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Cape Town

Are there any Californian-style restaurants in Cape Town? What is the breakdown of different cuisines/restaurants in Cape Town?

Mexican and atmosphere

I have an East-coast buddy in town and I wanted to show off our Mexican food. I'd also like it to be a restaurant that is cute and comfie to sit in for a bit. Ideas?


What do I order, aside from tuna tartar and fois gras? I'm going tonight and could use some help!

ocean beach cafes

Thanks for all the responses! I'll report back in the next couple of weeks. First on the list to try is Louie's, followed by Seal Rock if Louie's line is too long. I like the idea of going on a weekly long-run followed by restaurant-hopping. Here's to running and feasting!

ocean beach cafes

I'd be in my running clothes, kind of sweaty--That probably affects where I can go eat. Would Louie's be kosher to go to given that additional fact?

ocean beach cafes

Wondering if there are any good brunch spots within a 5 minute drive of Ocean Beach. I'm looking for strong coffee/waffle-pancake type fare.


SF Ferry Building

How late is it open? And how late are all the stores open? What time does the Farmer's Market end? I'd like to take some out-of-town guests there tonight and was hoping for some action in the vicinity.

┬┐Asia de Cuba?

In the Clift Hotel

Cafe Kati - Solid as Ever 1/07

I think they're short-staffed. It's a great restaurant and the chef is creative, but for those prices you shouldn't feel like you're dining with a dysfunctional family.

Cafe Kati - Solid as Ever 1/07

Service was awful last time I went. The chef interrupted the server as she was taking our order and pulled her away from us mid-sentence. I think that kitchen is having a melt-down.

A16 Alternative near California and Presidio?

Skip Osterio: It's solid but nothing special. Sociale is better and more intimate as well.

Zitune - Great Moroccan in Los Altos!

Three of us had a memorable meal at Zitune last night. I'm a huge Aziza fan and loyalist, but last night's feast persuaded me to reconsider my allegiance (of course I still like Aziza...).

While the appetizers were terrific, the highlight of our meal was the meat: the steak, duck, and lamb were tender, succulent, and forces to be reckoned with. The sauces too were delicious. The couscous was perfectly cooked.

My only quip is that the desserts weren't on par with the rest of the meal. On the other hand, they were simple and quite good--just somewhat of a let-down in comparison to the other dishes, which quite honestly rocked the palette.

Drinks, decor, and service were great. I'm curious to hear others' impressions. I sense that this restaurant will get more accolades.