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Rusty Taco

Great Tacos. Need I say more. I will. I like the #1 (Ive had them all) if you want flour instead of a corn tortilla you have to ask. Also a friendly staff, look for DJ.

Thai it!

Anyone wanting Pad Thai stop reading, you can get that anywhere. Delve deeper into the menu and try Supen's Thai pasta, the chicken coconut curry (ask for extra vegies), or the salmon with red curry. Only a few suggestions. Top notch, the best of the Sawatdee chain, and they deliver. :)

486 Robert St N, Saint Paul, MN 55101

Fried Chicken - Twin Cities

My next attempt at decent fried chicken is the Tin Cup on Rice street. Ive heard good things.

Best steak in the Twin Cities

Murrys, and Mannys are my personal favorates for overall steakhouse quality. I have to admit i enjoy the atmosphere of Mancini's however.

MSP: ISO the elusive east st paul taco trucks

There is a Taco truck on the West Side of St. paul on Robert St. just North of Thompson ave. However the Pineda on Robert just south of Butler is a better choice.

MSP: Best Reuben Sandwich

Cecil's has good caraway rye bread, that is all that reuben has going for it. I had to look for the corned beef and it was shaved. Unfortunatly the Lincoln Dell closed, someone needs to bring their reuben back. I have given up on finding the perfect Reuben in the cities and now make my own. (along with Cubans)

MSP Chow-Worthy Summer Happy Hours?

JP is my favorite, best tuna burger ever (and its on the happy hour menu) If you are looking to dine out doors in st. paul try The Liffy in the holiday inn across from the Xcel. Not sure about the happy hour but the summer patio at W.A Frost is nice and the food is solid. Sweeny's also has a nice patio, The Muddy Pig has a small but nice Patio and solid beer selection. GreatWaters on 7th place has a good happyhour feturing their own beers and good bar food and music on certian nights.

MSP Best Gyros?

Christo's now has a happy hour from 3-6 mon-fri with phenomenal specials on gyro's. I also recommend the Lucanaco sausage.

MSP: Chow Mein

I would like to retract my posting for the Hong Kong restuarunt in south st paul. I recently ate there again and had a completlely different experience. Not good. However The Tea House ind St. Paul off 94 and White Bear is suprisingly good.

MSP: Chow Mein

There is a restuarunt in south st. paul "Hong Kong" connected to an asian gift store that has the best chow mein I have ever had. the vegtables are fresh and crisp. the sauce is flavorfull, quality pieces of chicken, abundunt portions. If anyone else has eaten there it was worth the trip. I believe the cross streets are 12th and Southview. a few blocks north of 494 and the 7th street exit just west of the new river bridge.

MSP Best Gyros?

I like Christo's at the Union Depo in Downtown St. Paul. I always order an extra pita due to the overwhelming amount of Lamb.

MSP-Best Biscuits and Gravy?

I too am a big fan of the triple rock. I love a place with a Vegan menu that also puts free bacon on the bar on Wednsdays. I especially appreciate the N.W.A in the jukebox. I am not sure Fridley folks would.

MSP-Best Biscuits and Gravy?

I used to love the Key's Cafe biscuts and gravy. I recenly went back after a 5 year hiatius and found them overly salted and a bit on the pricey side. If however I had a bad batch, They used to be phenomonal.

MSP Birthday Dinner - Recs?

Not being a barbette fan myself I can relate to your dilema. If you can spread your wings a bit and venture to the smaller city on a Thursday Caspers Cherokee Sirloin room offers a birthday special where the birthday diners meal is free. Standard steakhouse fare. I have always had decent service and found the prices reasonable. If I have sparked your interest in a steakhouse experience the atmosphere at mancinis is fun and works well for a group of people.

