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Christmas Dinner in Barbados? Any recommendations? Hotel restaurants? Restaurants?

We are headed to Barbados and I have heard that the restaurants closed for Christmas. We are staying in a house and hoping to join in with others for a fun time and a great meal. Any thoughts about which hotel might have a great Chrsitmasn dinner?


Da Felice in Testacchio

Sep 26, 2012
mirandabrooklyn in Italy

Da Felice vs Perilli, L'asino d'oro... so many questions after reading the board!

L'Asino D'Oro has gone way down hill - we had a terrible lunch there just last week. Everything was badly prepared and tasted and looked awful. We were all so disappointed. Even the service was terrible.

We had great meals at D' pasta con fungi, amazing ravioli, and wonderful roasted lamb. Tarttoria Monti won our favorite restaurant award from our trip. It is a Marchegiano restaurant, and are we know well, and they did it proud. All the pastas were delicious only to be outdone by the wonderful array of timbales....amazing. We had a great rabbit dish that had us licking the plate. The desserts were all delicious and the sheeps milk ricotta boudino was remarkablly light and airy further heightened by the drizzle with a mosto/reduction a sort of grape syrup ---everyone was fighting for bites. The waiter suggested an outstanding San Giovese from the Marches that complimented the meal beautifully. The waiter provided outstanding service. Best of all this was a great value. For five people -- 4 starters/ 4 pastas/ 4 secondi/ 3 contorni/ 4 desserts - one bottle of 40 Euro wine - total 230 euro.

Sep 24, 2012
mirandabrooklyn in Italy

L'asino d'oro? Restaurant Recco's in Rome?

Just back from Rome and had the worst meal ever at L'Asino D'oro -- lunchtime --bargain meal was inetable. They brought us a stale piece of bread with some brown sauce on it...bean we think. Then it was followed by the same colored soup made of farro and vegetables, just OK. This was followed by the most overcooked "timbale" of pasta -- a big disappointment. Worse still they ran out of the entire, did not inform us and then brought us a riff on insalata roussa with chunks of hard/dried meet and maybe potatoes or turnips , glued together with a maynonaise-- with a side of biter overcooked cauliflower --"ubriaco" they called it Even if I had been drunk that meal would have been the worse one we had on our entire trip. Stick to Felice, Roscioli and Monti.

Sep 24, 2012
mirandabrooklyn in Italy

Best Breakfast In Queens or Brooklyn?

Ted & Honey on Cobble Hill. On Clinton & Verandah. They make a variety of delicious breakfast sandwiches. One wrap has eggs, cheese and grits. The only place I can think of that serves excellent pulled pork sandwich for breakfast, Coffee is good but could be better...stronger. Prices are reasonable. They use good ingredients and keep it simple. You can sit inside or out. Or if you like you take your breakfast to Cobble Hill Park.

Ted & Honey
264 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Staying at Riviington Lower East Side: Great Bar? Great Food?

I come to town and stay downtown regularly. I am looking for an awesome Bar/food place that is hip and not too expensive. Need not be super trendy just great drinks and great food and fair prices.
I heard of PEOPLE on Allen Street from some friends. They say the short ribs are awesome. I will check it out but would love feedback from all of you.

Any word here? Other suggestions?

Sep 27, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Please: Help me find five great meals on a budget in NOLA

THANK YOU ALL!!! These are great suggestions.

May 19, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in New Orleans

Please: Help me find five great meals on a budget in NOLA

My son and a group of HS kids from Brooklyn are heading to NOLA to build houses in the 9th ward. They will want to head into town and have some delicious affordable meals. Thing Po Bo sandwiches, muffalata's, red beans and rice, gumbo ---- for under $10/$15 a person.

Any suggestions??


May 15, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in New Orleans


I agree! I think Noodle Pudding, although packed, has some of the best food in Brooklyn. The steak is awesome and the fresh fish of the day is the best we have had almost anywhere.
The gnocci, the parpadelle....all delicious!

Noodle Pudding
38 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

First time to NYC, planning restaurants for trip on a budget

Grandma pizza and Il Porto in Brooklyn now beats them all! Grimaldis is a big tourist trap as is Johns -totally overrated. DiFara's love love love...hate the wait.

