond the porridge at Hell's Kitchen that has the wild rice in it and is one of my favorite MN dishes.

Minneapolis Hound in Charleston, SC this Sunday

Minneapolis Hound here who is glad to be heading out of the sadness and chaos here in Minneapolis this weekend and head down to South Carolina. I have a wedding in Columbia, SC on Saturday but then am heading for the first time to Charleston hopefully in time for Brunch/lunch on Sunday.

I was hoping for a recommendation for Sunday brunch that will serve fresh regional foods a la carte, not a huge hotel buffet. We are three young-ish women so buffets just are just too much!

We have dinner planned at McCrady's on Sunday night.

Then Monday, we want to have a nice lunch before heading to the airport. I know lots of restaurants are closed on Mondays but maybe someone know of something? Or we are pondering doing the Ashley River Road Plantations - is there something unqiue and Chowish out in that direction?

Many thanks for your help!

Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

I don't know which four days you are covering here for the art fair (early weekend or coming on Sunday), but if you are still around on Wednesday (8/8), there is a Taste of the Nation event at Chambers Hotel that night. A lot of the chefs that you might consider for a high end dinner will be there and you get to see a pretty swanky hotel! I don't think I am allowed to post info here but feel free to go to my blog cause I have links there.

Common Roots Cafe - MSP

I went in this morning and grabbed a toasted sesame bagel w. a bit of butter. I thought the bagel was the best I have had in a long time. And it was the size a bagel should be, not gargantuan like Einstein's. The flavour was so much fresher than Bruegger's. I key getting slightly sweet and then a little salt. Excellent. And the space was like a breath of fresh air after Soba's!

What's the best thing you've eaten recently? [MSP]

The Patti Cake at Yum! Kitchen and Bakery - out of this world moist and delicious. I will never think about chocolate cake the same way.

Review: Brasa Rotisserie [MSP]

My quick thoughts:

Excellent: Chickpeas, Yuca
Good: Yellow rice w/pink beans, cornbread, cheddar grits
Needs Work: Service (no one came to our table for twenty minutes even though they weren't full!), Pickled Vegetables (no one warned me about the peppers!)

Overall, I am going to do it and get clobbered: The food is somewhat better and I love the local emphasis on ingredients but the concept is a lot like Boston Market.

Twin Cities Ice Cream/Custard Stands

Adele's is certainly around and kicking!! It is in Excelsior near Lake Minnetonka right near Maynard's on Excelsior Blvd. It is a quaint little house with a drive-through. The custard is the best around! You can call to get the two featured flavours per day and def pick up the calendar of flavours when you stop by.

On the ice cream front, I went to Crema today and had a wonderful Banana Caramel flavour. Also on feature Olive Oil, Wasabi and Sour Cream ice creams.

[MSP] Where to eat in Twin Cities if I wanted to pretend to be in Vegas?

If you want some of the Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears Vegas (Lindsay's 21st birthday once she is out of rehab is supposedly in Vegas... so smart...) how about Restaurant Miami in Uptown. Not the food but the crazy atmosphere and loud music might fit the bill.

It is Pride weekend in Minneapolist this weekend too so if you keep your eyes open and maybe head to the parade on Hennepin on Sunday, you might catch a drag show or two!