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Copper Chimney - a taste of Parsi in Ajax

This place isn't open anymore.

Roasted Cashews in GTA

Quail eggs?

Ostritch eggs are very filling. Quail eggs not so much.

Jan 29, 2009
Fat Swine in General Topics

Where to buy good quality charcoal?

Canadian Tire sells charcoal. You can sprinkle garlic powder on it if you want garlic charcoal, or chili powder for a mexican flair.

American Cadbury Bars Tasting More Like Hershey

Hersheys with almonds For The Win !!!!

Jan 19, 2009
Fat Swine in General Topics

Hell's Chicken?

Looks good Arse. I'll check it out.

What's Up with the Price of Milk?


How important is using seasonal produce to you, as chowhound?

Not at all in Toronto. We get fresh produce from all over the world.

Jan 04, 2009
Fat Swine in General Topics

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

Omega 3 eggs taste fishy.

Jerk Sauce

Presidents choice and 24 hour marinade. Grill on BBQ = wicked hot and delicious.

T&T 'FRESH?!' Cut-Up Uncooked Alaskan King Crab - Buyers BEWARE!!!

Agree I don't shop at the dirty shops. I prefer the big stores even if i have to pay more. No T&T for me.

looking for spumoni ice cream

Om Nom Nom love spagetti factory and the spumoni ice cream.

Prime Rib $3.99lb

I got a well trimmed beauty myself a 5 pounder. Looks delicious. Got 2 of the lobsters steamed at Metro as well. Its great to be snowed in !!!!

sooo, what does miso taste like?

I've had miso soup many times. I find it has very little taste, a little salty but i think it is the weakest cheapest effort at soup making there is. It adds an extra course to the meal but honestly I can't see any value in it. Hot water, a couple pieces of tofu and a few strands of seaweed. As far as I can see, prisoners deserve better.

Dec 18, 2008
Fat Swine in General Topics

Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

This man obviously has a disability and should wear whatever protective eyewear he wishes wherever he needs to. I don't thing a restaurant would exclude him from wearing sunglasses if he has a chronic eye condition, and if other people don't like it... Who cares?

Live Lobster Sale ~ $7 / lb on now at T&T

Will T&T steam them up for you?

Live Lobster Sale ~ $7 / lb on now at T&T

How much from Bill's ? Metro jacked prices up to 13.99

Fountain sodas vs. canned - which do you prefer

Yes Bill, you are right. Not much to help here. Why post? Anyways, glass bottles are best for soda. Barqs soda is poor quality.

Dec 08, 2008
Fat Swine in General Topics

Port union fish and chips.

Anybody eaten at this place?

Loblaw's = downhill

I love this Loblaws, it's my favorit grocery store. Huge, mega fresh fruit and vegtables and the seafood guy chases my kids around with a live lobster... Top notch in my books.

St. Andrew's Fish and Chips

Great place ! Om nom nom....

Why is "no cheese" on a burger so weird?

I don't like cheese on my burger either but have never got, or never noticed strange looks. I'm pretty sure nobody cares if you have cheese on your burger or not.

Nov 15, 2008
Fat Swine in General Topics

new President's Choice item -- 'Our Best Ever Meat Lasagna' [moved from Ontario board]

Always loved pc lasagna. Om nom nom....

Nov 03, 2008
Fat Swine in General Topics

Good-Bye Dominion, Hello METRO

LOL bring back the fat sloppy looking guy !!!!!

oysters at loblaws or loeb(metro)

They are live oysters. Exactly the same as you would get at Rodneys or Starfish. No better and no less quality.

takeout in Toronto

Hi kenc, almost all restaurants in Toronto offer takeout. Just ask at the front or call, they will accomodate. Many will even offer paper menus for you to take home. Heating up usually takes only a few minutes in the oven or microwave. Welcome to Toronto!!!

coca split from czehoski?

I was at Czehoski last night and met up with Nathan Isberg and he said its still cool..he is just under a little heat right now and is lying low till the pressure is off...It should be business as usual in a couple of weeks.

What to eat at The Keg? . . . I've had no luck in the past...

Hot name. But I find that they freeze the beef for their burgers and have seen on more than two occasions freezer burn. I stick to the steaks as they are usually cooked right. Baseball sirloin medium rare is nice.

Brown M&Ms or Smarties


Leg of lamb?

New Zealand fresh boneless lamb leg is 13.21 /kg this week at Loblaws.