47 W 20th St, New York, NY 10010

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

I'm a fan of Motorino and Wondering Whether I should Compare Keste

Motorino was a more balanced pie. The crust was chewy and crunchy. Tomato sauce was fresh tasting. The crust wasIs a bit too burnt. We had several types including the basic Magherita. All good. The service was slow and the people were not that nice. A bit too cool Williamsburg for me and my daughter's friends.
We took a big group a couple of weeks a go to Keste. The pizzas were amazingly delicious and agree burrata was a nice treat. We also loved the magheita here, very fresh. The service was friendlier and more welcoming than Motorino. At Keste they came outside with samples for all of us waiting on line. Patricia, who sat us could not have been nicer. But the pizza at Keste, overal was soggy....sadly. The salad options were wonderful, very fresh a d a great way to balance the meal.

349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Can anyone recommend a Japanese place with equally strong sushi and non-sushi menus?

Agreed! We had the best meal ever at 15 East. We never found truly great sea urchin until we tasted at 15 East. Their tuna-flight took us to Japan. Oshideshta.

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Tocqueville or Adour ?

Tocqueville. Great service, beautiful room..very classy. Delicious food. We have only had memorable meals there. Marco the chef owner and his wife bring a personal touch to the restaurant that sets it apart.

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Korean BBQ for Birthday Party

Madangsui - 35 West 35th Street. Best we have had anywhere. Try house cellophane noodle dish. Shortribs and regular Bulgogi amazing. Often crowded and long lines but they try to keep it moving. We had amazing Bibimop sizzling in stone pot. um!

35 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Best cupcakes in the city?

Baked - in Red Hook/Brooklyn on Van Brunt Street. Amazing - by far the best. Forget Crumbs and Magnolia.
Try their salted carmel or citrus passion-fruit. They also had a amazing apply carmel this fall...seasonal wonders. And try their amazing brownies - also salted carmel.

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Looking for Best Almond Croissant

Almodine in Dumbo/Brooklyn. Hands down. I just took folks from Paris there and they loved them.

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Searching for a great croissant - my report

Almondine in Brooklyn/ Dumbo - makes amazing almond croissant...and their original ones are quite good too. All of their pastries are first class. I think they use real French butter.(So does Claude but his are denser,and soft inside.) I often take out-of-towners here for sandwiches and treats and we sit under the bridge eating and enjoying the view.Right across from across the street from Jacques Torres.

Jacques Torres
285 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

Jan 16, 2011
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan


Just went to Devi last week. Service was fine. Had way too sweet and overcooked cauliflower dish. House special Lamb chops were amazing -- very spicy but delicious. Crunchy fried okra side dish was wonderful. Prices seemed very high. Have had better meals for less money in Little India Lex/28th district.

Dec 29, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Tacos Matamoros & Sunset Park

Jut stopped by yesterday to introduce a friend.
3 tacos grande, Asada, Carnitas, Al Pastor +
1 Tostada Beef

Tacos still great! Guac supper fresh. Beef on Tostastada not as amazing but all ingredients were really fresh and beautifully prepared.

Has not lost any of its deliciousness!

Monday open restaurants for lunch or dinner? Haute or Bistro? This June

We are a large group of 7 people looking to have one amazing meal -- maybe not as expensive as Le Cinq --- but equally impressive. This may be the trip of a lifetime and want to have a great meal that we will never forget. Can we stay below 100 Euros a person??

Arpege for lunch?
What is open on Mondays???

Thank you!!

May 13, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in France

Best Ambience/Decor: Candle 79, Dirt Candy or Blossom

Candle 79 is one of our favorite restaurants and we are omnivores. Be sure to try the Chimchurri - appetizers, corn meal battered mushrooms/fried, seitan picata...and the polenta fries with homemade ketchup. They also have yummy deserts. We love the avacado/mint shake. They do book up so you need a reservation.
It is sleek and not too noisey at all. In fact, this is al around wonderful. We travel up from Brooklyn and always bring out of town friends in for a treat.

