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Lunch around Columbia/Barnard College

I been working here for like 2 years and even though I'm all about brown bagging it, I find myself at a loss of variety to eat lunch at. I don't mind walking 10-15 minutes and paying 10 bucks for a good meal since I only do it once a week but I'm kind of starting to get sick of going to Chipolte and Milano Market. I'm looking for any place that won't go over 10 bucks for one meal and that I can preferably use a credit card at.


Apr 09, 2008
Pezdro in Manhattan

Worst slice?

When I used to work near Times Square, there used to be a place along broadway between 40th and 41st that was the shittiest pizza ever.

I still think selling bad pizza in new york should be fineable for about $5 dollars a shitty slice.

Jan 22, 2007
Pezdro in Manhattan

Best Malaysian food in NYC?

I used to eat at Banana Leaf in Bay Ridge until they closed it down, does anyone know anything in the approximate area that is anywhere near as good?

Jan 22, 2007
Pezdro in Manhattan

Looking for Soul Food / Caribbean Catering for Wedding

My fiancee and are planning to get married in May.

We have our venue booked but it does not provide catering, therefore we are looking to hire our own. Craigslist hasn't been that great of a help. Currently we are looking at 60-90 people, and are planning a small intimate wedding. We would like to have a buffet style with an eclectic mix of ethnic food (Caribbean and Soul Food).

Anyone know of any businesses that can do this, or even a reasonable website that can point us in the right direction.

Jan 22, 2007
Pezdro in Manhattan