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Langer's vs. Katz's and One Other LA vs NY Observation

I live in Baltimore so I feel like I am somewhat of a neutral party :). That said, I lived in NYC for 10 years and I grew up on Jewish deli here in Baltimore and I have spent many months at a time in LA. I recently went to Langer's for the first time, and I was curious to see how it rated here. My own conclusion is that the rye bread is so exceptional, so much better than anything you get at a normal [A level] deli in NYC, that I was really blown away, it made the sandwich outstanding in my opinion. I've always thought Katz's corned beef and pastrami were as good as it gets, but the meat served at Langer's is at least very close, and with the bread, I'd say that the Langer's sandwich takes the top spot [of places I have been to]. I may just be reacting to the novelty factor though. I have only ever had 1 Langer's meal vs about 40 at Katz's.

Pizza's true Di Fara is excellent, really, really is Mulberry St Pizza in LA...and a few other places in California. I'd still say they very best pizza in NYC is better than elsewhere, but I think sometimes NYC food gets some underserved credit from inertia. Pizza in Baltimore is terrible though, I will fully admit that, don't even bother trying to find the best unless you like our local 'style' :)

May 22, 2012
thedanny in Los Angeles Area

Things only found in London

Ok this has probably been covered inside of other threads, but to elicit some info on this subject alone...give me your top 3 foods that can only be found in London. What do they do in London that isn't done anywhere else...or isn't done RIGHT anywhere else? And of course, where to find these items. Thanks.

Sep 19, 2008
thedanny in U.K./Ireland

Old Man Pubs in London?

well I'll be staying near the great portland st tube station so...regent's park area. but i'll be gong all over so...anywhere really is ok.

Sep 18, 2008
thedanny in U.K./Ireland

Old Man Pubs in London?

Hi can I get people's recs for old man pubs in London? Places with no music, comfortable furniture, old school.

I am going back to London after 9 years and just found out my all time favorite old man pub, the Black Horse in Marylebone, is now gone. So sad. Did anyone go there? That was my local pub, I went there every day the year I lived there.


Sep 18, 2008
thedanny in U.K./Ireland

Classic snowball place in Baltimore?

I'm not sure I know the difference between New Orleans and Baltimore styles, but I grew up in Baltimore and as far as the style I know...there are 3 places I know that I enjoy. 1 is Snoasis which has at least 2 locations. I go to the one at Greenspring Station off Falls Road. 2 is the one previously mentioned on Reisterstown Road between Owings Mills and Resiterstown. The last is a new one, but is actually my favorite....the Pikes Diner on Reisterstown Road. It's not quite the same because you have to go inside to an air conditioned restaurant, but the snowballs are really good.

Best place to get fruit in the Palm Coast area?

Where do you guys go for the BEST quality fruit in the Palm Coast/Flagler/Ormond Beach area?

Jul 11, 2008
thedanny in Florida

Ltd. Edition Häagen Daz Caramelized Pear & Toasted Pecan Ice Cream

I just had this...astounding. I totally love it. Although with some of their new novelty flavors I realize some of the appeal is the unusual flavor combinations. This appeal can wear thin after a while. If I still love this in 3 weeks, I will consider it officially amazing.

I still love the sesame coconut brittle and the pomegranate chocolate ones, they are really killer.

May 13, 2008
thedanny in General Topics

Haagen-Dazs Reserve Line

I had the lehua honey this evening and was blown away. It's dangerously good. They have it here at Shopper's for $3.50 a pint. I am looking forward to trying the coconut sesame brittle...that seems to be everyone's favorite one.

Mar 06, 2008
thedanny in General Topics

Buenos Aires Overview

Great tips, thanks everyone. This will be a big help in helping me strategize for my trip, One specific query for my own favorite food that is a bit hard to come by in the US. Anyone have a rec for a place to score jamon iberico in Buenos Aires? I found it in Mexico City last year and was very satisfied, is there a good spot in BA?

Buenos Aires Overview

Thanks for the tips...I am going to BA for 3 weeks at the end of March to do some work. Would love to hear anyone else's thoughts or recs. I know steak is ubiquitous down there. Is there a steakhouse in the same vein as Peter Luger down there? A place the is a cut above a cut above the best? I am really looking forward to the food on this trip.


Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

I just tried Matthew's again and I am sorry to say my response is.....'eh'. I don't get it. The crust is spongy and airy and limp. I believe I understand what they are going for, I am not trying to evaluate it as NY pizza or Chicago pizza. Still, I don't find it very interesting or tasty.

Pizza Johns, Vito's, even Ledo....these places get my thumbs up.

Best pizza in any borough?????

I like Fascati's too. I used to go there for lunch a lot when I lived on Atlantic Ave. Nick and Joe's which was on Court St was good too, but it's gone sadly [i think]. My Little Pizzeria, also on Court St, isn't bad.

I have to be a lemming and say Di Fara in Midwood is the best pizza ever. I really like it. It's great.

Jan 14, 2008
thedanny in Manhattan

Baltimore Sushi

I guess I know what you mean, but I like it. I like eating a LOT of fish. Maybe because I go there more often than other places, I see their style as the standard. In any case, I still think San Sushi is the best sushi place we have in Baltimore.

Baltimore Sushi

San Sushi in Timonium on York Road. Good sushi is always gonna be rather pricey, but it's always worth it if it's truly good stuff.

Good Jewish deli in Baltimore

Yes the tuna salad IS great! I've been eating that there since I was a kid. I think they must put sugar in it. Does that sound right?

Saigon Remembered

Don't forget about the Pho place in Security Mall in the Seoul Plaza part upstairs. Quite good.

Poppy Seed Cake in Baltimore County?

Anyone know where to get this? I am in the Pikesville area. Thanks.

visiting baltimore, where to get? and pizza find.

I went camping out in Western MD, and there was a little restaurant selling $3 crabcakes. That's right $3! Actually, for $3 they weren't bad.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

No Casa MIa is not notable pizza. Vito's is better, pretty good actually.

Excellent Chinese in BALT. Does it exist?

Yeah, you're not gonna find mindblowing Chinese food in Baltimore. But Chinatown Cafe is pretty good.

Mari Luna

They aren't moving, they are keeping the other location as well.

Mari Luna

They are opening up another branch further north on Reisterstown Road. Supposed to open in April I believe.

Good Jewish deli in Baltimore

Pikesville has the highest concentration of Jewish delis. Attman's is downtown in what was once the Jewish neighborhood. Attman's is very good it really is. BUT!...the BEST corned beef in Baltimore, without question is at Edmart. And yes, there are some tables in the back to sit down and eat at. One note, if you want your sandwich warm you must request it. The default is the serve it cold.

If you want a more atmospheric place, Suburban House [or S&H as we call it here in Pikesville] is a pretty good place. The food is nothing that special there though. Good enough, but not great.

visiting baltimore, where to get? and pizza find.

I like Canopy too. A giant sandwich with BBQ sauce, mayo and onions....mmmmmm.

visiting baltimore, where to get? and pizza find.

Chaps is great. The series of pit beef places on Pulaski Hwy [so called Pit Beef Row] seems to have not lasted. I went to find a few of the other less known ones and they had gone out of business. Chaps seems to be the flagship of the 'strip'. Pretty good sandwich.

There used to be a good pit beef stand near me at Greenspring Station back when we called it Windy Valley. There were Pony rides too.

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

I go to Burke's all the time. I love it. Great bar area. Good oyster stew. Very Baltimore.

Caplan's Delicatessen in Randallstown

Does anyone remember this place? I went there as a kid. I assumed it was gone but it was listed in my GPS so I drove by to see if it was there. It was not. Anyone know when it closed? Anyone go there in the past 5-7 years and have any info/stories?

Did it move somewhere else? I was looking where it used to be at the corner of Liberty and Old Court Rd in that shopping center.


Excellent Chinese in BALT. Does it exist?

Chinatown Cafe on Park Ave.

Looking for place to enjoy wine Baltimore County

Michael's in Timonium wouldn't be bad. Or how about going straight to the source?:

Or how about the Manor Tavern in Monkton, Milton Inn in Sparks, Williamsburg Inn in White Marsh?

DiFara Pizza

I don't care what anyone says...this is one place that actually fully lives up to the hype. That is a class of its

Sep 05, 2007
thedanny in Outer Boroughs