Downtown St. Paul lunch, walkable? Cheap and quick a big plus

If you havent tried yet, The Lifey has a decent lunch special. $10 lunch, bev, tax, and tip. They have a limited selection of sandwitches (I recommend the ruben) also you can sub sides (i recomend the garlic mashed potatoes instead of waffle fries)

Blue Ox Burnsville

Anyone interested in a delisious soup and sandwitch place check out The Blue Ox next to the new theater in the outskirts of the Burnsville mall. I get out to Bville for work Wednsdays and look forward to this hidden jem. I especially like their home made fresh mushroom soup.

Downtown St. Paul lunch, walkable? Cheap and quick a big plus

Rau Mit was mentioned somewhere in this post, they have been evicted. I tried to go there last week for lunch after reading this. Apparently they owe 24,000 in back rent.

Downtown St. Paul lunch, walkable? Cheap and quick a big plus

I respectfully disagree.

Downtown St. Paul lunch, walkable? Cheap and quick a big plus

I eat at christo's twice a week and order their gyro with an extra pita bread for about $6. There is so much tasty, tasty lamb with the extra pita you can get 2 sandwitches out of it.

Downtown St. Paul lunch, walkable? Cheap and quick a big plus

It was called the original cony island, and is still there (not open for buisness) still owned by the same family. As long as that is the case I dont think they will reopen (dillinger and his gang used to frequent there, I here)

St. Paul old Chico Chica space

El Patio. Good food, but pricy for mexican fare. I might recomend Acapolco, or the El Patio in Lakeville (I dont think they are related.)

St. Paul Italian

cheap; Good especially for a casual lunch cossettas (i ate there today)
Very Good;La Grolla set your wallet on fire.
Trattoria Davinci's; very good to good (I love the calamari, they call it something like misu, I also enjoy their complimentary bread and herbed butter, and their spaghetti)
Pazzaluna; good, a true corporate dining experience. excellent capratzi salad in the summer (heirlum tomatos from st. paul farmers market.
P.S. Stay away from pasta bar at DaVinci's and Pazzaluna.

Any suggestions in the St. Paul MN area for good food & excellent service?

Russell is no longer at Frost.

Looking for Good Food and Private Dining Room in Minneapolis

After reading your thread I immediatly thought of Azia, I see others on here have already suggested that. I wouldnt plan on drinking if you plan on staying within your $25 per person budget, but the venue sounds like what you are looking for.

Good Ethnic Food at a Reasonable Price in Twin Cities?

I recommend cruising University in St. Paul. there are several restaurants touting Asian cuisine. I have yet to eat at Mai Village I hear so much about on here, due to also hearing conflicting advice regarding the establishment. The Village Wok on the U of M campus has excellent cuisine and they stay open late. There is an excellent Mexican spot in Eagan off 35E and Yankee Doodle (very reasonably priced) I want to say it is El Loro, although I know there are several different El Loros' I do not care for.

Cafe Roma Mid City?

I am wondering the outcome of Cafe Roma in Mid City since Katrina? And for that matter The Dixie bar. Anyone help me here. Cafe Roma used to have some phenomenal gourmet pizza, including their own version of a Turkish pizza I haven't found anywhere else.

Feb 20, 2007
showercapcrazy in New Orleans

Any suggestions in the St. Paul MN area for good food & excellent service?

Margaux is top notch, I live in the building and eat, and drink there often. Ask about the specials! The chef Kyle came from W.A Frost, and aside from being a savage puts togather some culinary delights. I recommend diner over lunch.

Any suggestions in the St. Paul MN area for good food & excellent service?

I agree with many of your recommendations. Stay far away from Fhima's. May I suggest Margaux on 9th and Robert. Also located in the same building is Key's cafe; great for breakfast.

Any suggestions in the St. Paul MN area for good food & excellent service?

I can't believe anyone in their right mind would recommend Fhima's or LoTo. I was appalled at the culinary abortion I was served the last time I went to Fhima's, and wanted to punch myself for even trying LoTo after that. I probably would have gotten better food and service at the Gopher bar on 7th.

Bud's Broiler on Tulane

I am curious if Bud's Broiler is still in buisness. I left NO in 98 and am planning on returning soon.

Feb 07, 2007
showercapcrazy in New Orleans