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Sushi near LAX

Got my folks in town just for the night and they are staying by the airport..
can anyone reco a good sushi place for us??

Dec 18, 2008
bigdrew in Los Angeles Area

Savannah Grill in Century City

Anything good there?
We've got a gift certificate that we are going to use..
What should we eat..??

Jul 04, 2008
bigdrew in Los Angeles Area

Business Lunch in Sherman Oaks

Trying to find a cool place in Sherman Oaks to have a one on one business lunch. good food, not too loud, but just comfortable with some class..


Oct 10, 2007
bigdrew in Los Angeles Area

Tourist Staying At the Clift on Geary...Suggestions??

Hey hounds..
Coming into town tommorrow..
Staying at the Clift, on Geary...

Can you recommend a few cool places around there...for dinner/drinks..
I like everything, all kinds of food..mainly looking for a good hip place for late dinner, cool crowd, ambience...

Cheers in advance...

Oki Dog...

I remember going to the one on Pico when I FIRST moved to LA, and eating some collasal, gargantuan grease pit of a sandwich (can't remember the name of it) was AWESOME....Driving down Fairfax the other day, i saw an Oki Dog (Fairfax and Melrose area)..
How is that Oki Dog?
And what' the name of that Sandwich, and what was in it???

Jan 23, 2007
bigdrew in Los Angeles Area

Charlie G's Steakhouse..

Anybody recommend?
What to order?

Jan 22, 2007
bigdrew in Los Angeles Area