Candle 79
154 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10021

Apr 17, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Reasonable & Delicious Dinner East 20's near Madison????

We are looking to have a business dinner next week for a group of six people. A Voce is too expensive...sadly. If anyone can think of something great in the east 20's. We are open to all cuisine: BBQ to Vegetarian - Italian - Indian...etc. We would like to spend around $30 PP or so.

Anything new to check out?


Mar 05, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Top 10 Bakeries in the 5 Boros? [moved from What's My Craving?]


In Dumbo across for Jacque Torres.
Really French. Great pastry, croissant, sandwiches and the most amazing cakes! Madeleines to tempt Proust. Gorgeous and delicious.

Feb 21, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Best Lobster Rolls in NYC


Do not spend $24-$30 on a lobster roll at even the best restaurants(which are amazingly wonderful, and Pearl Oyster Bar is a standout).

Instead go to the amazing, Lobster Pound in Red Hook on Van Brunt Street. The owner, Ray, heads up to Maine once a week and gets fresh lobters straight from the fishermen. Here you can get Maine lobster meat on a roll ready to go, for a lot less. Last time I think it was $14.

Or better still, buy a pound of the fresh shelled meat. They also sell these perfect New England baked buns ready for grilling. Then, head home, melt the butter, fry the buns, stir some mayonnaise and lemon juice into the lobster meat or add what you like) and you will make 6-8 fresh lobster rolls for a total of $35lb for meat and $4/bag of bread about. Our family is now officaily spoiled and addicted.

Feb 21, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

desperate for dumplings!

Dim Sum a Go Go - must have pan fried pork dumplings, and the duck dumplings are amazing!!
But if you go, be sure to have baked pork buns, they sell out by 4PM In fact they sell out of many things...
And best entree: ginger beef! Best anywhere.

Feb 21, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Manhattan

Private Room for 40+ people in Orlando?

We are hosting a business dinner this pspring and are looking for a stunning room woth excellent food. We are hoping to find it as part of great restaurant. We do not want it to be part of a chain. Food can be of any ethnic variety or straight American. We do not want a steak house - but they can serve steak. Good service is also important. But as is the key!

This is for a Monday night..which can be tricky. Plus it should not be farther than 30 minutes of Convention center.

Jan 07, 2010
mirandabrooklyn in Florida

christmas in aruba

Agreed about Gasparitos---not impressed.

Wacky Wahoo was awesome and cheaper!

Aruba & Curcao This Xmas??

Loved Madam Janette! The best piece of beef we ever ate..Austrian prepration..marinatd in port fat for two days..amazing. Fish in almond crust also amazing. Loved the place! You need to make reservationns way in advance!
Also loved Flying Fish! ent a car instead of taking a taxi.
Best lunch: stand on Bbaby beach!!! Straight back. Fish sandwich with creole sauce...mmm our favorite meal!

Aruba & Curcao This Xmas??

Curacao was amazing and the water is crystal clear. We had a great ristaffel at Temple Deloe -- 17 courses of curries, sates and salads. Janches also up Island was a solid local lunch place, but leave plenty of time for this as they are slower than molasses. Birder chirping and mosquitoes biting. Nice people. My son had the stwed iguana and loved it..he is sixteen. We ate curried goat and some fish, all fresh and good. Nearby some expats have a dinner place called Sol (owner is from NH and is called Sunshine). Only open on Thurs-Sunday when we were there. Good pizzas and fresh simple food...but also be prepared to spend three hours for dinner. We stayed at Hotel Kuralanda Beach Resort and loved it. Food is very good at their restaurants....hotel prices but good. Nice bartenders with generous drinks! Many local beaches have food stands...burgers, salads and sandwiches. the french frie is ubiquitous...must be dutch influence. Couldn't get served for breakfast at Daniel..hear they had good "pankakken" - Dutch pancakes -- but why tell people you serve breakfast and then tell them you only have coffee and tarts?? A big disappointment, We never got the food stalls in Williested..sadly.

Aruba & Curcao This Xmas??

So give us some tips!!! Just the "Fat Cat" or are there others?