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Three Ramen Places, London

you what would be great? if london restauranteurs just tried to make things that are authentic, instead of relying on "snappy" phraseology like "bone daddies" ramen. i cite things like the notorious p.i.g. (aka pulled pork sandwich) at anna mae's, and the new york theme-park that is meatliquor. trust me, there is no new york restaurant that is that loud or would put "chicks" and "dicks" on its restroom doors, except for in movies or in london.

i agree with the tenor of this thread that ittenbari is the better of these two ramen places, and that the concept of creating a "london ramen" before london even had authentic ramen is silly. maybe someday ippudo will come here (or, god willing, david chang). hopefully.

PS i am aware that this thread isn't exactly the right place for this rant. sorry.

Oct 08, 2012
rsh in U.K./Ireland

kikunoi honten

hi, does anyone know what the differences are between lunch sets and dinner sets at kikunoi? (i'm speaking specifically about kikunoi honten). aside from the fact that lunch sets seem to be cheaper (or at least the starting level is cheaper), it's not clear to me whether lunch is cheaper because it's just smaller or whether you can actually choose similar sets to the dinner that are just a little cheaper because they're during the day.

any advice is appreciated.

Apr 03, 2012
rsh in Japan

Steakhouses in Kyoto

hi, i'm looking for some recommendations for a steakhouse in the kyoto area (i.e. osaka, kobe etc are find as well) where i can get high quality wagyu beef shabu shabu. i've only had it like that once before, at kozue in tokyo, and it blew me away. i've since given traditional japanese steakhouses a try (in kobe) and definitely prefer the shabu shabu preparation to the steak being cooked on a teppan. but i really have no idea where to go to have that again, except maybe back to kozue...

any help appreciated!

Mar 18, 2012
rsh in Japan

Piemonte restaurant help, Felicin or Le Torri


I'm going to be in Piemonte for a very short trip this weekend (Saturday night through Monday afternoon) to celebrate a birthday. (Now that I live in London it's easier to do these things - much more convenient than when I was in New York!) Anyway, reservations for Sunday and Monday have been easy, but Saturday night most places are totally full and since this was a bit of a last minute trip I don't have a lot of wiggle room.

Both Felicin (Monforte d'Alba) and Le Torre (Castiglione Falletto) have room - does anyone have any views on which of these is more worth a try? The trip is centered around truffles and wine, to be sure, but I'd ideally like to have some creative dishes to avoid having the same tajarin, uovo in cocotte, etc with each meal. (Not that I'm complaining and if it comes down to that then fine, but in that case I'd prefer versions of those that are as good as I can get).

For reference on Sunday I have reservations at Enoclub and Bovio, and Monday afternoon at Ciau del Tournavento. Also, I'm staying in Monforte d'Alba, so all things considered if Felicin and Il Torre are very similar then Felicin is preferable if only because I can walk there and back from my hotel.

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot.


PS I also posted this question on eGullet, so I apologize to all of you who may see it twice.

Via Alba, 17, La Morra (Cuneo), Piedmont 12064, IT

Nov 09, 2011
rsh in Italy

da i due ciccioni

hi guys, i have a question about this restaurant.

from the very limited things i've seen written about it, it seems great: convivial, good, traditional food, and a bargain. but here is where the "limited" above applies. (and i really don't want this to sound obnoxious). is it really good by comparison to most of the places we live in america/england/etc, where the pasta just plain isn't very good? or is it also very good by comparison to other places in rome? given that i only have a few days, i'm willing to pay more for something better. but all things considered if this food really is particularly good then i'd prefer the type of atmosphere that it appears to offer. but it's hard to tell.

hence the question.

thank you very much in advance for any advice.


Oct 24, 2010
rsh in Italy